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What up Smallville fans! It’s been a while. We have alot to discuss! This week’s episode marked the return of Aquaman. It didn’t turn out to be the warm and fuzzy reunion for the superhero league that I expected to see. Not only did AC bring home his wife Mera, but an anti government attitude that justified blowing up oil rigs and whatever posed a threat to their kind. Of course Clark was against this and ready to sign up for the Vigilante Registration Act created that Lois’s Dad, General Lane, has been involved with. Instead Oliver decided to take one for the team.

This was definitely a problem for Lois. Since her and Clark have been on the road of honesty, Lois finding out from Oliver that Clark was contemplating such a risk with his identity made her none too happy. The mushy Lois and Clark we’ve seen for weeks just went out the window!

And since Clark has gone off to deal with his civic responsibilities, or at least that’s what Lois tells Tess, who’s also in Clark’s super circle and knows better, Lois goes off on her own. We haven’t seen this side of Lois in a while. She’s holding blunt instruments to the doc’s neck at the Watchtower and meeting up with General Slade to get the lowdown on his top secret plans to rid the world of the masked freaks with the Blur on the top of his list.

What did you think of Mera and Lois sharing the screen? Wow, what a way to meet Aquaman’s naked wife! Brazen was right. But in Lois’s usual style, Mera’s superhero status and nasty digs at her relationships with AC, Oliver and now Clark didn’t seem to phase her one bit. The fact that Lois is among superheroes as only a human didn’t pose a problem for Lois either. Aquaman and Mera are definitely an interesting couple!

There’s alot of resentment in the air. Between not only Lois and Clark, but maybe Oliver and the Justice League as well? Lois isn’t in the loop when it comes to Clark trying to save the world. She’s kept out of harm’s way and that’s pointed out by Mera who really wants to rub it in her face. While Oliver has General Slade out to make him feel inferior for being just a human running in a league of superheroes with Clark labeled the single most threat to democracy.

In Smallville style the whole gang does manage to get out with a new threat discovered – the mark of Darkseid? Slade had the mark of the villain imprinted on his skull and only superman can see with his x-ray vision. So how will the rest of the heroes deal with this evil force? With Darkseid the villain of the season, I’m sure we’ll be finding out!

By the end of the episode Clark says thanks to Aquaman who appreciates his “endless optimism”. And after fighting in the beginning, and blowing Clark into the pool, superman changes AC’s mind explaining that resistance isn’t the way to go. Lois and Mera also buried the hatchet after their hostile introduction. My favorite part of the episode? Seeing them all meet up at the watchtower together. Lois is finally on board and part of the team. Does she feel a little like Chloe’s replacement for Clark? Chloe was always watching Clark’s back, will Lois be able to do the same? I have a strong feeling that Clark’s overprotective attitude will be getting in the way.

Don’t forget, Smallville returns in December. Happy Thanksgiving GMMR!

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