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CASTLE: Adam Baldwin Talks About Slaughter and His Reunion With FIREFLY Costar Nathan Fillion

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Castle may have been a bit mopey the past few weeks, but tonight’s episode of CASTLE appears to be a turning point for him — starting with the new partnership he forges for himself with Detective Slaughter. Even better? Slaughter is played by CASTLE star Nathan Fillion’s former FIREFLY costar Adam Baldwin. (Or, perhaps you better know him as CHUCK’s Casey?)

To celebrate the occasion, I got on the phone with Baldwin to discuss reuniting with his former costar, what winks Browncoats could expect from the episode, and more…

Obviously you’ve been busy with CHUCK for the past few years, but had you and Nathan Fillion ever discussed the possibility of you coming over to CASTLE before this role came up?
Adam Baldwin: Cryptically. This one kind of jumped out of the blue. I think it was serendipity that CHUCK ended and they came up with a character that was kind of in my wheelhouse and they were able to craft it after I became available. And I jumped at the chance to work with Nathan again. And to get back in his presence on any set is just a dream come true for any actor, but especially any one who has worked with him before on FIREFLY and SERENITY because of his leadership, his hilarious sense of humor and just his love. His giving, his caring, his nurturing. He’s the department head in the acting department, so he’s a great leader. The show rests on his shoulders and he lifts us up from there. It’s our job to keep him raised up, but he pushes us up even further than that.

It’s been several years since you guys were on-screen together. Did you find anything had changed in your working dynamic, or was it like slipping into an old pair of boots?
AB: Exactly like slipping into an old, comfortable, pair of boots. We were probably a little more grizzled and a little more wise in our choices and our pacing of moments, which just makes those moments all the much more juicy.

Are there any particular moments or winks to the FIREFLY/SERENITY fans that we should expect in the episode?
AB: You have to be careful not to hit it over the head too hard, but I think we hit it too hard over the head a couple times. [Laughs] Hopefully there will be some moments when those who are familiar with FIREFLY and SERENITY will go, “A ha!”

I know when ABC released the photos from your episode, some fans noted you were wearing a brown coat…
AB: [Laughs] It is a very shiny brown coat.

Indeed. So what can you tell me about your CASTLE character, Slaughter?
AB: Detective Ethan Slaughter works for the gang unit, he’s a colorful guy, a bit of a rogue, a bit unorthodox in his methodology, but he’s a man of results. He gets answers from suspects, perpetrators that might not necessarily come out in more comfortable settings. Let’s put it that way. You think he’s aggressive, but he takes a liking to Castle for selfish reasons, but he’s able to use that to help solve crimes, hopefully, and maybe get a little something out of it in return.

It took Beckett a while to warm up to Castle. Does it take Slaughter a bit, too?
AB: Ha ha ha. At first? Hm. I don’t know how much of the arc I’m at liberty to give away, but he’s definitely a test at first.

Castle is also not in the best place emotionally right now, so it would make sense if he was acting out more than usual.
AB: Yes. Yes.

Do you get to interact with the rest of the cast, or are Slaughter’s interactions mostly with Castle?
AB: It’s mainly with Nathan, but there were some things I got to do with Stana [Katic (Beckett)] and Jon [Huertas (Esposito)] and Seamus [Dever (Ryan)] that were fun. There were some other guest stars that came along for the ride, so to speak.

You mentioned an arc for this character. Is there the potential for him to come back next season or are you viewing this as a one-off thing?
AB: When I talk of arc, I always talk about the script — prologue, act 1, 2, 3 and epilogue. That’s all I can speak of. I gotta tell you — I love this character.

He looks like fun.
AB: Oh yeah!

Were there any particular scenes you loved to shoot that you can tease?
AB: Hmm. There were some interrogation scenes that were particular favorites of mine. There are several in there. One in particular with Nathan takes place in a car. So look for that one.

CASTLE airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC.


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