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BONES Recap: ‘The Daredevil in the Mold’

February 11, 2011 by  

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great week!

You know, one of the things I’ve been thinking about this entire season is that it’s sort of Hart Hanson’s fault.

No, I’m not talking about devolution of characters; I’m not talking about significant others–I’m talking about the genuine, intense, heartfelt, slightly (um…sure!) obsessed and nitpicky way a lot of us feel about BONES. The thing is, we learned from the best: Booth and Brennan.

Talk about two people who stop at nothing until the case is solved! We want all the data and facts and we trust what our guts tell us. None of you (probably) knew me before I’d ever seen an episode of BONES, and so you don’t have all the evidence to prove how I’ve grown as a person from watching it. Brain and Heart. Intellect and Intuition. Evidence and Experience. Brennan and Booth; they’re the best. For me, they portray the way I am able to express how I feel. And so I can say that I feel no shame in now saying “I don’t know what that means,” and I’ve also learned to feel that love is worth it. As Booth would say, “I just do.”

A few weeks ago, I confessed to you that I cried while watching Brennan’s reaction in “Doctor in the Photo,” and so I’ll admit that to you again. I cried…for Booth. For the pain in rejection. For the feeling that your life is slipping away. For the feeling like no matter how freaking hard you try, it’s just not good enough. For the feeling like no matter how mad you are, you can’t help but try to be good and deal with it.

If you’re like me, you had an idea of what this episode might be like — what you thought might happen, what you wanted to have happen, what you were praying wouldn’t happen. But the truth is that when 9 PM EST rolled around, “The Daredevil in the Mold” IS what happened. So let’s talk about that, shall we?


Booth, Brennan, Hodgins and Cam are called to the top of an apartment building where a dead body has been discovered. This one is almost fully intact, but is covered from head to toe in a strange mold. Hodgins is in possibility heaven, Brennan determines the body is male, aged early 20s, and Booth is hungover from his night out drinking with Sweets, and Cam is trying not to be grossed out by the body or the idea of Sweets and Daisy.

This case stumps the team at first with three main questions: who is the victim, how exactly did he die, and what in the heck is that mold?! Brennan is all the more stumped (read: annoyed) when the victim’s body shows a plethora of remodeled bone breaks.

Hodgins finds a bedbug within the mold and traces it to a hotel’s mattresses. He finds out that the hotel housed BMX bikers, and putting that together with the multiple bone breaks gives B&B a place to start.

They arrive at a bike park and question a few people in their 20s — all of them avid BMXers — and learn the identity of their victim, Dustin Rottenburg, AKA D-Rot.

Booth calls on Noel Lifton, stalker extraordinaire (from seasons three and four), and…well, honestly, Noel was totally hilarious. Didn’t you think so? He is also successful in tracking down the victim’s missing (and expensive) bike. D-Rot was attempting to gain sponsorship as a biker, and so he was often found trying out crazy stunts. The one that got him killed involved attempting to jump from the ground up to the roof of a building (the same roof/building his body was found on).

Booth questions several suspects: a fellow biker, a mechanical engineer student who biked with D-Rot and helped him consider ramps, the man who ended up with D-Rot’s bike, and the “lifeguard” (so to speak) at the skatepark. It is that man who ended up being the killer, though the case ends with the idea that the death was an accident, just the cause of reckless fighting.


That Cam is not a Daisy fan just warms me right up. I also loved the way she and Brennan double-teamed Angela to do a reconstruction.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t into Angela at the crime scene. She’s interrogated before, so I didn’t get her entire vibe here. And also honestly, I’m finding her “I’m pregnant” schtick to be just as obnoxious as her “I’m celibate” deal from season four. Am I the only one?

However, I DID love the conversation she had with Hodgins about the job of their future child. His jazz musician/astrophysicist specializing in extraterrestrial studies/20th century political scientist vs. corporatism/stand-up comedian cracked me up big time.

We’ve talked before about how David Boreanaz has chemistry with just about every person alive, but I think it’s time to add TJ Thyne (Hodgins) to that same list. I loved the scenes between Hodgins and Fisher; they completely made me laugh a lot.

Fisher was super funny, and of all the squints, I believe I’m enjoying his return to the lab the most.

As for Sweets, well…I’m not sure what to say. I find it interesting that, even when he’s sharing a drink of friendship with Booth, he calls him Agent Booth. The dynamic there is fascinating. His drunken admission that he didn’t want to end up like Booth was eye-opening, for Booth especially. However, his “drunk shrink vault” was kind of cute. And to his credit, he kept his mouth shut about it during the episode.


Honestly, at this point, instead of me saying my opinion, I’d rather ask you several questions. I want you to consider them carefully in your replies.

  • Why did Brennan once again call Booth out about the strength of his relationship with Hannah (in Sweets’ eyes) at the crime scene?
  • Why does Hannah tell Booth, “I thought we’d have more time before we got to this point?” Does she mean she thought she’d have time before breaking his heart? She was just biding her time until he asked her to marry him and she said no?
  • What similarities did you see in Booth’s approach toward Hannah and his approach toward Brennan in the 100th? Was he the “daredevil” in the “mold”? As in…does he take his risks in a set pattern?
  • In what ways is it unfair to Booth that the woman he chose to help him get over Brennan responded to him in the same way?
  • Why, when Brennan asks Booth if he’s drunk, does he say, “Relatively…I’m drunker than usual, but I’m not a drunk”?
  • What does it mean that Booth could pretty much say nothing to Hannah, but then spilled the truth of himself to Brennan? And he did. He so did, and I loved it. What does it mean that he’s “mad at all of you”?
  • What does it mean that Brennan recognized that he loved her, and Booth admitted it?
  • What does it mean that Booth boiled his relationship with Brennan down to, “Evidence…me and you are partners…we’re good people who catch bad people…we share a drink…celebrate…chit-chat”?
  • What does it mean that Brennan doesn’t seem satisfied with her options? Will she fight for Booth?

There is much to discuss, and the comments are open. I know you’ll lead with your brain and hearts, like Booth and Brennan. BONES fans are the best, because we learned from the best.

As I’ve been known to say,

Peace, Love & Bones


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70 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Daredevil in the Mold’”

  1. dovepage on February 11th, 2011 3:03 am

    Ok, where to start. It’s midnight & I am still too pissed to go to bed. Bth is attracted to the same type woman, professional, strong, independent, career oriented but he is looking for someone to share his life & build a family. Don’t think any of his choices were really interested in that, just fun and games with their career coming first. Nothing wrong with that, just not a good fit for him. We knew this was not going to work out, but the reason I can’t sleep is that the two BFFs get together to console the sad, wimpy Booth(being sarcastic here) Who writes this dribble and in what universe would this ever happen? Nothing is going to happen b/t B n B this season, maybe not even next. Let’s mix it up some more and have Booth become a player, since commitment doesn’t work for him. That could last another season or two, right?

  2. Owl on February 11th, 2011 3:06 am

    It’s nearly 3AM… but I have to respond to this now.

    I liked everything that happened in the lab this episode. Just… everything.

    I think you’re right, Angela’s “I’m pregnant” excuse is bugging me more than it did before, but… well, it led to some cute moments (like the toys). And I decided that my mother is very similar to Angela. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet.

    Brennan’s been routinely calling Booth out on the strength of his relationship with Hannah, and I’m not sure why. I think it’s part curiosity, part annoyance at it.

    Hannah’s comment about more time made me think that maybe she wanted their relationship to grow more, maybe give her a chance to become more open to the idea. I dunno, this was the first episode where I didn’t like her (and it was only in that last scene, too!).

    The similarities with the 100th and tonight just amazed me. It sounded like Booth more had Brennan’s position, even when talking with Hannah (I don’t know why, need to re-watch). But gosh, it was brilliant. And risks in a set pattern totally. Look at what Hannah’s like. Look at what Brennan is perceived to be like (by Booth). Yep. Seems like that definition of insanity quote came back to bite the man in the butt.

    It’s unfair to Booth because it makes him feel worthless, like he can’t get that next step right. It’s sad. Very, very sad.

    When I saw Booth drinking so much in this episode, I got worried. It was good to say “a drunk” instead of “drunk” because it brought back his past issues a bit.

    People, when they are upset with their situations, put the blame on others. He’s mad at “her” that general idea of the unattainable woman, and most importantly, himself.

    The fact that she recognized that he loved her… it means that everything is on the table now. Oh, wow.

    Evidence — he wants to give her evidence. He’s still thinking of her, just as much as he’s thinking of himself. Good for him. And he’s basically compartmentalizing what they are. He knows it has gone beyond that, but he has to keep it the way he described.

    I think Brennan will fight for Booth, in her own way. It’ll be a quiet way. But it’ll be her own way.

    Overall, I feel like I watched two different episodes. I’m still… processing it. I loved all of it, though. Can’t wait to do ar ewatch (or two, or three). Did I laugh? Yes. Did I cry? No. I did react to it, but… I didn’t cry. I don’t know what I felt, to be honest. Kinda like Brennan’s reaction. “You sound… something.” That’s how I’m feeling right now. Something unidentifiable. Did I think? Yes. I’m still thinking. I won’t stop for a while, I think (that’s why I’m still up, oops).

  3. Drippan on February 11th, 2011 3:30 am

    Well SeeleyBaby,

    I really don’t know what to say besides HH needs to pass whatever they are smoking in the writers’ room around to the fans of the series. Maybe that way we can figure out what he thought he was doing.

    I want to state that this episode (like most episode) may be good on their own but when you fit them into the overall storyline, you scratch your head and say WTF?

    The last two weeks they have Booth making googly eyes at Brennan and I really didn’t think they would have propose but actually become a man for once. They have had Booth in pathetic, whiney mood since the start of S5 with the confusion over his brain tumor. Now they have him not only pathetic and whiney but also on a pity trip. Actually, after the 100th, Booth really looks pathetic when we find out that he has fallen for her from when they first met but never did anything. What happened to the Booth from S1-3 who had a set of gonads? Booth is one nuetered ass dude who I now see as a quitter and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way.

    I have been a big fan of Bones since the pilot but this episode really breaks the camels back. I don’t know if HH was trying to prove that it is the writing that kept the series together or if he really doesn’t care what he writes as long as he keeps B&B apart. It’s sad that ‘The Little Engine That Could” is not going to be HH’s epitath but “Pulling a Bones” will be.

  4. Bella on February 11th, 2011 4:08 am

    Booth proposing is the end, for me.
    I realized I’m so over the show when I hoped that Brennan left in the final scene.

    I’ll be careful to NEVER watch anything Hanson o Nathan are writing in the future.

  5. Bella on February 11th, 2011 4:23 am

    I’m trying so hard to be optimistic about them, but Booth’s stupid ultimatum and HH’s smugness are dragging me down.
    @Drippan – I love this show, but I have a sinking feeling that showrunners of the future will constantly be trying to maintain a balance on what they’ll call the “Moonlight-Bones Continuum”.

  6. Liz on February 11th, 2011 4:33 am

    I dont know.. I had my hopes up for this episode.. I really hoped he wasn’t gonna do it (proposing) but he did.. and now he is heart crushed.

    I think that Bones will be his friend now, be there for him and maybe start to fight for him.. I am very sure that Hannah is gonna be back for another episode and thats when Booth can turn her down.

    (I remember reading something on how Hannah is in 3 more episodes while back, but it hasn’t been three yet, as you didn’t see her in all the latest episodes).

    We don’t need B&B together yet, we’d love it, but as long as we get the sizzling back, the quiet romance.. that Bones will be worth watching again.

  7. Heather on February 11th, 2011 4:55 am

    My brain is mostly unsettled about this ep. I will have to watch it a few more times. But one thing did occur to me.

    I don’t have any evidence to back this thought up – and yes, on the surface he was genuinely upset at her refusal. But I still have to wonder at his determination to propose when she was quite obviously not ready for that next step. An intuitive man like Booth would know that.

    Booth is very intelligent. I have to wonder if somewhere deep inside he knew it wasn’t the time to ask Hannah to marry him, but he did it anyway because WHEN she said no, he could end the relationship for a more ‘honorable’ reason than the fact that he’s still in love with Brennan.

    Just a thought.

  8. Teebee on February 11th, 2011 5:47 am

    Firstly, I did think that having him propose right after telling Brennan “that person isn’t going anywhere” was a bit odd.
    Booth seemed like he hadn’t really thought about proposing til Sweets kind of insulted him, then it felt like he said it to save face, then thought yeah I may as well do it.

    I think Brennan mentions the strength of his relationship cos it kinda hurts her for Sweets to think that way. Much as she says she doesn’t believe in psychology, she does value Sweets’ opinion quite highly. I think him also believing it’s working out for them hits home some more what she’s passed up on.
    I didn’t love the way he was quite harsh with Brennan at the end, but it’s also understandable. She rejected him too. But I loved that he could still explain how he felt to her despite that.
    What I loved the most was that in the 100th Booth never said “I love you” to Brennan, yet tonight when he said about the next woman, she knew he meant he loved her. No doubt, no “I don’t know what that means”, just acceptance that he loved her and she broke his heart too.

    When he re-draws the line, so to speak, about them being partners or nothing, the look on Brennan’s face said to me that while she now would want more with Booth, she realises it’s not the time and she has to accept what he’s offering and just wait. There’s no way she can leave him when he needs her most, even if that is just as a friend for (hopefully) just now.

    DB’s acting was excellent. He does tortured soul so well!

  9. Teebee on February 11th, 2011 5:54 am

    Also (sorry I just rewatched the end), Booth looks way more devastated at the though of Brennan leaving and him finding her a new FBI guy, than he does over Hannah.

    I would take whatever he’s offering in a bloody heartbeat too!

  10. carole on February 11th, 2011 6:03 am

    the show itself drag,its liked they have forgot how to do a good show/but him proposing to hannah cost a lot of fans the reasons they watch bones,very disappointing.but not better next week the writers have really let booth start drinking way to much and still said fbi/in the end scene bones should stayed home.

  11. n2seeleybooth on February 11th, 2011 7:10 am

    I can see at this point he had to propose to Hannah to stay true to Booth’s character. Booth is too honorable to not try to make it work with Hannah. Part of his anger maybe that he keeps trying to do the right thing and keeps getting turned down. I am glad Hannah’s gone. David’s acting was great I really felt his pain and still love this show

  12. samnickmike on February 11th, 2011 7:39 am

    I think the episode was great. How anyone thought he wouldn’t propose is beyond me, that is who he is, that is the guy he wants to be ( remember 30,40 50 years guy) Yes he is a strong FBI guy but underneath it all we know he has some issues in his past that make him work really hard not to be a loser.( but I am not A drunk) He knew he still had Brennan in his life, ( the one never goes away….) and damn Sweets just pushes him to do some crazy stuff. But is Sweets crazy? or does he know, did he know in his drunken state that Booth needed that push, did he also know that Hannah would say no, or hope she would say no? He has been the only one questioning his feelings for Hannah and his hidden feelings for Brennan. I think Hannah knew she would have to break his heart at some point, but she was enjoying her time. ( while I am at it though Bye bye bye!!!!) What I love is how he reacted to her no, he didn’t even want to look at her, just get you crap and get out. Loved that! With Brennan, he walked away arm in arm with promises of not leaving each other. I don’t think we should expect anything less than him being pissed, he feels he has worked so hard to not be a loser but the world in his mind is against him. Getting pissed drunk is so called for in this instance. I love that Brennan said those are my only two choices, she of course chose once again to be his friend so that he is in her life. No matter the crisis they both know who will be there for them. I am sure her idea of another choice is what the upset people were hoping for, however really? did we think he was just going to go oh well let me go kiss Brennan? It is getting there and is going the way it should, they have both finally admitted out loud this season that they have feelings for each other, that is HUGE! DB’s performance was amazing and spot on, just as ED’s at the 100 was! Both are great at those emotional scenes, and watching her react to his broken heart and it breaking her heart was amazing. Just as his reaction to her in the 100 was amazing. That chemistry is what makes the show so great.

    OK so apparently there were other things going on in the show 🙂 Loved that Noel was back, loved drunk Sweets, loved Fisher and Hodgins, gotta say, this season keeps making me feel like Angela is expendable. I hope not. But all the other characters are really being developed, not her, she is just pregnant. they say some drama is coming our way for her, so we will see. Not sure I can watch Hodgins and Brennan lose her so hopefully they are just waiting for her big scene.

    I am sure next week will be a filler episode, no big drama or changes which will cause some people to be pissy, but I am really looking forward to the elevator episode ! Hold on folks!

  13. Cece on February 11th, 2011 8:22 am

    Are we supposed to be happy or grateful that Booth never stopped loving Bones and Hannah was a substitute? We all knew that the minute Booth showed Bones her cell phone picture. Once you set up a couple as such strong OTP, there’s no suspense once it gets to year 6. The only thing this proposal did was confirm everyone’s criticism that Booth is a stubborn, “my way or the high way” kind of guy in relationships. Which might be interesting if the producers and writers hadn’t blamed only Bones all season long. Like someone said, what a waste of time and effort.

  14. annie on February 11th, 2011 8:56 am

    I knew that the proposal would happen – even though I pretty desperately wanted to be wrong – and I know that my Bones obsession, which has been sorely tested this season, is going to downgrade into interest. The case was completely overshadowed by the bookends of the B+H proposal. The promos made it look like Booth may be conflicted, but there was none of that.

    Not Booth bashing, but I don’t see the heart guy at all that we saw the first 5 seasons. I do miss him. He was crushed by Brennan’s refusal. But he had months and the love/relationship with Hannah to rebuild some of his esteem. Except for 2 short (and what appeared to be hastily inserted, and contrived) scenes in the last 2 eps, he had appeared to have actually moved on.

    Now I love the old Booth. I feel badly for his heartbreak last night. But the old Booth is intertwined with the Brennan for me, and such, last night really makes me unhappy. B&B are no more. Yes, it is a complete reset. But that throws the first 5 years out the window for me, which is a very sad waste of a beautifully told relationship (and I would say love) story.

    I really wanted Booth to realize that he doesn’t love Hannah as he did Brennan. Brennan may have not said she would try, but she has allowed him to see her feelings for him. He could have chosen to understand. Instead he proposed to someone who, even though we barely know her (and he knows her, he lives with her), we know is not going to respond favorably. Where does his ability to read people go? How did he think this out at all? Who proposes on a dare? He’s not a teenager. He’s a grown man who no longer makes much sense to me.

    I am dialing down my visits to the web sites devoted to Bones. I already have, but will more so; I don’t think I am anywhere near as invested in this show as I was. It has drained my ability to hope for them, the relationships are stressful to watch, and it is just too unsettling/unhappy for me. I really don’t see why this whole reset was done this way – I think HH and the other show honchos have decimated the great thing they had.

    I do thank you Sarah/Seels for your ability to express yourself about this show – you are the best! I hope this reset works for you. I will continue to watch for a while, I want to know what happens, but with a heavy heart.

  15. Catalina on February 11th, 2011 9:05 am

    This episode absolutely blew me away. I thought it was just FAN-TAS-TIC. And for me, it really shed some light on some of the B/B moments in the past couple episodes. After his revelation to Brennan at the end of this episode I can now put an emotion to Booths’ longing looks at the Founding Fathers in TSitS and at the diner in TBitB — wistfulness. I was really confused at the end of those two eps but now it makes sense to me, I imagine subconsciously, during those scenes, Booth is thinking “How did we get here? We’ve both loved one other but time has not been on our side and the moment passed us by…” Anyway, now that I have some clarity around the last two episodes, back to this episode and your questions.

    Why did Brennan once again call Booth out about the strength of his relationship with Hannah (in Sweets’ eyes) at the crime scene?
    I really don’t know, but knowing Brennan and how much she cares for Booth and genuinely wants him to be happy, I imagine it came from a good place. Sort of her own awkward way of reassuring Booth that he and Hannah do have a strong relationship. I could definitely see how it could seem that she’s prying though and why Booth doesn’t answer her…. All in all, I didn’t really like that she said it — it was one of the very few nitpicks I had about this episode.

    Why does Hannah tell Booth, “I thought we’d have more time before we got to this point?” Does she mean she thought she’d have time before breaking his heart? She was just biding her time until he asked her to marry him and she said no?
    This really put the nail in the coffin for me as far as Hannah was concerned. I really wanted to believe that I would eventually ‘love Hannah’ like Hart and Stephen intended but that she did this to Booth really made me hate her. She led him on. She knew what kind of man he was and she still followed him home from Afghanistan — made the grand gesture — only to balk at a real sign of commitment. The worst part is, she knew what he would do, and she knew that she would balk. Yet she stayed with him for all this time. She’s immature. Believe it or not, part of me wanted her to say yes to Booth’s proposal because his delivery was soooo heartfelt, so genuine. I understand now that Booth did love Hannah and my heart goes out to him.

    What similarities did you see in Booth’s approach toward Hannah and his approach toward Brennan in the 100th? Was he the “daredevil” in the “mold”? As in…does he take his risks in a set pattern?

    In what ways is it unfair to Booth that the woman he chose to help him get over Brennan responded to him in the same way?
    Okay, I know I said I hated Hannah a couple of questions ago because she led Booth on. And I do. But at the same time, he’s not a stupid man. I don’t know what things were like with Rebecca but with both Brennan and Hannah, there were signs (sometimes even outright conversations), that indicated that he would be rejected. I’m sure I don’t have to tell any Bones fan about all the ways Brennan has spoke out against the idea of monogamy and marriage. And as for Hannah, two scenes stick out to me — the one where Booth made her dinner and she seemed terrified that he was going to propose and in TDitP when she made that comment about how she can’t imagine being a mother. Those were big red flags and he ignored them… So back to the point, as much as I hate Hannah, Booth is a little to blame too… ::ducks head to prepare for backlash::

    Why, when Brennan asks Booth if he’s drunk, does he say, “Relatively…I’m drunker than usual, but I’m not a drunk”?
    Aside from the obvious that it has to do with his father, I’m not sure why they made a point to put that in this script.

    What does it mean that Booth could pretty much say nothing to Hannah, but then spilled the truth of himself to Brennan? And he did. He so did, and I loved it. What does it mean that he’s “mad at all of you”?
    That confession to Brennan was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on television. And I think we were meant to understand that he trusts her. He calls her ‘partner’ throughout that monologue but the fact that he’s actually divulging all this to her, shows that he really does consider her a dear dear friend. It’s sort of beautiful.
    I also love that he said that he’s mad at all of them. Like he knows it’s their fault. He tried; he felt he was good enough, but they rejected him anyway. It’s their loss — but it still tears him apart.

    What does it mean that Brennan recognized that he loved her, and Booth admitted it?
    I don’t know what it meant for the characters but to me, it indicated that everything was laid out on the table. I feel like now, without anything between them, they can begin to rebuild, as friends.

    What does it mean that Brennan doesn’t seem satisfied with her options? Will she fight for Booth?
    It depends on how you mean it. The most I think she should do, especially at this point, is exactly what she did — not leave. She knows the effect abandonment can have and I think she realizes how heartbroken he is. Last time he was heartbroken, she fled. I think it means everything in the world that she made the choice to stay this time.

    Okay… I have to go back to work now ;).

  16. Monica (@texmex327) on February 11th, 2011 9:15 am

    Ok first thoughts: Hannah is gone YAY!! I wasn’t a fan of her character, but I am thankful for what she did for the B&B relationship. I’ll admit it, I kinda cheered when she said no. But then I saw the look on Booths face (OMG, DB brought his A game) and I just wanted to hug him & then go in after the ring when he threw it. LOL

    I understand that Booth has to draw that line once again, because he has been hurt one too many times by the women he has fallen in love with. I honestly do think that Booth & Hannah loved each other, but I don’t see how after seven months (away from Brennan) how you can fall out of love with someone you said that you wanted to spend the next 30,40,50 years of your life with. Hannah was there to pick up the pieces of Booth’s broken heart and reassure him that yes, he is worthy of love.

    I saw the parallels to the 100th episode in this episode. Unfortunately for Booth, this didn’t have the same outcome. A person can not “forget” about being turned down after a proposal. But then again, there is that part of me that wonders if Booth proposed to Hannah to get her to say no & have a reason to break up with her. I wonder if he realized that his feelings for Brennan never left (it was written all over his face in the last two episodes).

    I will have to watch the end of the episode again because I have to overanalyze everything. But this will be yet another turning point in their relationship. I wonder if/when Hannah will make another appearance, maybe to tell Booth that she’s made a mistake, but then I also wonder how the relationship between B&B would have progressed by that time.

    If that were to happen, I could see Brennan giving Booth space to figure out what he would do. Because if the saying holds true, if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you then it was meant for you.

  17. criticalmind on February 11th, 2011 9:19 am

    So far, this season, has had one really good – in my opinion- ‘squinty’ episode: the one with the slave ship. It had real meaning and was very well done. Otherwise, the procedural part of the show has been lackluster. The second good episode was “doctor in the photo”. This was on the emotional side of the show a highlight, much like the 100th episode. If now, both the procedural part and the ‘romance’ part will be below par of earlier seasons, I will stop watching. Really! What’s the point watching a mediocre procedural show with no witty banter and romance?!

  18. Peggy on February 11th, 2011 9:43 am

    First of all, he threw that huge, expensive ring away?? The entire jewelry store scene was great and said a lot about Booth’s feelings about being married. Booth is a person who likes the idea of being married and he will settle on less than ideal if it means attaining his goal of being married.

    I was uncomfortable with how fast Booth turned from a happy guy proposing marriage to a sullen, angry man when his proposal was refused. Yes, it’s very much his way or the highway in many things. I have less admiration for him after the way he handled Hannah’s rejection, and I’m certainly not a fan of Hannah at all. Glad to see her gone. His demeanor turned so cold and hard almost instantly and this is toward someone he professed to love and want to spend the rest of his life with. It’s not like he caught her cheating with another man which would justify anger on his part.

    I love this show, but this season has been difficult to watch unfold. Seems like a rudderless ship sometimes and while the writers might have a destination in mind, they don’t seem to know what course to set to achieve it. I hope they show the fans some positive results before the end of the season or they may find their ratings dropping like a rock next year.

  19. Eve2 on February 11th, 2011 10:07 am

    Honestly, I hope B & B never get together now. I would rather see them both with other people. Too much has been tainted.

    In last week’s episode, I believe he was telling her he loved Hannah the most, and that he would always be there for Brennan. His looks at Brennan were to make sure she was OK and watching her respond. In seeing that, I would rather see them move on.

    Now HH thinks this is all wonderful. B & B will eventually get closer, and as Hannah pointed out to Booth “they are not over yet.” Hannah will return.

    This show is now one big soap. Time for me to move on to something more entertaining.

  20. Lurker on February 11th, 2011 10:34 am

    The reviewer does a valiant job of trying to force the Brain and Heart issue from last week’s comments, but I think she’s deliberately whitewashing over what many viewers said. Ideally, we all appreciate both, learn from both. But there’s been a imbalance for a long time now. It’s been all about the heart. Until they recognize and acknowledge that fundamental imbalance, I don’t think Booth will learn anything from the Hannah experience, just as he didn’t learn from the 100th.

    The episode sets up Booth’s problems nicely, but based on the press, I’m not sure we’re actually going to discuss the problems in Booth’s overly romantic, unyielding vision of love. I think the show is going to validate his uncompromising ways as heroic and romantic. Yuck.

  21. Magy on February 11th, 2011 10:35 am

    I loved what someone said about HH’s smugness. I have totally been sensing a similar thing. Whenever he talks about B&B he seems so… delighted with how badly he’s torturing us. I’d like a little bit of recognition from him that, yes, he is jerking us around at this point in an attempt to get more viewers. A part of me wishes that there will be a significant drop in viewers so that he’ll get the message. I mean, I would feel better if I thought there was any sort of light at the end of this ridiculously long tunnel, but in every single interview he gives, HH gives the impression that he’s planning on keeping them apart until the last moment. I’m so not okay with that. It’s freaking implausible at this point if they don’t get together. But then a part of me also kinda wishes they don’t get together. Booth has hurt Brennan so much. He was basically told her he knew that she was his soulmate and then the next words out his mouth were “I have to move on.” WTF? I don’t know what to do with these two anymore… I agree that I will never watch anything that HH cooks up in the future. Watching this show isn’t even satisfying anymore. It’s just painful.

  22. lishka9 on February 11th, 2011 10:39 am

    As a writer I noticed a few things out of this episode that I would have handled in different way that would have made the transition to Brennan more natural.

    !. Sweets should have been more confused and questioning of Booth’s sudden engagement. Even a quick – “Are you certain?” would have kept the door open to Sweets discussing Booth’s true feelings later. That little plot device would have been so much more in character for both than his very quick acceptance of what Booth said. Even in the ring scene it would have worked.

    2. The writers spent more time thinking about how they wanted to end the Hannah arc than they did in the actual relationship. I suspect that very early on the show creators thought the actress playing Hannah could do more heavy lifting in scenes to make her more interesting. Instead, she wasn’t very strong and was probably cast more for her look then ability. I still go back to the infamous ‘Sunglasses” scene as one of the most contrived and fundamentally puzzling pieces of writing and acting I have ever seen on network television. It was like an improvised scene in an acting class. The two actresses struggled to make it believable in any way and ultimately it did nothing to promote the “relationship”.

    3. The writers telegraphed that they will be bringing Hannah back as a future plot device to allow Booth to choose Brennan over her and have it make sense that he realize the difference between the two relationships. That just seemed a little soap opera-ish to me.

    4. The acting in the final scene was top-notch but the writers crammed in a 2 minute scene the motivation for the rest of the season. Once again, it would have made sense for the scene to include his realization that no matter what else happens in their lives they keep coming back to each other. It would have opened the door for the further relationship even if he followed with his rules of how things will be.

    Overall, I think the entire Hannah arc was mishandled from the start even to the choice of the actress. It has left them with what can only be described as a shambles for this season, BUT I do think they will get together in May sweeps. Why on earth anyone would buy the DVD of this season if they didn’t? My hope is that whoever the writer is who previously did their “banter dialogue” will be brought back out of the closet where they have been hidden and be allowed to write some of their clever and witty dialogue again. I have seen some clues that they are letting them massage some dialogue again but they are obviously having to dig these characters out of the massive hole they are in with only a few lines of dialogue which feel forced or out of sync at this point but at least welcome. I feel like the scenes that have been re-written are completely out of touch with this episode. Honestly, they should have re-written some of the dialogue here and it wouldn’t have been SO jarring to the momentum they have gone with in the last few episodes.

    HH and SN, you created this mess and now get yourself out of it. The critics, the fans AND the network have made it clear what a colossal mistake you made so you might want to swallow some crow. You have half a season to get this wreck on track or you will be giving away season 6 DVDs as freebies.

  23. Lonely Snowflake on February 11th, 2011 10:56 am

    I find all the questions in the review just tiresome. We already know BB is the endgame. To pretend to analyze what was nothing more than a plot contrivance to stave off the inevitable hookup is playing into HH’s not so clever game.
    Also, the review once again brings up the mutuality of the Heart and Brain relationship. This balance is in theory only at this point. The show is leaning heavily on the Heart side. It’s like trying to deny the Booth-Lab interactions haven’t changed.

    I hardly recognize Bones who seems to treat the cases as an excuse to spend time with Booth rather than to bring justice to light. I’m a romantic, or I wouldn’t care about this show. But to feel the romance, I need to find the characters compelling. To feel the characters compelling, I need to see them as mature, three dimensional characters with rich, well lived lives.

    If the show decides to explore Booth’s issues- inability to compromise and listen, analyze his own problems instead of blaming the universe- I’ll be glad. But I still think this kind of development belongs to a younger character with less experience than Booth. At this point in his life, his lack of self awareness doesn’t make him interesting, it’s just taxing.

    Regarding HH and SN’s smugness, I have no idea what the source is. The ratings went down, then even with the American Idol lead-in, it’s nothing spectacular now. Critical success is gone. They’re sitting on a pile of money, and there are enough people left to watch what happens, but few believe in the integrity of the story anymore. And my guess, but this episode did not appeal to the American Idol crowd- too emo and the case ended up being another cop-out in terms of the murder.

  24. Nancy on February 11th, 2011 11:03 am

    DB was outstanding. His performance blew me away, of course Booth would be heartbroken 3 women would not accept his love so freely given. David expressed that dispair with such believable emotion. That performance will be stuck in my head & heart for a long time. David deserves an Emmy.

  25. Liz on February 11th, 2011 11:16 am

    The show is never getting an Emmy now. They blew their creative credibility, and Hannah was the final nail in the coffin. Didn’t 24 win awards? And House is procedural. So the Bones people can’t use the usual excuse that awards only like straight drama. I don’t know about the acting, but this show definitely thrives on chemistry. But the plot has to make a modicum of sense. As a fan, I’d like to see what happens with BB, even if it’s a trainwreck. But to outsiders, this is the show that played the UST card for 6 years.

    If the show is pushing ED as strong but vulnerable female lead, she has too much competition with shows that actually conveyed that without turning the lead actress into a pathetic social retard. (There’s a reason why The Good Wife gets good reviews. Heck, even Veronica Mars was a better example of the tough girl on the job, marshmallow inside character and she was in high school.)
    If the show is pushing DB as complex hero, it’s first going to have to stop putting him on a pedestal. House, Dexter, Mad Men- people like the flawed leading man, but they also like to examine how he’s flawed, not be told over and over that he deserves better from the women in his life who don’t recognize a good thing when they see it.

  26. Liz on February 11th, 2011 11:23 am

    @Lonely Snowflake, Everything you said.

    PS- I’ve had a chance to sleep on it, but ARGHHH once again at tossing the ring into the pool. Forget yesterday’s suggestion about charity. Doesn’t Booth have rent to pay, child to support, suits to buy? Keep the senseless gestures for the teen-aged Titanic loving crowd, not a 40 something man. The ring represents what a waste the too long Hannah arc was and it represents the lack of subtlety in dealing with BB now. Seriously, was any part of this season unexpected or even, not written on an anvil?

  27. Samantha on February 11th, 2011 11:24 am

    Wow, just wow! I watched the episode this morning because I couldn’t last night and it is what I thought and honestly, what I hoped wouldn’t happen. I didn’t want Booth to propose to Hannah only to have reject him. But that is what happened. My heart truely broke for Booth and David’s performance was AMAZING!! I have a friend that happened to once, two girls he loved and wanted to marry and they rejected him. He called asking, “what is wrong with me” and my response was, “it isn’t you, it is them”. And I felt the same thing for Booth. It isn’t him, it is the women he chooses… well it is him a little!

    So, to answer the questions Sarah put forth… (and sorry for this being really long!)

    I think it is pretty crappy of Hannah to know that she was never going to marry Booth, to know that he was the “marrying-kind” and to just string him along. To know that you could never say yes but still be in a relationship where you know the other person will want to get married. I found that worse than the rejection Brennan gave Booth last season. Brennan never wanted to hurt Booth and at the time, couldn’t be more than she was. Hannah, on the other hand, had to have known that this would end with heart break and that is wrong and sad and mean!

    It is interesting to think of Booth’s approach to both Brennan and Hannah, because they are the same. Sweets says something to Booth to make him make the move. Neither time did it come from him and him alone but with Sweet’s goading or proding him to do it. I think that speaks to why he was rejected. Even with Rebecca. He proposed because she was pregnant. He gave his heart to Brennan because Sweet’s told him one of them had to make the move and he was the gambler. He proposes to Hannah because Sweet’s says I don’t want to be old like you and unmarried. When Booth makes the move because Booth wants to, then it will be real and true.

    I think Booth also chooses similar women, all three that we have seen him love have been strong, independent women. Now, I am not saying that he should go find a weak dependent weepy thing, but that is definitely a pattern. As for the unfairness to Booth, I think it is his fault. He jumped into the relationship with Hannah when there is no WAY he was over Brennan, then he jumps into living with her, then jumps into proposing. And it is all to prove, IMO, that he doesn’t love Brennan, either to the world or to himself.

    As for the final choices for Brennan, I think Booth is trying to protect himself from the feelings that are still there. He no longer has Hannah as a shield against those feelings and especially now that he knows Brennan loves him too. And is willing to give “them” a shot. I liked that Brennan was unsatisfied with those choices, but in order not to lose Booth, she choose the only option she can. To be partners.

    I definitely think the March 3rd episode where they are stuck in the elevator will be interesting. Hopefully we will get some movement back to where we all want to see B&B go, to being in love and together. How they will get there, will be an interesting journey. I think it may have to be slow. I know it looks bleak, but at least Hannah is gone!!

  28. Anon on February 11th, 2011 11:49 am

    “I find all the questions in the review just tiresome. We already know BB is the endgame. To pretend to analyze what was nothing more than a plot contrivance to stave off the inevitable hookup is playing into HH’s not so clever game.” Big Amen. Besides which, it seems like all the answers are there in big letters on big anvils. (By the way, I didn’t need a pat homily on Heart and Brain in the review for this episode. It feels forced considering what people have actually been saying about that dynamic. Though it was a very Boothy effort to moralize.)

    What was the point of the entire half of the season?
    I don’t see growth in Bones this season. We already knew Bones had regrets, we knew she had deep emotions inside (I honestly had a WTF reaction to the Doctor in the Photo episode), we knew she’s Booth’s man (she ran off to Maluku, but that’s one moment of uncertainty compared to 5 years of standing by Booth). With Booth, the failed proposal seems to set up possible growth- but only if he realizes his own problems, not just blaming the women who refuse Love. But it’s still a set up, so the entire arc should have been over much, much sooner.

    Then the other question would be, was it an enjoyable arc? That’s pretty clearly a no. They made the heroine pathetic and Hannah was a fail on every level. BB is the endgame, so there’s no mystery about what happens to Hannah. What was the point? There were anvils flying all over the show, so it should at least have been a quick arc, not this dragged out mess.

  29. Julie on February 11th, 2011 12:02 pm

    This is my first time posting, but there’s so much to say!! Wow, what an amazing last 10 minutes; I think they definitely rate as one of the top 5 last 10-minutes of this show. They packed more in there than into entire seasons! I think that we’ve been watching Brennan evolve (no pun intended) for a while now, and now it’s Booth’s turn. He’s a human being with his own set of patterns, pain and vulnerabilities. There’s always been a lot of focus on Brennan’s abandonment issues—but what about Booth’s? He was abandoned too (this is where his grandfather’s admission should come to light, btw), but he handled it differently from Brennan as an adult (as a kid he almost killed himself, remember?!). He had a father that abandoned him and now he keeps going to people who will abandon him too (Rebecca, Hannah, even Brennan, if you consider rejection as abandonment). It’s classic, like the child of an alcoholic marrying an alcoholic.

    His whole relationship with Hannah always struck me as more physical fun than anything else, and while I’m sure Booth had feelings for her, I don’t think it ever really rose to real love. What Booth has done this entire season is try to convince everyone around him (but mostly himself) that it was. Even buying a huge ring (on his salary?!) was like a demonstration for the sales lady. And forcing a proposal is but another way to do it. He didn’t even hear her tell him that she’s not the marrying kind…when is the last time he didn’t listen to whatever Brennan had to say? This entire season he has struck me as a man on cruise control, trying to sustain a cheeriness that didn’t quite live up to genuineness and I think the deflation he is now feeling is only fitting for someone who never really got over Brennan and now is dealing with pain caused by someone else, too. (As to what Hannah meant by thinking that marriage wouldn’t come up until much later, I think it was just what a lot of people who are happy in a relationship think, that they’ll put off dealing with the elephants in the room until later. I think she genuinely does have deep feelings for him and was happy in this relationship and didn’t want to rock the boat because she didn’t want to lose him. She’s gorgeous, accomplished and smart but she’s also a woman who doesn’t appear to have friends (or family??) and Booth is very much there for her.)

    So now on to Booth’s reaction (apart from throwing away probably $20,000…I live in DC, he should have thrown it into my window). I was pretty amazed by how cold and angry he was. When Hannah said no, he completely shut down. They were completely done in that split second. That woman needs to have her 4 suitcases out of that apartment within the hour if she doesn’t want them thrown out the window. Contrast that to his reaction when Brennan rejected him….not only pain as opposed to anger, but telling her that they would still be partners. And then the bar scene….yes, I think it is quite telling that Booth tells Brennan that he isn’t A drunk. He’s questioning what is wrong with him and it only makes sense that he would think “oh c’mon, world, why don’t any of them want me, I’m not a drunk…” His confidence and self-worth are shaken. He apparently doesn’t even remember that Brennan admitted that she made a mistake with him (I think he has tried to ignore that as much as he possibly could in order to stay “in love” with Hannah). But here’s the silver lining that he’s going to have to see when he’s not “relatively drunk”—Brennan is there for him now. He gave her an ultimatum, and she chose him. She isn’t abandoning him like everyone else. I think his speech to her about what they do and how they celebrate after a case was an attempt to tell her that he doesn’t want anything more with her (which of course we all know he doesn’t really mean)—but Brennan lived up to her feelings for him. In the 100th Brennan rejected him, but he agreed to be her partner anyway. Here, he is essentially rejecting her (the “what happens next” question from her can be interpreted in many different ways…..), but she is also choosing to still stay with him, in whatever capacity he chooses. They’ve proven to each other that they won’t let the other be abandoned, and now we can watch them progress to a relationship not based on fear. I read elsewhere that we’re so used to the typical formula of feelings between people going unsaid, and then when they come out, the two people get together (and the show ends, pretty much). Fortunately, “Bones” didn’t give us the same old formula. We’re in for a different formula, where two people don’t just get together because they admit their feelings; they get together because they grow up and beyond their insecurities and fears. We tend to think of people maturing in their 20s but the reality of most of us is are scarred in one way or another for a majority of our lives, we’re just not fools at the same time. Time for Booth to examine those scars. I’m in.

  30. Spezzella on February 11th, 2011 12:26 pm

    I’m at work right now so I can’t write a long post on my thoughts, but I just wanted to say a couple things.

    1)I really, really loved this episode.

    2) I really appreciate the time you put into these reviews, Sarah. Thanks for your hard work!

  31. Esra on February 11th, 2011 12:59 pm

    Booth choses same type of women as mentioned here,maybe this is his fault..maybe? But..Two of those women already have had regrets,Hannah will have too.Booth is so right about the things he said to Brennan.

  32. Kat on February 11th, 2011 1:55 pm

    Beginning to get frustrated. The reviewer asked some good questions, but I do agree that it’s obvious that BB are the endgame. I just really feel that by the time we get to that conclusion, they’ll have ruined it.

    I am so confused as to why they couldn’t carve out an interesting, exciting and properly angsty arc. They had the material they needed at the end of last season. The chance to sort of give the show a little refresher. But who knew it would lose ALL its magic because of that? I just feel sad for the wasted opportunity. SN and HH could have really made Hannah interesting (instead of ‘saintly), and had Brennan realize her feelings in a more fun way, have their friendship not change, so we can really see the chemistry we watch for, and have Hannah have shown slight jealousy over B&B, and maybe even say something to Brennan behind Booth’s back.

    They turned it into a soap opera, but w/ a “realistic” twist. I honestly would’ve preferred if they were going to make the show a soap, make it a fun and angsty one, with the new “bitchy” girlfriend who’s cleverly manipulative or something. At least she’d have been fun to watch. And continue to weave that beautiful relationship of BB but in a very pure platonic way – so viewers still got all excited each week. And I would’ve been ALL FOR some danger this season! Like, Brennan in over her head, running head first into trouble, maybe while trying to let Booth “have his fun” – I dunno, they just had SO many great opportunites at the start of season 6 and it could’ve changed the dynamic without losing the magic that made it.

    I can’t understand for the life of me how a group of writers and executives can sit in the writer’s room and not think of the juicy and FUN ways to make this season the best one yet, Hannah and all.

    What a silly arc

    DB did a great job acting. But yeah, BB got sort of trampled this season and it seems beyond repair to many viewers. I am a little sick of Hart Hanson. If he were really good at telling this story, he would’ve done so in a way that might frustrate viewers at time, but in the same vein we were occasionally frustrated in past seasons… in a way that makes us smile and grunt and shake our heads, but has us dying to return the next week.

    Guess he’s just too consumed w/ the new project. Which I won’t be watching.

  33. JO on February 11th, 2011 2:53 pm

    I’m not playing this game either. All the questions are tedious now because we’ve thrashed out the answers long ago. Why validate the Plot Contrivance with analysis? With Booth as sanctimonious whiner/tortured hero, and Hannah, sudden BFFs, and the paternalistic regression of female characters, people have been calling it immature drama. I see:
    1) mid-life crisis
    2) greed.

    Quote: Once you set up a couple as such strong OTP, there’s no suspense once it gets to year 6.

    If there are some fun episodes, great.

  34. JO on February 11th, 2011 3:18 pm

    Hannah. The actress, the story, the purpose- none of that worked for me. I understood the intent on paper, but it didn’t work. I maintain we learned nothing new about BB, except maybe highlighting Booth’s problems even more clearly. But BB was always the endgame, and seasons 1~5 were enough to convince me.

    It’s just ‘what might have been,’ but what might have been interesting-

    1) Make Hannah Bones’ opposite, i.e. Booth’s perfect match on paper. This means make her more realistic, not Brennan-light. Especially if they stuck with the actress, make her a sports writer so that she and Booth could share real jokes. Then make her the settling down kinda girl who shares Booth’s old fashioned values. Real threat = real drama.

    2) Make Hannah a bad girlfriend. I think villains are easier to write and play. How many of us have seen good friends enter into unwise relationships on the rebound. It would have been good drama to see Mr. Honorable try to deal with a real mistake instead of this ‘we were great, but just not right for each other’ cop-out.

    Does anyone have ideas? It’s useless, but more fun than circling the drain on BB’s relationship analysis.

  35. JennyTotallyLovesBones on February 11th, 2011 3:30 pm

    Im not going to answer your questions as I dont have some of the answers, but heres my thoughts on the episode.
    To be honest I was disappointed.
    I thought in this episode he would think about proposing but realise he still loved Bones, but no, instead he proposes, gets rejected and then starts crying about it (well almost).
    I have to say my fav parts of the episode were Hodgins/Fisher Cam/Hodgins (nice food there cam) Angela (her pregnancy excuse isnt boring me I find it cute and VERY Angela) and the final scene between BB. Yes Booth was winey and pitying himself but Brennan’s eyes were screaming “look at me, you got it right I love you!” and I must admit I did scream at the TV “just tell him!” and yes, I did cry.
    I do think she’s going to try and win him back, but in a unsual subtle way he wont see coming.

    Next weeks episode looks good!

  36. David is Great on February 11th, 2011 3:55 pm

    @Dippan, I have repeatedly heard you comment that DB is just a pretty boy who can’t act. So happy to tell you that in last night’s episode David was beyond GREAT. From all your rants about him, I have concluded that you are just a bitter and JEALOUS man.

  37. Cordelia on February 11th, 2011 4:10 pm

    Such good questions Sarah! Thank you for the review, you gave me a lot to think about.

    Why did Brennan once again call Booth out about the strength of his relationship with Hannah (in Sweets’ eyes) at the crime scene?

    At this point Brennan is just really trying her best to show that she is ok with Booth and Hannah’s relationship. She is obviously not, but she knows if she shows it it could cause tension in her relationship with Booth. The situation is unstable as it is. She is in love with him, he obviously is still in love with her, yet Hannah is still cool with Brennan spending more time with Booth then Hannah gets too. Brennan would like it to stay that way, so pretending to be Booth and Hannah’s biggest supporter is a smart way to stabilize things. I don’t think she is necessarily doing this consciously, but I think this a good subconscious theory anyways.

    Why does Hannah tell Booth, “I thought we’d have more time before we got to this point?” Does she mean she thought she’d have time before breaking his heart? She was just biding her time until he asked her to marry him and she said no?

    Yes and Yes. I’m not sure what else could have been going on in her head. She knows he wants to get married, she knows she doesn’t want to, their isn’t an alternative ending to this scenario. I wonder if this is the writers way of explaining to us why Brennan said no to Booth in the 100th. We know now that she did feel the same way, and it’s not like she’s never been in a relationship before. She just wasn’t sure if she could ever make the long term commitment, and unlike Hannah, Brennan loves Booth enough not to string him along knowing what he will eventually want.

    What similarities did you see in Booth’s approach toward Hannah and his approach toward Brennan in the 100th? Was he the “daredevil” in the “mold”? As in…does he take his risks in a set pattern?

    The white jacket and the risk taking are a pattern. Other than that everything is different. He took the risk with Brennan out of an honest love for her and a desire to spend his life with her. He took the risk with Hannah because he wanted to prove to Sweets and to himself that he was lovable and that his life was meaningful. I guess he was in love with her in the way that Americans tend to use that phrase, but I don’t think that’s real love. If he really loved her he would have been compassionate to her even after he was rejected, the way he was with Brennan. His coldness showed me that what he really loved was the role he assigned to Hannah. Once she failed to fill that role as to his expectations, his emotions disappeared. I’m not trying to dis booth. Many relationships are like this. I don’t think he was consciously trying to be fake, he believed every word he said to Hannah, but his actions revealed the truth.

    In what ways is it unfair to Booth that the woman he chose to help him get over Brennan responded to him in the same way?

    I don’t think it really is unfair to him because it was sort of unfair for him to use Hannah as a way to get over Brennan. That’s not how you find a genuine relationship. Hannah told him she wasn’t the marrying type. I think Hannah was wrong to make the romantic gesture of following him to DC knowing that their life plans were incompatible, but it was also wrong for Booth to try and change Hannah. I feel bad for Booth, but he’s responsible for this situation too.

    Why, when Brennan asks Booth if he’s drunk, does he say, “Relatively…I’m drunker than usual, but I’m not a drunk”?

    Childhood insecurities arising out of depression. I didn’t read to much into the situation. I think it was just the writers way of setting up the fact that he is very drunk and in a self loathing mood.

    What does it mean that Booth could pretty much say nothing to Hannah, but then spilled the truth of himself to Brennan? And he did. He so did, and I loved it. What does it mean that he’s “mad at all of you”?

    It mean’s Brennan is Booth’s true friend, and he can talk to her, and he knows this. I’m so proud of him for admitting that he’s mad! As much as I loved the compassion he showed to Brennan in the 100th, I knew he was bottling up a lot of pain in order to allow himself to be there for her after being rejected himself. I’m so happy that this is finally being recognized!

    What does it mean that Brennan recognized that he loved her, and Booth admitted it?

    Not much. It’s been a given between them for awhile. Brennan and Booth don’t have a common understanding of the word love, so I don’t think it is appropriate for them to use it as a form of communication yet. I like that it’s commonly acknowledged without being directly expressed. It’s more meaningful that way. I just hope that when they inevitably use the l word, that the writers put a lot of thought into the scene and show how their understanding of the word has evolved to a point where it is appropriate.

    What does it mean that Booth boiled his relationship with Brennan down to, “Evidence…me and you are partners…we’re good people who catch bad people…we share a drink…celebrate…chit-chat”?

    It was his way of saying I need you to be here for me, I need you to be my friend. The ultimatum came out of pure insecurity. He needed to see her make a choice to stay to convince himself that she still truly cared and that they still had their friendship after everything.

    What does it mean that Brennan doesn’t seem satisfied with her options? Will she fight for Booth?

    I have no idea. I think it’s a possibility after the Ditp. I didn’t think she had it in her to fight for someone before, but after that experience I think she just might. I’m really excited to see how things play out from now on.

  38. J on February 11th, 2011 4:22 pm

    One of those “don’t usually comment types.” But it’s one of those episodes that surprisingly reset a good chunk of the series progression. Worth the chatter!

    Why did Brennan once again call Booth out about the strength of his relationship with Hannah (in Sweets’ eyes) at the crime scene?

    I think she’s re-affirming his relationship to convince herself of this and to act supportive in her own way – which is awkward at best.

    Why does Hannah tell Booth, “I thought we’d have more time before we got to this point?” Does she mean she thought she’d have time before breaking his heart? She was just biding her time until he asked her to marry him and she said no?

    Hannah was probably hoping that after a longer relationship, Booth would come around and realize that their situation was just as good as marriage. That there was no need for any kind of formal commitment.

    To her credit, she’s given Booth red flags about this numerous times, but he’s as old school as he is honorable. He wants that formality and thinks it’s imperative in a relationship.

    I don’t think she was out to break his heart, but I think that looking at how they stand on marriage, that was inevitable. They both love each other, but weren’t on the same page. This is Booth’s undoing.

    What similarities did you see in Booth’s approach toward Hannah and his approach toward Brennan in the 100th? Was he the “daredevil” in the “mold”? As in…does he take his risks in a set pattern?

    Booth is acting romantic and impulsively to the same type of girl and getting the same results. Instead of thinking it through realistically, he’s acting on romantic, conventional notions of love which work for some women, sure. They really do – but not the kind of women that he seems to fall in love with.

    He’s a daredevil in the sense of confronting these types of women with his own values of love and relationships that are pretty conventional and a bit ancient for them. It’s certainly risky. Perhaps then it isn’t the situation that is “moldy” but “moldy” in the kind of woman that he’s trying to be with on a conventionally romantic level.

    “Mold” for thought. 🙂

    BTW: Whoever said “WHITE COAT!” – didn’t even see that. Good catch!

    In what ways is it unfair to Booth that the woman he chose to help him get over Brennan responded to him in the same way?

    Booth is a nice, honorable, good-looking guy that women should, in theory, never question as a partner/husband. The sad thing is, he falls for a particular “type” of woman – one who very well may have progressive feelings on a lot of things, particularly relationships and marriage.

    He feels he was lead on and then dropped. When in actuality he willingly fell, followed, and then tried to impose traditional feelings onto progressive women. Which they rejected. Values – not Booth. But right now, with the unsurmountable amount of frustration, he can’t help but take it all personally.

    Why, when Brennan asks Booth if he’s drunk, does he say, “Relatively…I’m drunker than usual, but I’m not a drunk”?

    His dad, I take it. Also could be Boreanaz ad lib drunk banter, which then makes all of this kind of a mute point. Tough call…

    What does it mean that Booth could pretty much say nothing to Hannah, but then spilled the truth of himself to Brennan? And he did. He so did, and I loved it. What does it mean that he’s “mad at all of you”?

    Letting it all out seems appropriate considering:
    – He drank. A lot.
    – Brennan – who he’s confided to willingly for years now sits beside him.

    There’s also a matter of not being able to escape Brennan. She’s his partner, and he “really likes that”. Booth’s trying to tell her objectively how he’s feeling and how he wants things to go because – and this is just an opinion – he wants her to give him some emotional space.

    What does it mean that Brennan recognized that he loved her, and Booth admitted it?

    They are at a point knowing each other that without ever having to directly say it, they know what’s going on. Evidence/intuition. They’re smart. They get it.

    I think it just means they can move forward in some kind of direction. The idea of having everything out in the open is key to this. It’s safe to say that, at this point, Brennan and Booth are pretty emotionally tired and gutted, maybe a bit confused and certainly a bit frustrated. It’s not so much moving on – but moving somewhere that isn’t where they can fester in those feelings.

    What does it mean that Booth boiled his relationship with Brennan down to, “Evidence…me and you are partners…we’re good people who catch bad people…we share a drink…celebrate…chit-chat”?

    They have a pattern. A routine – something he can follow that will give him structure and purpose – and another person with whom to share that structure and purpose. He’s compartmentalizing the way Brennan would in order to avoid how hurt he is, hoping she’d get that he’s trying to find a way to heal.

    Again – he’s also drunk, so he’s laying down their core without all the other romantic stuff thrown in. Back to square one – a “this is us – this is who we are” move in order to pull what he feels is eternally valuable from the perceived wreckage.

    What does it mean that Brennan doesn’t seem satisfied with her options? Will she fight for Booth?

    I think she sees it as “either see the intrinsic value in our current relationship or get away from me”. I think she’s sad that Booth has boiled it down in that way, that he’s taken the heart out of the matter. It’s unlike him, and it’s a place she’s never seen him go. Perhaps it’s more concern that dissatisfaction.

    I think she’ll fight for him but put his feelings first. She wants to support him above it all – but I think she’ll find it difficult to do this without more feelings getting in the way and causing internal conflict in the both of them.

    It’s certainly going to be very interesting to watch how this dynamic plays out. Very intense stuff.

  39. bones62442 on February 11th, 2011 4:28 pm

    I really liked this episode, the case not so much, but the end scene and the episode as a whole was fantastic.

    I have to say, although I didn’t like Angela’s whole “I’m celibate” thing, I don’t really mind her “I’m pregnant” one. i”ve actually, lately, started to like Angela again after many seasons of finding her just annoying and sometimes quite mean to Brennan.

    I also loved Hodgins’ dreams for the kid; so sweet, and his conversation about bed “bunnies” with Cam. I agree, TJ Thyne just has chemistry everyone! I don’t really like Fisher that much so he was okay, but when I saw Noel on the screen i nearly squealed in delight! haha I love that guy!! okay to the questions before this gets too long.

    Brennan keeps calling Booth on the strength of his relationship with Hannah, and I think it’s for 1 of 2 reasons. 1, Brennan is trying to remind herself of the importance of Hannah in her partner’s life, so she repeats this out loud and 2, she’s just making sure that Booth still feels that in love with Hannah, like “Are you sure? Are you sure?”

    When she said this in the episode those were the two question that immediately crossed my mind. My answer to myself was, she thought she would have more time until he would propose, and maybe by then she would’ve lived with him for long enough to have forgotten enough of her old self and say yes. But then I remembered that she’s a free spirit like Angela, and she’d never let anyone hold her back just because she couldn’t remember, so maybe she was waiting to break his heart, as sad as that is.

    I loved the parallels with the 100th, i’m such a sucker for shows that do that :). His line “I am” when talking about ‘the marrying kind’ was heart-crushing. When he walked away from her to lean on the fence, and she came over talking about starting over just reminded me of Brennan “Can we still work together?” But this time he didn’t say anything, he just wanted her gone.

    You know, it’s kind of creepy, because on my lj a few weeks ago, I did this thing on why Booth is attracted to women with commitment issues. I’d been watching back to past episodes with Tessa, and then seen Hannah’s “Oh no, you’re goiung to propose aren’t you?” line in “The Bones that weren’t” And thought it was just so odd for a man who loves marriage and commitment so much. And that’s why it’s so unfair, because he wants so much and deserves so much and the people he chooses just can’t. And the fact that he was getting over one women who rejected him with one who would reject him only made it sadder.

    As soon as I saw Booth starting to drink I screamed at the screen “Don’t you dare become an alcoholic like your father, Seeley Booth!” So, I found it such a relief when he said “I’m not a drunk,” because I knew he had the same thing on his mind. However, as his rage grew with life I was a little nervous that something bad would happen to him, and he would turn into his dad.

    Brennan is the one he shares everything with, still is. He knew she would listen, because she always listens, and she always puts his best interests in mind when replying. He just couldn’t divulge all that to Hannah, she wouldn’t understand, but Brennan understands everything about Booth, she would get what he meant.

    Him brushing over that “me”, and her expression as she said it, I thought was one of the most heartcrushing parts in the whole episode. But I think it means that she has now finally realised just how much she really hurt him. I mean he put her next to the mother of his child, a women he hates for keeping his son from him, and the woman who just rejected his marriage proposal. That would have to be a huge kick in the head.

    Booth had to boil their relationship down to the bare necessities. He had to go back to the way they were before everything happened. It was kind of like in “The woman in limbo” when Brennan is naming all the things important to her. Them being partners and catching bad guys is the most important thing to him right now.

    What does it mean that Brennan doesn’t seem satisfied with her options? Well, I immediately think because she loves him and wants more. But I also think that it might be because she has always thought they were more then “partners”, they used to be “just partners” and now Booth is proposing them to stay “partners”, I think she was just praying for something else. But she stayed with him, instead of leaving and asking for more, because she couldn’t live without him in her life at all. She’d prefer to be “partners” rather then nothing. But i think she’ll fight for him, and I also think that they are going down the path of insanity. Booth can’t expect a different outcome.

    Okay, off to reply at BT now!! haha!! thankyou for all the time and effort yo uput into your reviews Sarah 🙂

  40. Julie on February 11th, 2011 4:39 pm

    No one has said the obvious – the problem wasn’t with the storyline as much as it was with the casting. Katheryn Winnick was AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. If she had even a shred of chemistry with or was in the same league, screen presence wise as David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, it wouldn’t have been near as bad.

  41. Oneia on February 11th, 2011 4:44 pm

    I usually only read, but yikes! These are middle aged professionals who have been at this for 6 years. What’s left to say? It’s time to stop acting like med students at Seattle Grace. This show now reminds me of the stereotype of girls who eat pints of ice cream as they analyze their relationship for hours. And hours. Get it together. Flirt up a storm and banter your way into bed. Solve some real cases with real suspects and real motives.

  42. Liz on February 11th, 2011 4:53 pm

    @Julie, I was just going to start typing a response to the “what-if.” I think the girlfriend angle could have worked out well in so many ways with a different actress or characterization. I like @JO’s scenarios, though I doubt the writers could handle #1 which seems almost too realistic. I mean, Booth’s supposed to be a catch. It’s actually how things might have played out in real life. I personally dreamed of someone like Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) in the role. Someone with loads of charisma and gravitas. I don’t like Private Practice, but Addison really made her presence felt when she burst into Grey’s Anatomy’s cheesy triangle. Or, if they wanted to use Katherine Winnick, I wonder how she would have played young and innocent and idealistic. Maybe if she wasn’t trying so hard to be cool and super journalistic, she wouldn’t have been so awkward.

  43. Liz on February 11th, 2011 4:57 pm

    Huh, someone else mentioned GA. With the time change, the comparisons are pretty direct. I wonder what the viewership overlap is. Seems like Bones overlaps with CSI audience with the crime, and GA with the romance. I know the ratings are solid, but does the 3 way pull help Bones reach audiences from the other 2 shows, or could it lose to either show? I’d love to know what goes behind the scenes at Fox during negotiations.

  44. Kayla on February 11th, 2011 6:48 pm

    I feel like this episode came out of left field. Booth and Hannah’s relationship didn’t seem developed enough to take that step at all, and drunk Booth just had to prove he could follow up with what he says. I also felt that his reaction was off. I can’t really explain how but that scene just left this feeling.
    I loved the allusion to Booth’s father and brother with “I’m drunk but not a drunk”. His drinking in this episode seemed a little more alarming than usual.
    Angela seemed like it was her first time on a case all over again. She should’ve stayed in the lab instead of pulling that “pregnant moment” in the field. I hope it was just a case of needing something to do with Angela, can’t wait for her drama.I love Fisher, though missed his depressing antics, his tea thing just seemed really stupid.
    Really I just feel like this is all just a buildup to the elevator episode, which needs to happen cause as clever as HH seems to be with his dragging out the relationship, he’s turning off a lot of viewers and I would like there to actually be another season of Bones. People are getting too annoyed to watch and when someone actually use the phrase “pulling a Bones” (i.e Castle), when it comest to a relationship between two characters…Something needs to change.

  45. beth on February 11th, 2011 8:26 pm

    I agree with many of the things you said in your post. I immediately thought that Booth’s pattern — choosing women who will ultimately “abandon” him — is very in keeping with the behavior of the child of an alcoholic. He picks strong, independent women who are very clear about their lack of interest in marriage, and then creates a situation where they are certain to say no to him. An alcoholic father can never give you what you want emotionally; he makes you feel unloved and rejected. Booth keeps recreating this dynamic with his romantic relationships. So even when Booth is with a woman who loves him, a woman who doesn’t want to walk away, but simply doesn’t want a marriage, he delivers an ultimatum that drives her away. He orders her away, but in a way that allows him to interpret the situation as a rejection of him and who he is. The anger of viewers at Hannah is really funny to me. I don’t like her, but what did she do wrong? How did she “string him along”? Two people in a relationship, each knowing they have different feelings about marriage; Booth believed he’s get his way, despite her feelings; she, more realistically, believed that ultimately the difference could create a conflict, but hoping it could be dealt with, because she loved him. Two way street; both responsible. If anyone is more responsible, it’s him, since he never told her she was a rebound for him — a fact that might have given her pause before moving to be with him. It’s frustrating how mean and childish he gets at the rejection he orchestrated; but it’s understandable, because he’s reacting out of childhood issues he’s never resolved. If the show deals with Booth beginning to understand and resolve his compulsion to perpetuate his own rejections and resulting feelings of inadequacy, it will be very interesting. If it just becomes “Booth’s right; look how women mistreat him,” it will be very boring.

    I would love it if the show could acknowledge that many people have rewarding, fulfilling, committed, long-term relationships that don’t involve marriage. And if they would stop having Angela’s marriage and pregnancy turn her into the most boring, annoying, hypocritical, regressive character on television.

    Not sure how I feel about Brennan agreeing to Booth’s terms. I guess it can be seen as her repaying his loyalty for staying partners with her after she rejected him; or it could be seen as her subsuming her needs to his and submitting to his authority. Undecided here.

    DB gave a wonderful performance in the last scene. Totally believed it.

  46. Lonely Snowflake on February 11th, 2011 10:27 pm

    @Beth, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the regression of female characters throughout the series. But that last scene is the one where I can see the ‘it takes strength to be forgiving and patient’ argument for Bones. The difference is, instead of accepting the constant passive aggressive ridicule from Booth as she has throughout this season, she was responding to the outright hostility. Booth was being honest and direct, and as always, she was up for that challenge. I do really, really hope her role the rest of the season isn’t just to “stand by her man.” Not that this erases the overall decline of the women, but in that one scene, Bones letting Booth have his way made sense.

    I’m not sure what the intention is with Booth. He didn’t learn anything from Rebecca, didn’t learn from handing out an ultimatum to Bones in the 100th, gave up on his relationship by handing out an ultimatum, then goes straight to the Bones and gives her another ultimatum. If he actually looks at the evidence rationally and learns from his mistakes, it might be interesting. But as someone above said, I too have a feeling the show is going to ultimately claim that Booth’s stubbornness is him being principled. And his fairy tale version of love is the Right Way and Truth.

    Also, my version of a Hannah character that might have been more effective is finding a Jane Fairfax figure to Bones’ Emma. The writers seem intent on bringing Bones down a peg this season, so she needed a Jane Fairfax foil. So someone with quiet grace who is really accomplished at something Bones can respect. The Hannah character just tried too hard to be awesome and came off as a lesser version of Bones.

  47. Grant on February 12th, 2011 5:44 am

    I posted this comment in the previous thread, and will post it here as well.

    Jesus Christ people. I’m sick of some of you being so negative. Who died and made some of you the kings/queens of all television, where you and only you get to decide what should be on a show? No one. if you don’t like where the story is going, STOP WATCHING. STOP POSTING ON HERE. GET OVER IT.

    I’ve invested far too much time into this show to stop now, and sure, I didn’t like that Booth was with Hannah, and am glad they broke up, but I’m not going to come here and cry about the writing of the show. That isn’t my job. Its none of yours either. Ratings for the show are up, there are 70 comments on a random fan site, and you people, even though you claim to hate the direction the show is going, are still watching. Obviously someone is doing something right.


    “What is it with women, who just don’t want what I’m offering here?” Three women have rejected Booth. I don’t think he needs to reevaluate himself, or get therapy, or anything of that nature. It is just three women. He just needs to choose better women (or just go ahead and choose Bones now that she has come to terms with her feelings).

    Booth is really just mad. We as men are unable to change. I, like Booth, am a marrying type. I can’t be happy just living in the moment. it think to the future. That is why I’m currently single, because I want to build a life, and not live life like there is no tomorrow.

    DB is an amazing actor. I really felt where he was coming from tonight. I’ll admit. I’ve been almost exactly where he is coming from. Felt that same pain. His portrayal was perfect. I remember why I love this show. Screw those of you who think you could make the show better, because it doesn’t live up to some standard you set years ago. Time changes things. The show will be fine without you watching. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  48. beth on February 12th, 2011 8:27 am

    I am a fairly new poster here, so when I read the last comment I became concerned that I had violated some commenting policy — that maybe this was a kind of pro-Bones site where critical analysis was discouraged. I know some sites are set up that way — as places where viewers can go to just share positive feelings about the shows they watch. But I went and checked the commenting policy here, and it says that debate and the exchange of ideas are encouraged, but personal attacks are discouraged. So while discussing personal opinions about the pros and cons of the show, and the intricacies of the characters seems OK, I think telling other posters “screw you” probably isn’t. In any event, it isn’t very nice.

    I think characters on a television show are capable of changing and evolving, and that’s what makes them interesting. I think people in real life are capable of change as well, whether they’re men or women. I don’t think one gender has the corner on emotional growth any more than the other. And thank goodness we’re all capable of changing — life could be a very dull and lonely and painful place if we were unable to fix ourselves in order to make our worlds better.

    I really like this show, and really like discussing and analyzing it!

  49. PJ on February 12th, 2011 12:15 pm

    Aww, beth, there are lots of critical posts here. I don’t think that post was meant for you. I come here because people explain themselves. I don’t like Bones being so meek either. But like the post just before the mean one, I think Bones was being supportive in the Founding Father scene.

  50. Sarah (Seels) on February 12th, 2011 2:46 pm

    Hey everyone, thanks for all of the comments! Sorry I’m just now replying.

    I don’t want to say, “Oh, here’s what I MEANT to say” because I think that can be lazy writing. We’ve seen that from the Bones writers this season (sunglasses, for example), the sort of “oh what we MEANT to convey is…this”, but my response to that is…’too little too late’. When something ‘goes live’ it’s the real deal, and all analysis of what is posted ( or shown on TV) is fair game basically.

    However, when I do post and then read comments, I realize that there are things in the episodes I miss or that the way I expressed my thoughts wasn’t as concrete as I’d hoped. These reviews I write are not a popularity contest. I understand that there is a separation between how a person can feel about me/my writing style and the episode. I cannot change a person’s opinion on any of those things. What I can change is my writing and the words I choose.

    For the above recap, any sycophantic or pat tone was not my intent, and yet I now can see where it could be interpreted as such. Again…that’s on me. I’ll weigh that in the future. I’m not a professional writer, and so I appreciate the valid feedback on posts like this…it helps me grow. 🙂

    In the case of this episode recap, I chose a different style, and I can see based on all of the comments that it worked for some and not for others. I will certainly take each person’s comment into account when I consider my approach to these recaps in the future.

    However, I do think it’s worth noting that my style cannot be held accountable to the opinions a person has of the show. I’ve been reviewing BONES for GMMR for about 2 months shy of three years, and sometimes I do refer to other episodes in the context of whichever episode I’m discussing, but for the most part, each of these BONES recaps are episodic. It doesn’t work to analyze every moment in the context of an entire season (whether we interpret the season as broken or not) nor the entire series.

    In this case, I wanted to pick out several moments I thought were key to the episode (especially B&B) and (instead of stating my opinions/theories) ask you all what you thought. They were discussion questions, designed to analyze this episode specifically…where the characters are/were in that exact moment. Sure, a lot of times those kinds of questions do spur on series-wide examinations, but that was not my priority. I wanted to discuss this episode.

    I meant what I said, that, “If you’re like me, you had an idea of what this episode might be like — what you thought might happen, what you wanted to have happen, what you were praying wouldn’t happen. But the truth is that when 9 PM EST rolled around, “The Daredevil in the Mold” IS what happened.”
    … I had to respond to what happened.

    At the end of the day, I have a ‘spot’ here at GMMR that allows for several hundred words per episode. If you’re counting, you know I exceed that allotment every episode, and still feel as if I’ve barely scratched the surface of the possible analysis available. But when it comes down to it, I have to make a choice. Sure, I could write 1,000 word essays on ‘Why I Love BONES Even When It Pisses Me Off Sometimes” or “Why the Hannah Arc Was a Mistake”, (both are true) or a thousand other topics (and believe me, I have…just not here), but there is also an episode to discuss. THAT’s my role here at GMMR—to discuss the episodes. And in the end, I have to decide what’s the best use of my ‘spot’.

    Therefore, what you see from me here after each episode is a result of me weighing my opinions based on the episodes with what I want to ‘say’ and what I feel is conducive to the GMMR community and the BONES community at large. I am not responsible to be the voice of fans neither for nor against the writers/characters/episodes. I’m only responsible to be the voice of me. I don’t expect every person to agree with me or my opinions. But I do think it’s important (me included) to remember the purpose of these recaps and where they fit on this site and in the BONES community at large. They are episode recaps– not character analysis, not series reviews nor season report cards. I’ll do my best to remember that in the future and would appreciate if each recap/review is judged on that criteria.

    And of course, once again, thank you to each person who comes here to GMMR to comment. It’s really a great community of fans of shows. 🙂

  51. Liz on February 12th, 2011 6:24 pm

    @Sarah, “Sycophantic” seems harsh, even for self evaluation. I always assumed the recaps had to be more tactful than individual comments (unless you go for full on snark). Just as a point of curiosity, I am surprised to learn the recaps are meant to be episodic. Compared to the Entertainment Weekly recaps, these seem more focused on the ongoing character based drama. Anyway, glad to have found this site.

  52. Vee on February 12th, 2011 9:39 pm

    I was taken aback at the post by Grant above. Part of the fun of this site and a couple of the other really fun Bones sites is the ability to do this obsessive analysis of a show we have come to think of as our own – I really appreciate that the bloggers of the columns are willing to do the job, and are strong enough to keep coming back to it in the face of some of the negativity. I love reading the lengthy comments and feel like we are friends hanging out.

    I agree with the people who feel K. Winnick was not the ideal choice, and yet, perhaps that was the point. The whole experience of Booth taking up with someone else when he has spent years working up the nerve to tell Brennan his real feelings was obviously an effort on his part to create an alternate reality, and lose himself in it. I really hope that if she resurfaces it is for the sole purpose of Booth rejecting her, choosing Brennan definitively over Hannah, in a public way. An exciting villain (the sniper?) and as another poster described a “reset” may rejuvenate the series, and we have been given a slew of spoilers for future episodes that give me some things to look forward to. The changes in the show over the past half season have sometimes not seemed like the best choices, but I still like the cast and acting, and it is definitely addicting. Gotta see what happens next, and then come to the boards and discuss it to bits!!!

  53. Lonely Snowflake on February 13th, 2011 12:26 am

    I was taken aback by both Grant and Sarah’s posts. I had to check my own posts and want to apologize for my mistakes. I did not mean the questions in the review were “tiresome.” I meant “tiring.” Tiring! As in -I- personally am tired even by the idea of thinking through all those questions and tired of playing head games on the BB front. I really didn’t mean to insult the review or the comments that did answer the questions. I ramble without thinking, and I sincerely apologize for causing offense. If you were offended- that itself is pretty presumptuous of me. In fact, if people find the relationship debate surrounding the triangle stimulating, I stand corrected, that the UST still has life.

    On the other hand, I didn’t finish my thoughts on the review’s discussion of Heart and Brain, which I did mean as intentional criticism. Not for the first time, it came across as smoothing over criticisms about the show in a disingenuous way without actually confronting it. If Sarah wants to weigh in on the debate about the perceived devolution of characters or the Heart and Brain balance, I’d love to listen/agree/disagree, especially if recapping gives her a different kind of insight than commenting.

    With all the relationship drama, the cases seem like afterthoughts. And thus, criticisms about the case seem like nitpicks. Am I the only one bothered by this? I want multiple suspects with multiple motives. And it’s because I like all the characters, and want to see them as cool people doing cool things beyond my ability. (And I don’t mean just fiddling with the Angelator or jumping over fences.) If their romantic troubles are the sum of their identity, it just seems so self-involved and uninteresting. I was annoyed that the show couldn’t even bother to settle the murder/accidental fight issue this week. And Booth totally didn’t care, even though he’s supposed to be the heart/people person.

  54. Laffers18 on February 13th, 2011 5:57 pm

    I’ve finally stopped crying so i can respond to this now!

    I love your reviews…always have and always will. Now, on to your questions of the day 😀

    ■Why did Brennan once again call Booth out about the strength of his relationship with Hannah (in Sweets’ eyes) at the crime scene?

    For me it’s like every now and then she needs to remind HERSELF of Booth & Hannahs relationship…almost as if it helps her contain her own feelings on the matter. By pointing out things like this so pubilcy she’s checking it off in her head…’yep, he still loves her. Put feelings back in box’ and she continues with her day.

    ■Why does Hannah tell Booth, “I thought we’d have more time before we got to this point?” Does she mean she thought she’d have time before breaking his heart? She was just biding her time until he asked her to marry him and she said no?

    Hannah knew where this relationship was going from the beginning. And Booth should have. Hannah understood that eventually there would come a time where they would want different things and would part ways…i just don’t think she expected him to propose. Try and plan for the future with her, sure. But for me the proposal totally knocked her for six.

    Booth…Booth should have known. BUT one thing that Hannah said struck me…’I’ve always said i wasn’t the marrying kind…but maybe you weren’t listening’. As she said it i thought about it and…is it fair to say that when it comes to relationships Booth only hears what he wants to hear? With Brennan and now with Hannah?

    ■What similarities did you see in Booth’s approach toward Hannah and his approach toward Brennan in the 100th? Was he the “daredevil” in the “mold”? As in…does he take his risks in a set pattern?

    The 100th was spur of the moment…this was thought out. Not well thought out admittedly but still he thought it through. BUT…like the 100th he gambled. And like the 100th he lost. Booth is still a gambler….but instead of it being at a card table it’s with his relationships (although really he gambles with his life every day but…that’s a whole other story! LOL).

    ■In what ways is it unfair to Booth that the woman he chose to help him get over Brennan responded to him in the same way?

    Unfair to Booth? Not sure what you mean here…he made his choice and she made hers. Life is unfair…but i suppose it’s unfair the same way it would be if it were anyone else. Being rejected sucks, even when it may turn out to be the best thing for you.

    ■Why, when Brennan asks Booth if he’s drunk, does he say, “Relatively…I’m drunker than usual, but I’m not a drunk”?

    Because he’s in a dark place. Rejected by the woman he loves again…that has to bring up a whole range of emotions and past feelings. For me, at the time Brennan joined him, it was obvious he was in a VERY dark place. I imagine he was running through all the times he’s been rejected…by Rebecca, by Brennan, by Hannah…and he had to have been thinking of the first rejection he suffered. The rejection from his father…and i wouldn’t be surprised if EVERY time he drinks he tells himself he’s not a drunk like his dad. I just think this is the first time he’s vocalised it, due to the place he was in at the time.

    ■What does it mean that Booth could pretty much say nothing to Hannah, but then spilled the truth of himself to Brennan? And he did. He so did, and I loved it. What does it mean that he’s “mad at all of you”?

    Well, the fact that he was drunk with Brennan as opposed to stone cold sober with Hannah helped 😉 Now, the ‘mad at all of you’. Again, i think he was firmly locked in the past so he is mad at Rebecca, Hannah and Brennan for their rejections of all he has to offer them. And i think his mother comes in there somewhere, although i’m not quite sure where! LOL

    ■What does it mean that Brennan recognized that he loved her, and Booth admitted it?

    Honestly? Nothing. I think that there was so much going on in that scene that that one moment was…not irrelevant, but not really important you know? Like…it was them both vocalising what had happened between them but they already knew it so…it’s importance was eclipsed by everything else that happened. OK, that made no sense but i shall just move swiftly on!

    ■What does it mean that Booth boiled his relationship with Brennan down to, “Evidence…me and you are partners…we’re good people who catch bad people…we share a drink…celebrate…chit-chat”?

    Booth protecting himself…and stating it in terms that she couldn’t fail to understand. Clear…succint…and heart crushing for the both of them. DB rocked that scene, but Emilys face as Brennan listened and understood what he was saying….damn!

    ■What does it mean that Brennan doesn’t seem satisfied with her options? Will she fight for Booth?

    Brennan will evolve…things have changed. Booth had changed. Brennan has changed. Their relationship has changed. She will reevaluate the situation and plan her best course of action. Brennan makes her dissatisfaction clear and Booth sees that but he is not in a place to reassure her. He is protecting himself and can’t worry about her feelings in that moment. And Brennan knows that that is all she is going to get from him in that moment, so she does the only thing she can do. She drinks!

    Will she fight for him? Only time will tell.


    p.s. Just so you know Sarah…i still believe in my theory 😀

  55. Rachel on February 13th, 2011 7:13 pm

    I applaud Booth for finally being honest about his anger and disappointment to Bones at the FF. Also echo that this is the only time this season I saw Bones as supportive, equal partner, not doormat.

    But, this came too late. It should have happened much, much sooner, like after 100th or early this season. So count me on the side of losing interest in the OTP, count me out on playing head games with the Beautiful Blonde Contrivance. When it does happen (honestly, where’s the suspense?) my only wish is that since Bones has already opened up to having babies and the idea of marriage, Booth counters back by saying he understands marriages aren’t the only proof of love. So babies, but no marriage. (Marriage, no babies could be the alternative, but either way.)

  56. Rachel on February 13th, 2011 7:16 pm

    Edited to add- I don’t think Bones was accepting either one of Booth’s ultimatums in that last scene. I think she decided independently to be supportive and stay. Plus, the promos showed them back to their flirting ways, so as usual, it’s not like the show is going to follow through on the boundaries issue.

  57. Eve2 on February 13th, 2011 7:55 pm

    So we are back to the beginning of a relationship again with them. Wait, HH does not repeat SL’s. (sarcasm). We have now been set up for two years of them getting back together (in love). It is JAG all over again. Be more original HH. This is not fun to watch. I think that Booth (DB) fans are all in but many of the original fans have jumped ship and/or will very soon.

    The case was just boring as have most of their cases. HH must decide between light procedural or soap opera. He can’t do both. How many people actually remember the cases after an episode?

  58. Rachel on February 13th, 2011 8:15 pm

    Yes, totally. I meant to agree that cases are suffering too. The bikes reminded me of the earlier episode with motorcycles. I remember more about that case. There was some endorsement or money deal gone wrong, sexual jealousy, professional jealousy, friendship, and I think, father son angst. Now the cases are big on GIMMICK and low on mystery. They used to have both. Which is fine. Whatever. But then the show should embrace the soap opera more, go all out, instead of pretending there’s “organic” emotional growth.

    But it’s a long running show and I guess they know what they’re doing in controlling the fanbase. There must be profit margins and demographic statistics and royalties that we don’t understand. Just, HH shouldn’t act like ED and DB are snubbed during awards when it’s because he doesn’t write a good show.

  59. TelfordPA on February 14th, 2011 8:17 am

    LOL at Bones and Booth eating ice cream and analyzing “relationship status” all night long! I read on another forum that Booth is Charlotte from SatC. Bad cliches! That’s why we need better cases. Bones better get involved in the next sniper episode or she’s officially the Chick to da Man.

  60. Beebs on February 14th, 2011 12:44 pm

    You can pick over the details all you want, but if Hannah said yes, Booth would be a huge jerk for proposing to a woman when he had doubts and never told her the whole truth about his feelings for Bones or anything else important. If he wanted to torpedo his relationship, so he knew she was going to say no, he should have done it like a man, breaking up directly. You can make excuses, but he didn’t do right by his live in girlfriend.

  61. Lucky on February 14th, 2011 2:04 pm

    The FBI jurisdiction issue doesn’t even enter into the cases anymore. It was always a loose fit, but the show used to refer to it. Now I don’t think the show would be any different if Booth were in another gov agency or the police. It’s nitpicking but it’s another sign of how the will they/won’t they eats up the whole show. It doesn’t affect the story, but all the little mistakes add up and become signs of laziness. Compare that to shows that painstakingly pay attention to details and continuity- you can feel the writers’ pride and the fans having fun. With Bones, for every call back, you get about 10 continuity head scratchers. The writers are coasting on phenomenal chemistry of the cast.

  62. PJ on February 14th, 2011 5:48 pm

    @ Lucky, totally agree the details are a mess and it’s a sign of laziness. The writers don’t love their own show enough. I don’t think it’s nitpicking when the details make characters out of character.
    My WTF was about the ring. Not about the contrived no return policy or throwing it out, but WTF was up with the saleslady and Booth agreeing big ring = big love. Sure, you can fanwank that Booth, Mr. anti-money, going along with it was a sign of how stupid he was being. But then we should have seen some sign of that – Booth wincing and going along, Sweets remarking the out of character moment. Some evidence so it’s not fanwanking.
    And even if it was intentional to show Booth’s state of mind, Sweets actually agreed with it. What kind of message was that? Was Kay Jewelers sponsoring the show? I got engaged without a fancy ring and no one thought less of us.

  63. Jane St. on February 16th, 2011 1:43 pm

    Wow, I just caught up.
    DB has come such a long way since Buffy, and it’s really amazing that I was so moved by the last scene after rudely laughing when he threw the ring into the pond. I think the last scene was a much needed moment of honesty between the partners, but my Booth sympathy has waned too much and it’s going to need more than one good scene. I didn’t even need to read all the explanations, that I all agree with, I already was sympathetic to Booth. But it’s also really immature to focus on just his own mixed up feelings and hurts and injustices. It’s not other people’s fault he never dealt with his emotions before now. He’s been a jerk to Brennan all season long, and that doesn’t change just because he was hurt inside. He should just have been honest about how hurt he was from the start. And he was an even bigger jerk to Hannah if you think about it. What kind of a man proposes when he’s all mixed up and still sending mixed signals to other women? Well, lots of men maybe, but we don’t run to their defense. We tell our girlfriends he’s a jerk.

    I love Bones, but I do think BB has taken over the whole show lately, and not in a good way. I used to be really active in an older forum, and we used to discuss almost everything even though BB were of course the most popular topic. These longer comments are so focused on explaining Booth’s psychology that they sort of ignore the show as a whole, and sort of select what fit into 10 page essays about Booth’s psychology. I’m not sure I’m explaining it right. But it’s like the Booth character analysis comes first, and the show just adds to that. Instead of the usual way of watching the show and reacting. So it’s like the effect of the show is secondary to the fan theories. That’s just what I think.

  64. Delph on February 16th, 2011 8:34 pm

    Hannah just did what people wanted Brennan to do in the 100th, which is taking a chance, a leap of faith, even though she knew she might not be a fit for Booth, hoping it would work out anyway, but taking the risk to hurt both of them. Brennan was not ready to do it in the 100th, but she was at the end of Doctor in the photo, so…

  65. Puckish on May 14th, 2011 4:06 am

    If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.

    That’s how I would sum up Booth and Hannah’s relationship. I never bought the love angle for Booth and Hannah. The two actors lacked chemistry, and no amount of kissing and bed scenes could convey the emotional intensity that Booth and Brennan communicate in a single extended silent gaze. And mind you, I’m not even a ‘shipper. It’s most likely that the actors simply lacked chemistry together. Perhaps that’s what was intended by the creative team at Bones – to show that the emotional connection was forced, what they had in common was physical.

    Nonetheless, I strongly felt that the role of hard-edged Peabody winning Christiane Amanpour ass-kicking journalist was woefully miscast in Katheryn Winnick. Winnick as a school teacher? That I can believe. Stripper with a heart of gold? I can also believe that. Weather girl? Totally. Hard-edged, independent, award-winning journalist that dresses like a college student on spring break? Who is granted private interviews with the President? And travels with him? I just started giggling here. And talking about her intellect and passion and etc? It was sort of like establishing character solely on hearsay because you couldn’t see any of it for yourself. I had to suspend all disbelief and go, “Well, ok, I know this is tv, so, if you say so, I guess…” Hannah, embodied in Winnick’s portrayal, just did not convey all the positive adjectives she received by other characters in Bones. Except one thing, well, yes, she’s pretty. But that was about it for me. At best, Hannah was Brennan Super Lite, the same way Jared was Booth Lite.

    It always seemed to me that Booth was trying to convince even himself that he and Hannah had TRUE LOVE, and that this was going to be 30, 40, 50 years because it had to. Hammer, nail, forcing a triangle peg into a square shaped hole, because it’s just got to work. It seemed pretty clear all season long, that Booth rushed into the relationship because he has to prove to himself and others (subconsciously) that he’s evolved, he’s different, he’s changed, he’s moved on, he’s no longer in love with Brennan. Let’s just call it what it is, that was a rebound relationship, and Hannah was a consolation prize, even if it came in a different enough colour and dimension, such that it seemed like an entirely different prize.

    I found Booth’s reaction to the rejection interesting… it’s like he’s completely fed up, and had zero desire to compromise. If you love someone, you try to meet them where they are. At least Hannah said that she loved him, that she didn’t think it was over – noting that they could come up with an alternative way of being together. If Booth truly loved Hannah, I think he could have been more patient. It didn’t seem like an Aidan/Carrie situation. I guess Booth was just fed up and disappointed with himself, feeling worthless by rejections that have piled up. Where is Chef Gordon Gordon Wyatt when you need him to help clear up our hero’s head?

    I wasn’t invested in the Hannah/Booth relationship, so when it ended, I wasn’t affected. I did feel sorry for Booth, watching all of his mopey red eyed, self hating drinking, but… again, he broke his own heart. Hannah didn’t break his heart. I think he was a bit cruel to Brenna, but he was really drunk, and just went through a traumatic rejection, and was with another woman who rejected him. I think it’s great character revelation development, that Brennan chooses to stay with him, to be supportive in whatever way Booth chooses. It’s giving him time, but not space, the way he needed it in Con Man in a Meth Lab.

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