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BREAKING IN: Michael Rosenbaum and Adam F. Goldberg Tease the Many Layers of Dutch

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When Fox’s BREAKING IN premieres tonight after AMERICAN IDOL, nerds everywhere are in for a treat.

Don’t believe me? Then definitely check out my chat with BREAKING IN creator Adam F. Goldberg and guest star Michael Rosenbaum (Dutch). Not only is the character of Dutch named for Dutch Nilbog (if you know who that is, you earn +10 nerd points right off the bat), but we also discussed TREMORS, Afro Ninja and more. Plus, what drew Rosenbaum to the show and what makes Dutch so, um, special?

Read on…

Michael, what drew you to this role? Were you looking to do comedy?
Michael Rosenbaum:
I had done comedy before — I had done a show called ZOE with Selma Blair. I had done a lot of comedy before. Did SORORITY BOYS. Then I landed a part, shaved my head and was gone for seven years [on SMALLVILLE]. Out of sight, out of mind.

The last couple of years, I’ve been telling my managers, get me a meeting with casting directors so they can see me with hair! So they can understand I’m not just a bald, weird guy. I’m not Uncle Fester, I can do this. And [BREAKING IN creator Adam F.] Goldberg and I wrote a thing for Syfy we sold. And I did a pilot a few years back with Henry Winkler and John Michael Higgins, but it didn’t go. This is what you deal with in your life as an actor — rejection. And everybody knows it. This is why you do it. You keep going and hopefully you’ll find something. And what’s funny is while we were off doing my show I created and [Goldberg] was doing his, my show doesn’t get picked up and his show does get picked up. Next thing I know he’s like, “You’re doing [BREAKING IN].” And I’m like, “Um, okay!”

The goal of this was to be happy. And for me to be happy, I want to work with my friends. I want to go to set and laugh. I don’t want to take myself too seriously.

Well, that’s good. What can you tell me about Dutch?
I play Dutch Nilbog. For the nerds out there like me and Adam, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Believe me. [to Goldberg] Should I tell where it’s from?
Adam F. Goldberg: Yeah.
MR: It’s from the movie TROLL 2. It grossed like $40 [at the box office].

And were you two the only ones who went to go see it?
No! It’s a big cult movie, known as the worst movie of all time.
MR: It’s amazing.
AG: And “Nilbog” is “goblin” spelled backwards. And I named him Dutch Nilbog to give that movie a shout out. That’s what happens when I get a show — I reference TROLL 2! [Laughs]
MR: We’re just big nerds. I saw that movie for the first time a few weeks ago at Jon Heder’s house — and all we do is watch bad horror movies, that’s our MO. So what would you say my character is like? He’s a fun-loving guy that has a girlfriend he treats like a princess. He’s a bit of a metrosexual, he likes to manscape. He wears jeans tucked into Uggs. But don’t look on the outside. People judge a book by the cover…you can’t do that with Dutch. Because underneath all of that, he’s warm and fuzzy.
AG: Well put. I should have had you in on the pitch!
MR: It’s a great character. I come in, larger than life, make a few funny jokes, everyone goes, “Who the hell was that?” and then you’re out. It’s a really fun thing to do. It’s an amazing cast. I’m not just saying that. My brother and I work together and he was like, “I really love everyone, everyone is so fun. And I have to tell you — this is really good.” And he thinks everything sucks, contrary to Goldberg —
AG: I like everything.
MR: But he went to the table read and afterwards, he was like, “Hey man, I think this could be a winner.” I think everybody just wants to make each other better. It isn’t about me or [Christian] Slater (Oz), everybody’s just laughing at each other. We’re a team. We want to see the others shine. So it’s nice.

That’s really good to hear. And it seems like you might get to be around a few of the characters more as a love triangle appears to be developing…
Yeah, Bret [Harrison]’s character, Cameron, has a crush on Melanie [played by Odette Annable] and I’m her boyfriend. And [Cameron]’s like, “That guy’s a douche! How is she dating a douche?” Well, do you rub women’s feet? Do you give them a foot rub? I’m like Burke Williams in my house.
AG: Did you read the script yet where Melanie loved Muppets growing up so you handmake her a Muppet? We’re going to have a Muppet of you and a Muppet of her.
MR: Who does that for their girlfriend? He may drive a yellow Hummer — and I have to say personally, anyone who has a yellow car, I don’t like. I don’t care if they’re Gandhi, if they have a yellow car, we’re not talking.
AG: I didn’t know that about you! There’s another episode where [Dutch] buys a Prius to be more environmentally responsible, but then he soups it up and Cameron asks “Why the Prius?” and he’s like, “Well, I saw this movie on the economy or whatever.” And Cameron is like, “Oh, THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH?” And [Dutch] is like, “What? No. WATERWORLD, man! You know that awesome movie with Kevin Costner?” I’m bringing stuff out of the woodwork. TREMORS. How do I work in something from TREMORS? For the ten people out there who know TREMORS.

So what’s the most obscure nerd reference you guys have done so far?
I think Nilbog is a good one. I cast Afro Ninja as a guy who has one line. You know the guy with the backflips and the nunchucks who knocks himself out? He was in it. I had a pair of nunchucks and he signed them for me.
MR: Are you kidding me?

Wow. You might have to make 300 episodes if you’re going to keep doing these crazy nerd references. But if Afro Ninja was there, does that mean Dutch might be getting in any fights?
I don’t think Dutch is the kind of guy who would fight anybody. He thinks Cameron is the…
AG: Asexual best friend.
MR: Asexual best friend! Harmless! Harmless asexual best friend. Dutch is not a fighter, he’s a lover.

BREAKING IN premieres Wednesday, April 6 at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.


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3 Responses to “BREAKING IN: Michael Rosenbaum and Adam F. Goldberg Tease the Many Layers of Dutch”

  1. Haylee Fisher on April 6th, 2011 10:31 pm

    Just finished watching the pilot tonight – it was hilarious! Michael Rosenbaum wearing jeans tucked into Uggs had me howling and I really hope it catches on!

  2. Haylee Fisher on April 6th, 2011 11:01 pm

    “It” being the show, not jeans tucked into Uggs. There’s enough of that already!

  3. Lauren Gottlieb on April 7th, 2011 11:53 am

    Saw it last night!!! even left my tv on so that the time shift at 12:30 would also get my tv rating!!! (if that helped at all?!?!?)

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with this show!!! it’s a nerds dream (other than the Big Bang Theory) i also love that you guys aren’t competing in a timeslot with TMZ.

    CAN NOT WAIT for the Tremors Reference!! We need ALF, Smurfs, Bill & Ted, Revenge of the Nerds, Picard vs (any captain that isn’t Kirk), Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Farscape, the fact that Dead People Do not Sparkle!!!

    So excited!! KUDOS EVERYONE
    great show!