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WAREHOUSE 13: Buried

September 15, 2010 by  

Whoa! The penultimate episode of Season Two of Warehouse 13 did NOT disappoint, did it? We had intrigue, betrayal, romance, death and a previously below-ground Warehouse 2. The case is unlike anything the team has ever faced, or as Pete said, “So, like always then.”

In the romance department, the episode begins with Pete talking with Kelly about their future. I had forgotten that the team’s ruse in the town was as an IRS warehouse, and it’s clear that Kelly doesn’t exactly buy that ruse as a good reason for them not to move in together. Claudia, Myka, and Helena give him a hard time about it, finally getting him to admit that he loves Kelly.

You all know I’m in favor of Pete and Kelly, but what I really want are more Pete and Mrs. Frederic scenes. They make me laugh every single time and this week was no exception.

As an added bonus to some great Pete stammering, we get a piece of important information; Pete (and each of the warehouse agents) is allowed to tell one person the true nature of his job. As is one person…ever. So it’s up to Pete to decide whether or not Kelly is his “one”.

But Cupid must take a backseat to the case when three archeology students in Egypt are mummified alive. What makes this case so intriguing is that Mrs F, back at the warehouse, seems to be equally affected by the demise of those three guys. How is that possible? Does she know them? Are they agents? And why is she speaking in ancient languages?

As it turns out, those questions are the least of their worries. John, one of the students, had sent a photo to his sister from Egypt. Artie is able to trace the hieroglyphics from the background of the photo to some ancient documents found in the warehouse pyramid and figures out that the students have unearthed Warehouse 2. And the adventure begins.

Pete, Myka and Helena travel to Egypt as they must stop Warehouse 2 from fully rising from its ashes. Each warehouse has a caretaker, and because Mrs. F is the caretaker of WH13, Warehouse 2 is associating itself with her. If it succeeds, she will die and Warehouse 13 will be eliminated. If the team succeeds, all will be well.

It was easier said than done, though, wasn’t it? I liked the challenges that Helena, Pete and Myka faced: Mind, Body, Soul, in the form of a giant children’s game, the swinging blades and fire pits, and the Medusa invoked mirages into their deepest desires over a crumbling floor. And I liked the way they outsmarted each one. And yes, if we’re keeping score at home, Pete figured out two, and Myka only one of them.

While at the warehouse, Claudia and Artie must care for Mrs. Frederic. She continues to ‘download’ ominous Ancient Egyptian phrases. They bring in Dr. Vanessa Calder to assist, and she reveals that Mrs. Frederic is not doing well. Artie leaves (for a reason I don’t quite understand), and Claudia learns that she must accept the role of caretaker of the Warehouse. She’s too young and not ready, she insists, and I have to agree. Thankfully, the team solves the case and Warehouse 13 remains intact. We are left with the knowledge that Mrs. Frederic will remain as the caretaker and that Claudia will be ready when the real time comes.

But let me ask you this. Do you really think it’s possible that Myka’s version of ‘home’ and a perfect scenario is having Artie be nice to her and get to work a new case? That was so interesting to me. Pete’s mirage of Kelly and admitting his feelings for her and Helena’s vision of being reunited with Christina both felt very real and personal to me. But for Myka, I couldn’t help feel a little sorry for her that her idea of family and love was her work. What do you think?

Here’s another question for you. Were you surprised by Helena’s betrayal? I think I’m disappointed, though I’m not convinced that she set out to betray them. What do you think? Was it a spur of the moment thing, after she’d seen her daughter? Or is it something she’d been working on while bronzed? She did show a little bit of remorse, which was also fascinating.

Other moments to note:

> Helena dressing as Lara Croft.

> The pyramid actually IN the warehouse!

> Pete’s non-mirage real life “last call” to Kelly, and when the call is cut off and the operator says, “Your time is up,” his line, “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

What did you think? Are you excited for next week’s finale? Will the season end with Pete and Myka still in danger? And what about Helena? What is her actual plan? So MUCH to discuss, and I want to hear from you, Warehouse 13 fans!

P.S. I’ll be talking with Eddie McClintock (Pete) and Saul Rubinek (Artie) this week, so if you have questions you’d like us to ask them about the show and/or next week’s finale, post them below and stay tuned for the scoop before next Tuesday!


3 Responses to “WAREHOUSE 13: Buried”

  1. Morgan on September 15th, 2010 11:19 am

    Damn you, HELENA! I was watching the show with my R.A. and when H.G. tesla’d Pete and Myka we both went, “She better not be being evil.”

    The whole time they were doing the someone dies thing, we were hoping it was Valda, because we just liked H.G. too much. So I’m hoping that she shot them to save their lives. Why else would she apologize right? Right?

    Pete… I hope it wasn’t his last chance. I really really hope. He’s already cute, but the whole being in love thing makes him even cuter. It adds a great dimension to his personality. You get to see that he’s more than just fart jokes and explosions.

    Loved Claudia’s reluctance to be the new caretaker, and Mrs. Fredric’s insistence almost that it be her. Also… what the heck was up with Artie?!?!?!

    I need next week for the resolution. I hope it brings happy, and H.G. not being evil.

  2. Anja on September 15th, 2010 2:06 pm

    Oh, another great episode! This season all episodes are outstanding!!
    I share your view over Myka’s happy place. Seemed odd and while the places where the other two went had a power on our emotions as well, hers just fell flat and didn’t get the chance to add something to the charachter.
    I think Helena wanted an artifact she knew it was in WH2, probably she is the one behind this whole WH2 wake up. Someone has financed the expedition of the three young guys, so it might be her. Or one of the regents..
    In any case, I think she got one artifact that can bring her daughter back to life, and she knew it was there in fact as soon as they went in she left Myka and Pete and went into the WH. Probably now she has to take the artifact with her so she had no alternative than shoot the two agents.
    So I don’t think it’s an actual betrayal, she just has a different agenda.
    But this story is not over yet.
    I’ll be sorry next week when the show ends..

  3. Anja on September 15th, 2010 2:08 pm

    Ops.. forgot! I would like to ask both Eddie and Saul what part of themselves they bring into their charachter and what is the thing they like most and less of Pete and Artie.