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HOUSE Season Finale Preview…Are you Ready?

May 17, 2010 by  

I have a confession. Due to the benevolence of Fox’s publicity department, I received a sneak preview of tonight’s HOUSE season finale. Since GMMR has always been a spoiler-free zone, I want to be very sensitive to discussing specific events or themes in the episode.

Before I ask whether you want to take the blue pill or the red pill, this bit of news for all fans of the show. Please set your DVRs to run long tonight. The finale will exceed its normal running time by a few minutes, so be generous with your TiVo.

If you would prefer to watch the show completely unspoiled, DO NOT click on the “Read More” button. However, if you are curious about my overall thoughts on the show, feel free to read on. I promise not to reveal anything that would take away from your enjoyment. That would ruin the fun, and that’s not my style

Ready for more? It’s up to you…

“Help Me” is a rarity in network television. It looks, sounds, and FEELS like a finale. It brings the big questions of Season Six into focus, and wraps the answers around a compelling patient story. Though much of this season has felt uneven to me, the last chapter is among its best.

If you enjoyed “Broken,” “Wilson,” and “5 to 9,” but were disappointed by the standard “patient of the week” stories , I encourage you to come back for this episode. Dr. House is front and center for most of the story, and Hugh Laurie gives one of his best performances.

The episode centers around a crane malfunction, leaving a disaster area at a parking garage. If I told you any more, the benevolent folks from FOX would introduce me to the less friendly legal folks from FOX.

It also includes a series of pivotal scenes between House and Cuddy. If I typed any details, Katie Jacobs would have me committed to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital.

This finale will leave you engrossed, surprised, and entertained. Your opinions will be more valuable than ever, and I look forward to hearing how Princeton Plainsboro will move forward into Season Seven.


2 Responses to “HOUSE Season Finale Preview…Are you Ready?”

  1. jonathan on May 17th, 2010 5:44 pm

    what did you mean by our opinions will be more valuable than ever? what are they looking to incorporate what the fans think should happen into the actual writing?! oh the horror…..

    oh and will you writing reviews for “Baggage” and the finale episode? i really like your reviews and pov’s and perspective.

  2. Erik on May 17th, 2010 7:27 pm

    Jonathan: I think the finale will elicit very strong reactions from the GMMR community. Big things happen, and we’ve been waiting for decisive character development for most of the season. I would predict that our regular commenters will have much to discuss…

    Thanks for the kind words about my recaps. I had trouble putting one together for “Baggage,” since I had watched the finale 2 or 3 days before it aired. My fear was that I would be hinting at events in the final episode if I speculated about House’s decision to quit therapy or about the acquisition of Cuddy’s great-grandfather’s medical textbook. You’ll see what I mean tonight.

    I did prepare a full review of the finale, and we’ll have it up after the episode airs. Your participation in the discussion is sincerely appreciated!