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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, June 18, 2012

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Lots of TV options tonight, so take a look at the whole lineup…

The Bachelorette | 8pm on ABC
“Episode 806”
The medieval town of Dubrovnik supplies the beauty, and Emily and the remaining eight men provide the fireworks as the romantic world tour continues. The bachelors are hoping that Emily finally will see through Ryan’s bold facade when they go on a one-on-one date. Arie decides to break the rules and risks sneaking out of the guys’ suite to see Emily, but what kind of reception will he get? A group date starts with a special sneak peek screening of the new Disney·Pixar film “Brave,” but the guys find out that they need to compete for Emily’s attention by dressing in kilts and performing in their own version of the Highland Games, just like in the movie. Finally at the rose ceremony, Emily continues to make bold moves to ensure her future happiness and also makes Bachelorette history.

America’s Got Talent | 8pm on NBC
“Episode 710”
Celebrity judges Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern continue with auditions across the country. Nick Cannon hosts this variety competition series which features a colorful array of hopeful future stars as they compete for a chance to win a $1 million prize and become the most talented act in America.

Hell’s Kitchen | 8pm on Fox
“14 Chefs Compete”
Chef Ramsay once again pits the women against the men, but this culinary challenge tackles cuisine never before showcased on HELL’S KITCHEN – Mexican! Executive Chef John Sedlar from Rivera Restaurant and Owner/Executive Chef Thomas Ortega of Ortega 120 Restaurant come to HELL’S KITCHEN to test the contestants’ creations. Tune in to see which contestants have enough spice to make it to the next round.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager | 8pm on ABC Family
Amy and Ricky return home with big news. Meanwhile, Grace continues to shut out Adrian; Leo discusses the fire with Dylan’s parents; and Anne learns how serious things are between Ashley and Toby.

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American Ninja Warrior | 9pm on NBC
“Finals Region 5”
The top 30 finishers from the Mid South region preliminary round (which airs on G4) take on an even more challenging course that includes nine obstacles to compete for the chance to move into the national finals, which will take place in Las Vegas, NV. Comedian Matt Iseman and Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley host the heart-racing competition series and Angela Sun (“Yahoo! Sports Minute”) reports from the sidelines. This week, competitors must tackle obstacles that include a Bridge of Blades, Jumping Bars and a Curtain Swing in their quest for the $500,000 cash prize and a chance to win the coveted title “American Ninja Warrior.”

Masterchef | 9pm on Fox
“Top 16 Compete”
The remaining sixteen contestants visit military base Camp Pendleton, CA where they will work in teams to prepare a healthy and balanced meal for 200 servicemen and women. After judges put the contestants through culinary boot camp, the contestants return to the MASTERCHEF kitchen for an intense elimination round. Find out who will emerge from the trenches and continue in the competition in the MASTERCHEF kitchen.

Eureka | 9pm on Syfy
“Smarter Carter”
Allison’s brother visits to meet her new husband; Carter’s intelligence mysteriously begins to grow exponentially.

Bunheads | 9pm on ABC Family 
“For Fanny”
A surprising event puts Fanny and Michelle’s lives in chaos, so Michelle reaches out to help Fanny, despite the antagonistic nature of their relationship.

The Glass House | 10:02pm on ABC | Series Premiere
“Episode 101”
On the series premiere of “The Glass House,” 14 players begin their quest for a quarter of a million dollar prize as they live and compete in a totally wired, state-of-the-art house. Immediately, viewers have control over decisions affecting the game right from the start. In the first episode, two teams of seven, as decided upon by viewers, will challenge each other in a game of “Twist & Shout” where each team must solve a massive wall puzzle based on information about their fellow contestants. The team with the fastest time wins and the losing team sends two players into limbo where they make one final plea online to America in the hopes of being voted back into the house.

Lost Girl | 10pm on Syfy
“Original Skin”
Bo has an out-of-body experience after a trickster spikes the beer at the Dal.

Also playing…

  • Teen Wolf | “Abomination” | 10pm on MTV
  • Push Girls | “Hope It’s Not Too Late” | 10pm on Sundance

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