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AMERICAN IDOL’s Crystal Bowersox: ‘You Can’t Please Everyone’

June 24, 2010 by  

The voice of AMERICAN IDOL’s Crystal Bowersox quickly made her a fan and judge favorite on this past season of the show.

But despite those votes of confidence on her rockin’ vocals, there were still critics who were preoccupied with the fact that she didn’t let the AI team make her over.

“I maintainted who I am,” she explains in the video below. “I never compromised my soul or who I am as an artist or a person.”

Bowersox stayed true to herself throughout the competition, but surely she can understand why some would simply conform to fit a certain mold, right?

“It’s really easy,” she says. “There were moments for me, too, when it’s like, oh, should I be prettier? Should I be more typical beauty? Should I play a song this way?…Really, when the day ends, you have to know that you pleased yourself. You can’t please everyone, so you have to please yourself.”

Well said, Bowersox.

So, yeah, back to the music: what song does she wish she’d gotten to perform on AI? And who does she think got gypped on the season finale?

Take a look…



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