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MR. SUNSHINE’S James Lesure Talks Matthew Perry, Allison Janney and His Character Alonzo

February 9, 2011 by  

ABC’s MR. SUNSHINE, starring an old friend you may recall — Mr. Matthew Perry — premieres this evening.

In it, Perry plays Ben Donovan, the self-absorbed manager of a second-rate San Diego sports arena who turns 40 and starts to rethink his life in tonight’s pilot episode.

On what would have otherwise been just a normal day at the office — trying to get rid of a hockey rink that won’t melt so they can usher a circus in, searching for an elephant that said circus let loose in the building and trying to manage another one of his boss’ (played by Allison Janney, THE WEST WING) public relations disasters — Ben’s co-worker/ladyfriend decides to end her casual relationship with him to commit to another dude.

That dude?

James Lesure.

James Lesure, whom TV fans will probably remember from his regular role on LAS VEGAS, plays Alonzo, a man who isn’t afraid of a relationship and seems to be perfect in all the ways that Ben is flawed.

Lesure took some quality time out to talk to GIVE ME MY REMOTE about the role…

So, how was it to work with Matthew and Allison?
JL: I liked working with both of them. Matt is super funny to me. We worked together before, briefly — on STUDIO 60. And Allison is just a force. She’s a national treasure. Allison made me cry from laughing so hard.

In the scenes or between takes?
Hanging with her between takes. She’s hilarious.

Tell to me about your character, Alonzo.
He’s mysterious, tall, dark, handsome, great breath. [Laughs] No, this kid is committed to service in his community, that is now his thing in life. But we will find out that sometimes when he’s put in certain situations, he cracks, he’s human in that aspect. I like that. At first, he seems perfect, but he errs. As the scripts went on, the writers were able to add some color to him.

Did you enjoy doing the comedy?
I find it challenging, actually. This was my first time doing a single camera comedy, I was challenged by the medium. But I feel like after a while I got into a groove with it.

Your character is kind of the straight man in many ways.
Yeah, for the most part he is. There’s a lot going on with the other characters, he’s the most grounded in that regard. But he’s sometimes zany too.

You’re working a lot with Andrea Anders, who plays the object of your (and Ben’s) affection.
Yes, most of my scenes are with her. I really enjoyed working with her. She’s just a really strong actress, super open and fresh. Her character can be zany too, she’s neurotic and has her faults.

Will Alonzo and Ben have a contentious relationship given the situation?
There’s a little bit of  a love triangle happening there with the three characters. Alonzo is kind of playing the female role, wanting the relationship, stepping it up, committing.

Do you think viewers will want Alonzo to get the girl or will they be rooting for Ben to win her?
I think it could be split. It’s a real human dilemma, these things happen, having feelings for two people. I think viewers will relate.

MR. SUNSHINE debuts tonight, February 9, at 9:30PM on ABC. Will you watch?

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  1. Sarah (Seels) on March 5th, 2011 11:18 am

    Okay, totally late to the party, but I just caught this week’s episode of this show, and I loved it. Hilarious. I’ll be watching for sure. Thanks for the post, Korbi!