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BONES Recap: ‘The Lost in the Found’

May 7, 2015 by  

Hey BONES fans! What did you think of this episode, “The Lost in the Found”? I have to say that I felt pretty strongly about it; it was an episode where what I loved, I loved — but what I didn’t like, I really, really didn’t like. The case was excellent, sad, and meaningful. The Brennan-in-denial about her pregnancy (and every person mockingly commenting on it) was just awful. The worst. More analysis later, for now let’s discuss the case.


The Scene of the Crime: A group of people cleaning as part of community service come across a body. One man is so horrified that he drops his walkie-talkie and a pot brownie and runs. The team arrives and figure the body belongs to missing prep school student Molly Delson.

The Victim: At the lab, Molly’s identity is confirmed, and it’s up to the team to figure out how such a bright, promising student was killed.

Primary Suspects:

  • The Delsons: When Molly’s body shows signs of bone breakage, Booth and Brennan wonder if she was abused as a child. Her parents insist that isn’t the case, and Brennan realize Molly’s childhood weight contributed to bone fractures.
  • Tyler O’Brien: The guy who fled the scene when Molly’s body was found. He has past priors as a sex offender for statutory rape.
  • Cayla, Arianna, Catherine: Fellow classmates at Pemberley of Molly’s. When Booth and Aubrey find Molly’s diary, they find detailed notes on the bullying these girls have committed against Molly.

The Case Progression:

Molly was the top of all of her classes and subject to bullying and ridicule from other students. Booth and Aubrey also find signs of depression in her diary, notes that she fears disappointing the people she loves most. It’s heartbreaking and it motivates both men to work hard to solve the case. They also find evidence that Molly was going to tell the school’s headmistress, Ms. Minchin, that Catherine was using alcohol in her room. This gives the girls motive to get rid of Molly.

In the lab, the team tries to figure out what caused various stab wounds to her body and determine they came from a pair of scissors. They also find a small injection site. Angela traces Molly’s cell phone usage and sees a ton of incoming calls and data in the few days before her death — the result of a nude photo released online, likely against Molly’s will.

The photo is traced to Tyler O’Brien, and Aubrey brings him in to read him the riot act. He insists that Molly wanted him to take the photo and that he did it in exchange for pills. Aubrey doesn’t know why Molly would want depressants, and it seems like a dead end…except that he can press charges against Tyler for posting the photo online. GO AUBREY!

Hodgins and Cam swab particulates from Molly’s body and the scissors, and they are traced back to Cayla. Booth and Brennan question her with Arianna and Catherine, and they all insist they didn’t kill Molly. They admit to drinking some alcohol on the night she was killed, but they say they then passed out. It doesn’t match up with the amount of booze they drank, but Booth still arrests them all. Um, okay?

Later at home, B&B discuss the case, and Brennan is moved enough to go back to the lab to keep working. She gathers the team together and when she realizes Molly had no injuries on her left arm, she knows exactly who killed the girl.

The Verdict: Brennan realizes that Molly used the pills to drug the girls in order to frame them for her death, after which she took her own life. It’s tremendously sad to know that Molly took her own life as a result of bullying, and Brennan completely understands the feeling from her own childhood — she just wishes Molly could have had someone to talk to, someone who could give her hope that a happy life could be a very real possibility.

Like I said before, the idea of this case was excellent, and I thought it was a great case for the team to solve. I like “Pride and Prejudice” and “The Little Princess” as much as anyone, but using those names (Pemberley and Ms. Minchin) was a little over the top — kind of like fan fiction, really. But other than that, I really liked the case. I just wish the show had used some of the time spent on other meaningless plotlines toward this case and the issue of bullying against youth, especially those who are bullied for doing well.


The main squint b-plot revolved around Daisy wondering if she should move on in her personal life and start dating and/or having sex again. This storyline, in theory, is fine, but like with Brennan’s pregnancy (or when it coincided with it), the execution was awkward and over the top. The scene at the yoga class was cute.

All in all, the squints on the case were good; it was great seeing Aubrey so focused on solving Molly’s case. The Hodgins and Daisy scenes were nice at first, but then were weird. It was interesting to me that Daisy called herself a widow, a title I thought was reserved for married women. (But I could be wrong!) I liked her conversation with Brennan too, in theory. It would have been good if she’d just been asking for advice, without including all of those stupid side comments about her pregnancy. It was like the storyline needed to pick a tone — was it going to be serious or for laughs? And it turned out neither. In my opinion, of course.

Likewise, I had issue with Angela’s conversation with Brennan about her “denial” about her pregnancy. Angela/Brennan convos always straddle that line of Angela interpreting Brennan’s feelings for her, and this one was guilty of that — something I’m not a fan of. So when later, Brennan told Booth she’d been constantly thinking of how the pregnancy could affect their family, it seemed to contradict their talk as well. Either she was thinking about it or repressing it!


The show was in a bit of a challenge regarding Brennan’s pregnancy. When Emily Deschanel announced her real life pregnancy a few months ago, it was understood it would be written into the show — but not yet. Viewers agreed to go along with it and *wink wink* pretended to be surprised when Booth and Brennan found out about their pregnancy a couple of episodes ago. All fine. They wanted to keep it a secret, and again — all fine. Nothing more was said for a bit, but in this episode, everyone had a comment. Unfortunately, the only way to express it was in a fat joke or by making a comment on the size of Brennan’s body/waist. UGH! The show was sort of “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” regarding mentioning the pregnancy again (in this episode), but at this point I really wish they hadn’t.

To then have Brennan get into a verbal argument with the mother of the victim over body size and such was just terrible. I wish the entire storyline had been scrapped for a more in depth look at the case, and even Brennan’s personal connections to it.

Speaking of, I liked that Brennan had empathy for this victim, and I liked how Booth worked the case and interacted with Brennan too. The scene at the diner was cute, and the end scene was nice, if not a little tame.

So all in all, not one of my favorite episodes ever or of this season. But enough from me — what did you like or not like about this one?

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8 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Lost in the Found’”

  1. Ruth Ann Walker on May 7th, 2015 10:39 pm

    Well, both episodes were action packed, I didn’t really know what was bothering Brennan until the 2nd talk with Angela. I also noticed that in the second episode Brennan didn’t have her necklace on Booth gave her. Through both episodes after reading another article saying there was a hint about Season 11, I believe the hint was given by Hodgins & Angela, THIS MAKES ME VERY SAD. I am hoping that maybe it was just a teaser. Boy I tell you FOXES ARE KNOWN TO BE SLICK and FOX is holding off till the very last day. I was glad to have back to back episodes, but they weren’t their best……..the last two before these were fantastic, but you can’t hit a winning home run every time……I am still Praying for Season 11and will wait till Fox releases the result. First a Haitus and then the looooong wait for an answer, yet they expect ratings to hold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give them the benefit of doubt and believe they will do the right thing in giving a Season 11. I do not want to see Bones cancelled, it is a good and decent Show………😤😥😩😥😿

  2. bountypeaches on May 8th, 2015 12:58 am

    The pregnancy storyline was awful. It doesn’t make sense for Brennan who sticks to facts instead of delusion in times of anxiety. This is a case of the writers destroying a classic character trait for laughs– Brennan can usually tell people pregnant before it is obvious to anyone else. She is in the medical field!

    Saying that, however, I thought the other aspects of the episode were excellent. The case was for once involving and intriguing. And Brennan’s empathy for the victim was heartbreaking. What I actually loved was emphasis that Brennan ended up learning that she could have a happy life– as much as I detest S6, I believe her regrets speech was about her understanding that she did have the qualities to fulfill the role of someone’s mate.

  3. Jo on May 8th, 2015 3:15 am

    I wanted to see these episodes so bad but was interrupted with weather reports. Which was strange because the bad weather was not in the county I live in. They were all northwest of me. They were strong thunderstorms with possible tornados but none reported on the ground and no damage or no one injured. For two & half hours they reported the weather without a break strangest thing I ever seen. Normally if strong storms are predicted they will break in and give a storm warning and only if it’s severe. Tonight they were reporting the weather two county’s away it was very strange. Needless to say I’m upset I was really looking forward to 2 episodes in one night.
    Sara, thank you for your great reviews I at least get the gist of what’s going on. I’ll have to wait and watch it on you tube.

  4. Laura Opper on May 8th, 2015 12:33 pm

    I liked the main story line but hated the whole pregnancy bit. I just couldn’t figure out why she would be in denial. It was obvious from the previous episode that they both wanted another child…does she have hints about gamblng? is it something else? The idea that it’s a scary world out there didn’t make much sense to me.

    I liked the second episode much more.

  5. Joan on May 10th, 2015 6:15 pm

    We had lightening and thunder and lost all electricity right when Bones was to begin so lost the full 2 hours on May 7. Will this episode be run again soon? If so, when………………

  6. BJ on May 11th, 2015 4:01 pm

    I thought the case was well written. Agree with you completely about the character names being too fan-fictiony, but considering Emily Silver, the Uber Fangirl, wrote this, that didn’t really surprise me. The pregnancy storyline was bizarre and seemed out of place and contrary to the week before, and any time Brennan is made out to be the butt of jokes or extraordinarily harsh, I don’t care for that at all.

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