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I’ve watched every episode of THE BACHELOR this season, but was I the only one who consistently forgot Britt was on this show?

No, seriously, who is Britt? Is she the first girl in the history of the show to get to the top 6 without getting a one-on-one date? Every time her face flashed on the screen in previous episodes, I’d be baffled by how she stayed on so long while barely making an impression, but Brad obviously saw something he liked.

Her luck changed in Monday’s episode when she got some time with Brad and the duo spent their date on a yacht and jumping off a cliff. Apparently Britt and Brad were having different dates because she thought it went fantastically and he didn’t see a romantic future with her. So he dumped her…on the boat. I’m all about respecting honesty and listening to your feelings, but he couldn’t have waited until she was on land? Or finished her dinner?

I will say that it was nice that the other girls seemed to be upset that Britt was going home. They seemed genuinely excited to see her when she got back and to hear how it went, and appeared to be legitimately upset by her departure. I guess all those group dates really bonded Britt with the remaining contestants.

However, the group date in tonight’s hour didn’t go so well. Michelle went predictably alpha female and spent her “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit shoot grinding up on Brad on the beach. Ashley and Chantal were understandably not okay with that and Brad had to work to convince them he wanted them both around. He was able to quickly convince Ashley of that when he gave her the date rose, but Chantal left their encounter in tears and doubting her relationship with Brad more than ever.

The biggest change that came from the group date was Brad realizing that his relationship with Michelle might not be the healthiest thing. He said they were too much alike, something that could hinder any progress that had going forward.

“I think all of our conversations are deep,” he told her, after she reflected on their last crazy conversation. Oh Brad…you’re pretty, but you were so easily manipulated by Michelle. Glad you thought your conversations with her were deep, but it certainly seemed like they were only as deep as she allowed them to be.

Thankfully, he was shaken by the conversation and for the first time this season, I had genuine hope Michelle might be on her way out.

Brad was sure enough in his decision about who he wanted to send home that he declined to participate in a cocktail reception before the rose ceremony. That left Chantal O. — still shaken from the group date — and Michelle nervous about whether they had pushed Brad away in their last conversations with him.

“If I go home tonight, I’m going to be [bleep]ing pissed,” Michelle promised.

But there was a Valentine’s Day miracle, because SHE DID GO HOME! MICHELLE IS GONE! I feel like there should be dancing. And a parade! People, this is cause for celebration!

Well, we should be celebrating. If looks could kill…Brad would be dead, dissected, buried, resurrected and killed over again. Brad asked Michelle if she wanted to talk as he walked her to the limo, but she said no. Michelle didn’t do the sobbing in the limo shtick or express any of her anger as the car drove away. Instead, she just laid on the floor of the limo silently. Anyone else shocked by that?

But thank you Brad for making my Valentine’s Day a lot more pleasant by getting rid of Michelle.

So now that loco Michelle is gone (woohoo!), we can concentrate on the fun things. Who are you rooting for?

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One Response to “THE BACHELOR: Bad Romance”

  1. Kristine on February 15th, 2011 1:35 pm

    I was sooooo happy he let Michelle go home! I can’t wait to see her on the reunion show where I hope she faces Brad and Emily!!!! lol 🙂