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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Ugh, a week ago, I was busy preparing for the best mid-week bar night of the year, Thanksgiving Eve…

Alas, there will be no boozing this Wednesday.

But there will be some new TV on. No MODERN FAMILY or COUGAR TOWN though. Boo.

This is what we do get, yo…

Human Target | 8pm on Fox
“Taking Ames”
When Ames is pulled back into her old criminal life, Chance goes undercover as part of a gang attempting to stage a daringdiamondheist to help protect her.

Survivor: Nicaragua | 8pm on CBS
“You Started, You’re Finishing”
A castaway’s selfish act causes great disappointment for an alliance member; meanwhile another tribe member shares some motherly advice to toughen up a younger competitor.

America’s Next Top Model | 8pm on The CW | 15th Season Finale
“Roberto Cavalli”
The final two girls are shocked when each of their parents show up in Italy to surprise them! The finalists shoot their CoverGirl commercial and print ad before meeting with Ian Bart of IMG Models. At the final runway, the girls are dressed in Roberto Cavalli designs. Cavalli is the guest judge at the final panel and will help determine who will become America’s Next Top Model.

Undercovers | 8pm on NBC
“A Night To Forget”
When Leo wakes up in a hotel in Mexico with a dead woman next to him and no memory of what transpired, Steven, Samantha and Hoyt travel south of the border in hopes of putting the pieces together to prove Leo’s innocence. The stakes get even higher when Shaw unexpectedly arrives with news of a dangerous terrorist on the loose.

Friday Night Lights | 9pm on DirecTV
Coach discusses recruitment regulations. The Lions take a road trip. East Dillon’s four stars make a pact. Julie’s relationship becomes more complicated.

Hellcats | 9pm on The CW
“Think Twice Before You Go”
After the incident in the car, Dan issues Marti an ultimatum: either admit she has feelings for him or their friendship is over. Marti drags a depressed Savannah to a BBQ to help lift her spirits. Savannah drinks a little too much and decides to flirt with the DJ, which puts her in a compromising position later that night. Marti decides to tell Savannah the truth about what happened between her and Dan.

Law & Order: SVU | 9pm on NBC
A rape case happens to turn up Vivian Arliss’ name, and Benson, who has not given up trying to find Calvin’s mother, wants on the investigation. When Cragen gives it to Tutuola and Munch instead, she will risk her job, defying his orders, because of the bond forming between her and Calvin.

Hell’s Kitchen | 9pm on Fox
“4 Chefs Compete”
Only four chefs remain, and the pressure is on for each contestant to prove to Chef Ramsay that he or she has the chops to move forward in the competition. In a challenge designed to test thechefs’ ability to identify key ingredients and rely on their palate, Chef Ramsay asks the contestants to recreate a brilliant dish using only sight, smell and taste. The chef who most accurately replicates the dish and displays a keen ability to discern flavorsearnsa relaxing day at the spa. For the rest of the contestants, it’s laundry day at HELL’S KITCHEN, and they are left behind to prep, iron and starch tablecloths and chef jackets for dinner service. Much to Chef Ramsay’s delight, the contestants find their groove in the kitchen and host the smoothest dinner service to date. The chefs surely step up their game in the kitchen, but things heat up in a dramatic elimination round.

Law & Order: Los Angeles | 10pm on NBC
“Playa Vista”
The murder of golfer Kristin Halstead sends Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski to the Mens’ professional circuit for leads, only to find them in Chip Jarrow. Trouble comes in the form of an incident between Jarrow and his wife Monica. Which leaves DDAs Dekker and Stanton to filter the chaos into a coherent case they can win.

The Whole Truth | 10pm on ABC
Nothing is as it seems when adentistis murdered in his own chair – and his “Stepford wife” is accused of the crime. After Jimmy and Kathryn learn that thedentistwas doing more than just fixing teeth, they become entangled in lies of their own with Kathryn’s mother and Jimmy’s ex-wife. Parminder Nagra (“ER”) and Tricia Helfer (“Dark Blue”) guest star as women caught in the randydentist’s web of deceit.

Psych | 10pm on USA
“Dual Spires”
Shawn and Gus are invited to the Cinnamon Festival in Dual Spires. When they arrive they are thrown into a mystery of the drowning death of a teenage girl—who was declared dead under similar circumstances seven years ago in Santa Barbara. [GMMR: Check out some of our special exclusive coverage of the ep here]

Terriers | 10pm on FX | 1st Season Finale
“Hail Mary”
Hank runs out of options and time and Britt faces a decision that will change his future.

Also Playing…

  • Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew | 10pm on VH1 | 4th Season Premiere
  • The Real World/Road Rules Challenge | 10pm on MTV
  • Top Chef  (All-Stars) | 10pm on Bravo | 8th Season Premiere

Thoughts? What will YOU be watching tonight and DVR’ing for later in the week?

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  1. Randi on December 1st, 2010 12:49 pm

    Top Chef All-Stars!!!!