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BONES Scoop: A New Romance, Who Will Be Popping Up in the Season Finale and More

January 10, 2012 by  

BONES is back this week, but its return is just a tease — not only is the show temporarily borrowing its old Thursday at 8 PM time slot, but after the one (very important) hour it will then go off the air for the next few months. (An exact return date is still TBD.)

But it’s never too early to start teasing what to expect when the show comes back for its next batch of episodes, right? I caught up with BONES executive producers Stephen Nathan and Carla Kettner at Fox’s TCA party and grilled them on what viewers can expect in the second half of the season…

Cam is getting a storyline!

The executive producers teased last year that they hoped to further Cam’s relationship with her daughter, Michelle, and that will soon be coming to fruition on the series.

“There is a Cam storyline coming up with her daughter and Finn [in the eighth episode],” Nathan teased.

Does that mean romance is brewing between Michelle and the delinquent squintern?

“It seems like there should be,” he allowed.

“Cam is going to have to try and deal with that!” Kettner laughed.

Given how Cam has handled some of her past issues with Michelle, odds are this won’t work out any more favorably…

An update on the return of Agent Shaw:

“We’re thrilled to have Tina [Majorino] back,” Nathan said of Agent Shaw’s return, which is also set for the eighth episode. “In an odd way, she’s Booth squintern — she’s Booth’s intern. So we’re slowly getting to know more and more about her. So we’ll learn more about her in this episode. More will be revealed.”

A familiar face will be appearing in an upcoming episode of BONES — executive producer Stephen Nathan!

“I believe I am [appearing on the show],” he said when I questioned him about the recent photo of him looking rather dressed up on set. “I’m playing a doctor.”

But Nathan, who will appear in the seventh episode of the season — AKA the first one back after the hiatus — was quick to shoot down speculation he might actually help deliver Booth and Brennan’s child.

“No, no, no,” he said. “I can definitively state that I am not delivering the baby. [But] I have lines. I will be giving up acting for the second time in my life after this.”

Brennan’s maternity leave:

While BONES creator Hart Hanson told me before the season premiere that “the audience should not feel a time jump” after Brennan gives birth, Nathan confirmed that those plans changed.

“Time will stretch between the time the baby is born and the next episode, because she can’t come back to work right away,” Nathan explained. He joked, “And what has happened is there has been a strange and bizarre lull: no one is murdered in the United States and there have been no nefarious acts, no crime whatsoever, for 4-6 weeks.”

Brennan giving birth has prompted world peace?

“World peace for six weeks after Brennan gives birth,” he laughed. “It’s a miracle.”


But post-birth, there comes the matter of who is going to take care of the baby while her parents are off solving crimes. If the executive producers get their way, a familiar character will be assigned that job.

“We will have one very special babysitter coming to take care of Booth and Brennan’s child,” Kettner teased. “And that hopefully will be Max!”

Will there be extra season 7 episodes? And who is set to appear in the season finale?

Of course, the big BONES buzz of the party was the comments made by Fox’s president, Kevin Reilly, that the network wanted more episodes than had been previously announced.

“If that’s the case, Kevin must be shooting five of them,” Nathan said. “Because I don’t know, just in terms of the time-space continuum — there’s no real way for us to fit 22 episodes in [this year]. I think what he meant by that was if we could give him 22, he’d love to have 22 to air whenever he wanted, but it was our understanding there was no more time to run BONES episodes this season. Because what will be our episode 13 will [air] in May. So unless they’re planning on running all through the summer…”

“It’s up in the air,” he continued. “I guess from his standpoint, what if a show goes down? They can throw BONES in for as many episodes as we have. And those are the things we’re working out now.”

And while many fans might be delighted at the prospect of additional episodes, those extra hours could pose a problem for the creative team.

“The only difficulty we have is we have to end where we end [in episode 13] because of the nature of the finale, which is going to be big.” Nathan teased. “It will affect the series in a big way.”

Ah, yes, the season finale. While I’ll have much more for you on the new serial killer in the coming days, this little tease from Kettner is too juicy to hold on to…

“[Their new foe is] going to be in two episodes this season,” Kettner shared. “His second episode — I think…I’m very hopeful [but it depends on scheduling] — will be the finale. And no, his storyline will not be resolved [in that episode]. So put that together, and you might have a little bit of a spoiler.”

Share your best theories BONES fans! And are you looking forward to the second half of the season?


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14 Responses to “BONES Scoop: A New Romance, Who Will Be Popping Up in the Season Finale and More”

  1. Emily on January 10th, 2012 5:46 pm

    When he says “It will affect the series in a big way” I REALLY hope no dies and nothing happens to either of the babies. ESPECIALLY Booth and Brennan’s I think I might cry if anything happens to them, any of them. They better not kill off someone else!

  2. AJ on January 10th, 2012 6:23 pm

    I can only hope that things will change in a big way for this show. The season seven episodes have been so bad thus far that I am NOT looking forward to the last 43 minutes of the first half of the season. I feel strongly that if the writing does not change for the series lead characters, that I will not wish to return to watching.

    These characters are either together or they are not, but to get the hint every now and then in a episode that something is going on later in the day or the week between the two of them that is coupl'”ish”, and the rest of the 40 minutes is the crime stuff is just…………………..BLAH.

    This show is not organic or imaginative at all right now, it is plain sterile.

  3. Jean on January 10th, 2012 10:33 pm

    I agree with you Emily. I would hate for anything to happen to the babies like a kidnapping. In another interview, it states “the event” happens in their professional lives, thus affecting their personal lives as well. What could it be? You are good Stephan Nathan.

  4. Judie on January 11th, 2012 7:10 am

    Well … reading Nathan’s response to this article is ‘very telling’ indeed!

    Actually, it doesn’t sound TOO GOOD in terms of a GREAT THING happening … especially when, even though the network wanted MORE EPISODES of ‘Bones’ than they originally announced … Nathan goes on to say, “it was our understanding there was ”NO MORE TIME” to run BONES episodes this season!”

    So, what I wanna know is … if there’s NO MORE TIME to run additional episodes THIS SEASON, then how would they BE ABLE TO FIT more episodes in, as part of THIS SAME SEASON?? Hmmm, now if I’m understanding this correctly … (which, from what is mentioned, I believe I am) then saying, NO MORE TIME … means just that, there’s NO MORE TIME!! Which, in turn, means more episodes IN THE SUMMER would also seem ‘impossible’ for them to accomplish, since it was previously said there was NO TIME! This seems why we next read Nathan saying how it’s … “up in the air”!! Oh, and next, that mention from Fox’s standpoint … “what if a show goes down”? They can throw BONES in for as many episodes as they have. And those are the things “they’re working out now??”

    Well, that sounds ‘confusing’ to say the least, on how they might be ‘working those things out’! Sorry … but UP IN THE AIR and WHAT IF A SHOW GOES DOWN does NOT sound promising … no matter how it’s said! Another thing to ponder … what if the show that goes down is ‘BONES”?? Oh, I hate to even further project this! But, could that be WHY Fox wants those ‘added episodes’?? Really … that would be A WAY for them to END the ‘Bones’ series, especially IF there’s NO PLANS for a Season 8! They could just ADD some episodes to make that ‘Bones’ ending happen … and alot sooner than it was expected! And yes … we’ve heard how Fox’s Pres, Mr. Reilly, wants a Season 8 for ‘Bones’ … and also how ‘Bones’ Exec, Hanson, said he’s ‘confident’ there will be a RENEWAL (Season 8) for ‘Bones’! Well, that doesn’t mean SQUAT until there’s an ACTUAL ANNOUNCEMENT that Season 8 IS 100% CONFIRMED!

    So, until that renewal is ‘set in stone’ so-to-speak … I will NEVER ‘rest easy’ in the case of ‘Bones’ … no matter what is being ‘sugar-coated’ as GOOD NEWS! I just won’t buy any of this … as the truth has been shown lately in the ratings! It’s NO SURPRISE that ratings have NOT BEEN AS GREAT as they once were. Seriously, something has to be done to fix things. Let’s hope that having things ‘UP IN THE AIR’ is the ‘SILVER LINING’ they need to make things better! Otherwise, we can pretty much ‘predict’ what’s to come … and sadly, it won’t be good to hear!!

    In closing … do I always want to respond negatively?? No, I don’t! I actually welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong … as I definitely want to see a Season 8 for ‘Bones’! But really, with what has been ‘written on the wall’ for all us ‘Bones’ fans to see … I just can’t believe within our future ahead lies … Season 8! Again, time to say, I’m beggin’ you … PROVE ME WRONG, FOX!!!

  5. mommahurley on January 11th, 2012 12:50 pm

    The ratings are clear, the fanbase is very excited and enjoying the show very much. The 5 or 6 perpetually negative fans left…(honestly, don’t you get tired of hearing yourselves?) really don’t have any effect on the happiness of the millions of fans who love it, and that’s clear by the way the show is doing.

    Keep it us Bones cast and crew… we’re loving it!

  6. andrea on January 11th, 2012 1:46 pm

    I agree with mamahurly. There seems to be the same negative people saying the same things on various sites. This is not indicative of the feelings of the millions of fans worldwide who still enjoy watching the show. The ratings continue to reflect this as they average 9 million per episode which is the strongest rating of a show of this kind (procedural) for Fox. I think the introduction of the new “baddie” will also increase ratings-we all love to hate a creepy villain-it adds to the drama! I really think there will be an eighth season of Bones-how they will incorporate any extra episodes for the remainder of this season will be quite interesting. I also think the writing and storylines will get a lot stronger as the series has found “new life” with the relationship of Booth and Bones resulting new avenues to explore.

  7. Alysin on January 12th, 2012 4:10 am

    I have a question.

    If Bones is doing so well, then why did Castle win The People’s Choice Award (last night) for Best TV Drama?? In other words, you all believe Bones is the one that is best?? Yeah right! If that were true, those many millions of Bones fans would’ve been placing their votes so Bones would win that TV Drama Category hands-down!

    Now for the answer, as the reality is quite simple. The Bones fanbase has significantly dropped because many have switched to watching Castle. There are alot more Castle fans, so it’s quite understandable why they were declared The People’s Choice Winner!

    Heck, you can all chalk up another win for Castle, as even Nathan Fillion beat David Boreanaz in the Best Actor In a TV Drama Category. That should tell you all something, as this was THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS! Meaning, the fans choose the winner! Yes, the fans choose, which means Castle and Nathan Fillion were their choice. The other nominees, including Bones and David Boreanaz, did not matter.

    And you all think there are so many of you, Bones fans!! Well, guess what?? There are way, way, way, more Castle fans. Thank You, People’s Choice!!

  8. Charlotte on January 12th, 2012 11:50 am

    Haha Alysin that was a little uncalled for and catty wasn’t it?

    Personally, while it would be nice for the Bones team to be shown the love they deserve at awards shows, I don’t think the PCA’s are any indication of genuine popularity at all.

    The reason I think this is because the PCA’s allow people to vote more than once, making a mockery of the results. They aren’t genuinely finding out who or what is most popular, they are finding out who’s fans have the most time to repeatedly vote or Tweet.

    Predominantly, the demographic of people who can invest the necessary time and effort into repeatedly voting for a month, are relatively young – probably teenagers. I would imagine Castle has a higher proportion of fans in this demographic than Bones because Bones has a more cerebral, grown up vibe.

  9. Marisa Roffman on January 12th, 2012 12:18 pm

    Guys, just a reminder to please be respectful of each other and your differing opinions. I definitely don’t want this to turn into a Castle versus Bones debate.

  10. Pam Hanke on January 13th, 2012 1:22 pm

    I still want Zach back…. And,while I am happy about Bones and Booth, I agree that the stories this season are not as strong as ones from years ago. I kind of don’t want another serial killer but guess that is what we going to see….

  11. Alysin on January 13th, 2012 4:05 pm

    Well, just for the record, I have never ever seen Castle. So, there was no way I was thinking of starting a Bones vs. Castle debate! But yes, ok granted, Marisa & Charlotte — I could have explained my thoughts differently than using The People’s Choice Awards as an example. But, I chose that particular ceremony because “time-wise” it was a “recent” event, which clearly showed how Bones fans were not the majority. Again, I’m talking about actual fans, or maybe a better word would be — viewers! I’m not talking about which show is the better one. Maybe, I should have clarified that from the start, as this all had to do with explaining my previous comment of how Bones fans (or viewers) have switched to watching Castle.

    Now, in not using The People’s Choice as an example, I will explain my thoughts differently! It has to do with noticing this very scenario (Bones fans/viewers are switching to watch Castle) being said on different Bones websites. When most fans are posting how they are unhappy with Bones’ story arcs, characters, or the cases — it explains why many have decided to turn the channel and watch something else. Which, not too surprisingly, that “”something else”” has become the show, Castle. It’s warranted I guess, since both shows are similar, being tv dramas! Although technically, it’s sad really, because when looking at Castle sites to see what those fans are saying about their show — there’s no posts commenting that they are unhappy, or that they would instead plan to turn their channel to Bones. So, what does that say to me, and what should that say to others?? It says how Bones has lost viewers to Castle, not the other way around!

    Actually, even if Castle was not part of Bones competition for viewership, I would agree that Bones is continuing to show signs of instability after seeing the present ratings! Last night’s episode showed 8.5 million viewers, which is slightly lower than””the 9 million average”” that Andrea stated earlier on here. Hmmm?? How much lower?? 500,000 more viewers lower. Also, last night’s demographic was at 2.4! And, as a reminder, last year’s December episode before the break was at the same demographic — 2.4! So, clearly Bones is still suffering with their ratings. There has not been any growth since their last 2011 episode. There’s still a good amount of viewers (even though they have lost a total of around 1.7 million viewers since the Season 7 start) but, it’s not viewership that matters for ratings. What does matter is demographics, and a 2.4 demo does not meet the average 3.0 standard. So, how are the ratings presently considered as good?? Simple, they are not!! Honestly, I can remember when Bones had demos of 3.9–3.7–3.5–3.4–3.3 — Oh goodness — practically anything that was above that actual 3.0 standard! Now, sadly, we don’t see those results, and wonder if we ever will again.

    OK! So, here it is — Bones ratings are not up-to-par! They have taken a dive downward with low demographics and less viewers. That’s really all I was trying to point out. “”The Proof In The Pudding”” LOL!! Actually, wasn’t that the title of a Bones episode?? OK! All done! My explanation is understood!

  12. Jan on January 14th, 2012 6:44 am

    “There seems to be the same ‘negative’ people saying the same things on various sites.”

    Andrea, Please if you’re going to judge every time someone talks negatively about Bones … then be honest enough to also say the same POSITIVE people are saying the same things on various sites, too!

    To be honest I don’t recall anyone ever saying there were negative comments when fans made it known in their posts how angry they were with the Hannah story arc!!!! That I would guess was definitely a negative era for Bones and still the fans were in agreement with how disappointed they were with Season 6!!!! So just wonderin’ why you feel it’s necessary to complain about those who post responses that are different than your own???? I actually feel everyone has a right to their own opinion and I welcome whatever fans want to say whether I agree or not! It would be nice if you could do the same.

  13. Phillip Martinez on February 28th, 2012 9:44 pm

    Ah the old Castle vs Bones debate. I always get a kick out of reading the comments. I mean, sure Castle is written a bit better, but let’s not forget the appeal of the show is the “Will they/Wont they” dynamic that Bones used to use till it was time to put up or shut up. When Castle gets there, I wonder how it will be?? I’m a fan of both shows so I like both.

    Now, I’ll be glad when this show returns! It’ll be awesome! I have a suggestion for those four episodes.. why not make a mini-season and show the time in-between season 6 and 7?? Show Brennan’s pregnancy and the way they both revealed their new brood to the team and FBI. Seriously, does HH and SN look at fan suggestions?? Sometimes we are actually full of ideas! Heck, we do ultimately determine the fate of a show.

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