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SMALLVILLE Recap: Prophecy

May 7, 2011 by  

Hey SMALLVILLE fans! This latest episode, and the last, until next week’s series finale, brought us the return of a lot of familiar faces like Supergirl, Stargirl, The Toy Man, and several other superheroes and evil villains. But the main event of it all was Lois and her first experience wielding Clark’s powers! Given to her by Jor-El as a wedding gift, Clark’s biological father wants them to fully understand one another before they enter into their life union. What a gift, right?!

At first Lois is overcome with the excitement over all of her newfound powers. Buzzing around at super speed, breaking high heels left and right, she snaps a keyboard in half, and ends up throwing Stargirl through a wall! This all came after Clark and Lois decided to look into who was attempting to control the water rights in Metropolis – the Toy Man.

Sitting in a locked cell, he has managed to unite a team of evil, and hopes to get more minions on his side using a device that makes the wearier open to suggestions. Once all of this is discovered back at Watch tower, Lois speeds off to try and save the day.

In a scene she shares with Toy Man, the two go back and forth about Clark and the Blur being one in the same. After trying to pull off a poker face, Lois soon falls victim to Toy Man’s manipulations and decides to wear his device so that he won’t have his team hunt down the Blur and kill him. After all Clark is currently powerless. But in a surprise twist he suggests that Lois be the one to kill the Blur. Making her way to Watch Tower, Lois blows through the front door and is ready to kill like the Terminator! Luckily the situation is defused when her powers are taken away after the sun sets.

And although Lois is pretty good at working her super hero skills for a first timer, it’s not until later in the episode that you realize just how great Tom Welling has become at pulling off his scenes as the Man of Steel. Sure Erica Durance is great at playing the bad as from time to time, but Welling’s role as Clark for the last ten years really shines through in his scene with Toy Man.

With the powers returned to Clark, he cleans up all of the messes quite nicely. The ones he knows about anyways. There’s still Oliver, who teams up with Supergirl in this episode to try and find the bow that will change his fate. The weapon that can bring down Darkseid and scrub Ollie clean from the invisible dark mark he carries that has been branded on his skull. Before he can get his hands on the weapon though, Granny Goodness pays a visit and in a flash turns the bow into miniscule pieces and Ollie’s memory into mush. Supergirl could have saved the day, but she was called back by Jor- El and is ultimately sent back to her destiny, leaving Clark and his battle behind. Jor-EL wants Clark to fight this one alone.

Unfortunately Clark has bigger problems. After pulling the plug on Jor -El and his gift, Lois tells Clark that she can’t be the reason he isn’t out fighting crime and saving people. She wouldn’t feel right about sitting down to watch a movie with Clark when he’s needed somewhere else. For her she explains Clark is her weakness, while Clark calls her his strength. After seeing her love for Clark in last week’s episode (the one where she pulled a gun on Tess) I didn’t see this one coming!

There’s no doubt that they will marry next week. But how will they make it down the alter? Looks like everything is been set in motion for what is to be an amazing series finale! And a sad farewell.

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