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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Happy hump day, everybody! There’s a lot on tap tonight including an all-new ABC comedy block, the AMERICAN IDOL performance show and more.

Let’s get to it…

The Middle | 8pm on ABC
“The Legacy”
After receiving multiple warnings about leaving his dirty, smelly socks lying around the house, Mike has finally had enough and punishes Axl by forbidding him to play in the final school basketball game of the season. But everyone assumes that Mike is being petty when they discover that Axl could end up beating his father’s record for most free throws landed in a season if he does play in the game. Meanwhile, Sue is ecstatic — but Frankie and Mike are suspicious — when she wins an MVP trophy for cross-country, and Brick is humiliated when he’s forced to wear hand-me-down clothes from his rebellious cousin.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox
“8 Finalists Compete”
The finalists perform live once again, hoping to impress the judges and the nation. After the performances, it is up to America to vote. Tune in to see who, among the 8 remaining contestants, amazes the judges and who falls flat. Will the audience agree with Randy, Jennifer and Steven’s opinions?

Survivor | 8pm on CBS
“The Buddy System”
With a double tribal council sending two more castaways to Redemption Island, paranoia sets in and causes one castaway to dig deep for a chance to prolong their life in the game.

America’s Next Top Model | 8pm on The CW
“Lana Marks”
Tyra educates the models about the importance of a portfolio, which will prove valuable when they learn the challenge is to complete a round of go-see’s in Los Angeles. Later, the girls are dismayed to learn their shoot will take place at a landfill, where they will wear eco-friendly couture creations by designer Michael Cinco and be photographed by judge/photographer Nigel Barker. Handbag and accessories designer Lana Marks joins the judges’ panel to decide which girl will be eliminated.

Better with You | 8:30pm on ABC
“Better Without a Job”
Maddie is ecstatic when she’s told that she has made partner at her law firm. But just as soon as she tells everyone about her promotion, she gets laid off and, to save face, tells everyone she quit because she got a better job. Meanwhile, Vicky gives Mia and Casey a children’s book passed down through the generations. Upon closer scrutiny, they parents-to-be wonder if there’s a hidden, negative message between the lines.


Modern Family | 9pm on ABC
“The Musical Man”
Cameron is relishing his role as interim music director at Luke and Manny’s school, and he’s taking on the upcoming spring musical performance with a little too much zest and fervor. Meanwhile, Jay’s brother, Tommy, is in town for a visit, and their relentless brotherly ribbing goes a little too far; and Phil convinces the family to be in his new realty ad, but when he goes as far as to wrap the family minivan in the ad, the results are unexpected.

Shedding For The Wedding | 9pm on The CW | Season Finale
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Mr. & Mrs. _____?”
After 3 months of continuing to shed weight at home, the couples return to face the scale one last time. Previously eliminated couples weigh-in to win the ultimate honeymoon, while the final two couples square off in one last weigh-in to win the wedding of their dreams. Wedding planner Brian Worley has just 24 hours to pull together the wedding of a lifetime for the winning couple.

Criminal Minds | 9pm on CBS
“The Stranger”
The BAU hunts a stalker in San Diego who is targeting college students. Meanwhile, the team comes under Strauss’ scrutiny in the wake of the loss of Prentiss.

Breaking In | 9:30pm on Fox
“Tis Better To Have Loved and Flossed”
When Oz cryptically informs the team their latest case involves breaking into an old lady’s home to steal the contents of her safe, the team thinks it will be a walk in the park…until they attempt to get through her security system. Meanwhile, Cameron meets a beautiful dentist (guest star Alyssa Milano) who takes an active interest in his profession.

Happy Endings | 9:30 on ABC | Series Premiere
A sitcom about the complications arising among friends of a seemingly perfect couple who break up. In the opener, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) leaves Dave (Zachary Knighton) at the altar.

10:00 on ABC | Regular Timeslot Premiere
“The Quicksand Girlfriend”
Dave’s one-night-stand with Andrea (Courtney Henggeler) lands him in “chicksand” as the hookup evolves into a relationship he’s just not ready for yet. Jane, who thinks Alex is a terrible judge of people, can’t keep herself from getting involved when her sister looks for a roommate now that Dave’s moved out.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior | 10pm on CBS
The Red Cell team must track down a suspect who is kidnapping young mothers. Meanwhile, Beth discovers why this particular case hits close to home for Mick.

Top Chef: Masters | 10pm on Bravo
“Everything Old Is New Again”
Neo-R&B artist Kelis appraises a meat-themed test. Later, actress Christina Hendricks and her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, put the master chefs through a groovy 1960s challenge.

Justified | 10pm on FX
“Debts and Accounts”
Mags is “settling accounts” in the wake of Coover’s death. That’s good news for some and bad news for others, and the parties affected begin to square off. Meanwhile, Winona is initiating divorce proceedings, and Raylan is thinking about his future as well.

Also Playing…

– Minute to Win It – “Kids Try This At Home” – 8pm on NBC
– Ghost Hunters – “Knights of the Living Dead” – 9pm on Syfy
– The Real World – “Sexiles/Exiles” – 10pm on MTV
– Hoarding: Buried Alive – “Like a Dog in a Cage” – 10pm on TLC
– Being Erica – “Erica, Interrupted” – 11pm on SoapNet

What will YOU be watching tonight and DVR’ing for later in the week? Let us know!

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