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Who Are The AMERICAN IDOL Finalists?

March 4, 2011 by  

Ladies and Gentlemen, THESE are your AMERICAN IDOL Top (Spoiler Alert) finalists!

Tensions were high as TV’s #1 reality show narrowed its Top 24 down to the men and women who will sing for the top prize. Who made the cut? Who did America send home disappointed? Keep reading for the full breakdown of tonight’s critical episode…


Scotty McCreery – Did anyone have any doubt this country crooner would make it through? He’s something different than your typical IDOL contestant and I’m interested to see how he’s going to use his unique voice to his advantage in the competition.

Jacob Lusk – I knew Jacob was going to make it, I just knew it. The boy can sang! (Note – not just sing, SANG!) What a voice! His singing style is not usually my cup of tea, but you can just feel the joy in his singing and I bet he’ll be here for the long haul.

Casey Abrams – Arguably the most talented IDOL contestant in years, I’m thrilled Casey is in the Top 13. Looks wise, he may remind me of a hobbit (he says lumberjack), but wow!, he makes up for it in his musicality. He’s obviously a fan favorite – and one of my favorites, too! – and I’m so excited to see more from him.

Paul McDonald – I’m so happy Paul made it through. Not your stereotypical IDOL contestant, Paul to me is like the lovechild of Rod Stewart and Ray LaMontagne – full of stage presence but with some growl and soul thrown in for good measure. I’m a fan and I hope he makes it far in the competition.

James Durbin – This Adam Lambert-wannabe was another shoe-in for me. C’mon, every IDOL season has to have “The Rocker!” Although I personally am not a fan, it’s going to be interesting to see how he makes the theme weeks fit his style. Hopefully I’ll experience more of a connection to him in the future, but right now I’m just not feeling him.

Stefano Langone (Wild Card) – I wasn’t a fan of his “Just the Way You Are” Tuesday night. Like Kath mentioned, because this is a song that’s on the radio every five minutes, you can’t help but compare it to Bruno Mars’ original. But he brought it with his Wild Card pick, “I Need You Now” and I can see why the judges picked him as a Wild Card.


Lauren Alaina – No surprise here! She’s been a judges’ favorite since the beginning and after a solid performance last night, she was pretty much guaranteed a spot in the top. It’s crazy to me that she’s only 16 because I think she’s got the chops and the support to make it to top of the IDOL leader board.

Pia Toscano – After an amazing performance last night, it would have been a crime to cut Pia and I’m so glad she’s made Top 13. The girl is talented, gorgeous, and gutsy and that’s exactly what you need to be a successful contestant in this competition.

Karen Rodriguez – This one actually surprised me – I didn’t think she was going to make it! Not that she’s not a good singer, because she obviously is, but she’s not what IDOL voters – nor I! – typically go for. It’s going to be interesting to see how far she goes, and if she does make it far, I think she’ll become one of those polarizing contestants possibly overstaying her welcome. Maybe that’s just my personal bias coming through, but as for now, I can just congratulate her for making Top 13.

Thia Megia – I don’t quite “get” Thia. She’s very talented – no argument there – but at 15, I think she should have waited a few more years to make her IDOL debut. It seems like the producers really want a 15-year-old to go far to justify lowering the age limit, though, and I think they think they’ve found it in Thia.

Haley Reinhart – A small girl with a big voice! And I’m so jealous of her hair! Her “Fallin’” last night was great and while it’s a song that’s been overdone on IDOL in the past, she brought something to it that I think gave her the extra push into the Top 13.

Ashthon Jones (Wild Card) – Miss Diva! In choosing “And I’m Telling You” as her Wild Card performance, she showed power and attitude and exactly the type of singer she wants to be. I think she’s going to make this competition quite entertaining and I’m looking forward to seeing what she’s going to do.

Naima Adedapo (Wild Card) – Another contestant I’m just not feeling, although singing for her life in her Wild Card performance was a sight to behold. This girl has a big voice that will carry her far, though, and I think she’ll easily adapt to the coming theme weeks.

So what do you think? Who are your favorites? Least favorites? Is there anybody you would swap out for a booted contestant? And although it’s a little soon to be picking a winner, who do you think is going to go far? Talk to me!

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