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BONES Recap: ‘The Partners in the Divorce’

September 24, 2012 by  

Hey BONES fans! You know, I was thinking after the premiere that Booth has a tendency to use sex/affection to gloss over tough situations. Of course, in season 6, I happily attributed it to the fact that his relationship with Hannah was mostly physical…but now in season “washing machine sex” 8, I want it to be because he loves Brennan a lot. Hypocritical, I know, but there it is! This isn’t a knock on Booth at all — I think touch is one of his “love languages,” so he’s being genuine with his affection. Likewise, I thought his “I was hoping it would be [okay] in the future” line spoke volumes about his normal way of processing tough stuff, yeah? And Brennan’s fierce passion for truth vs. politeness there also rang true. But…I’m getting ahead of myself. First, let’s talk about the rest of the episode!


The Scene of the Crime: Two homeless men smell “meat” cooking in a barrel under a bridge. But it’s not chicken or pork…it’s a dead body.

The Victim: Richard Barnett — a divorce lawyer known for his high profile clientele and ruthless business practices. Note: There’s been discussion about how this season will be “darker,” and while that is possible (technically darker doesn’t have to mean “dark” — it could just mean “not bubblegum music/lighting and hijinks with cartoonish characters”), one thing I have noticed this season is more respect toward victims. Yay!

Potential Suspects/Motives: Having said that, Richard wasn’t exactly loved by the people in his life, creating many suspects for Booth, Brennan and Sweets to question. Richard’s wife, Pamela, inherited a lot of money. His assistant, Margo, was having an affair with Pamela. A chef/former, disgruntled client, thought Richard was his savior…until he got his sky-high lawyer bill. A construction foreman in Richard’s office building was being sued by Richard, and a couple whose divorce papers’ ink was barely dry, Gavin and Melanie, had an appointment to undo their divorce right near the time Richard was killed.

The Lab Results: Cam takes the lead on examining Richard’s charred remains, while Hodgins tries to figure out why he had an alloyed material on his body. Finn is grossed out by the body — he’s a bones guy, not a barbeque guy. Cam takes pity on him and lets him examine the skeleton.

When B&B check out Richard’s law firm and office, they find heavy construction going on and Richard’s former assistant, Margo, shredding important documents. Brennan commissions Angela to put the confetti-sized pieces back together for clues, and Angela’s able to piece together a photo of Pamela and Margo in bed together.

Hodgins finds “gourmet rat burger” in Richard’s stomach, but this is not cause of death. And Angela and Finn work together to determine the bone breaks in Richard’s body. He needed to quickly fall down some incredibly steep stairs, and then down a cliff, but also avoid serious head trauma. It looks impossible until Finn suggests perhaps he fell at great speed and distance at the same time. Brennan considers the long plastic construction disposal shoot at the law firm’s office as possible location of death.

The Interrogation Room: Booth and Brennan question Pamela, who is subdued but hardly sad. She points them toward Margo (which doesn’t say much for their relationship!), and B&B investigate further. They also question Gavin and Melanie and are surprised when the couple professes their reunification (and pregnancy). The implications that a baby on the way changes things also reflect Booth and Brennan’s situation with Christine.

Sweets questions the chef, who admits to feeding Richard rat burgers for two years. His motive wasn’t to kill him at all, and now he’s only sorry he’ll never get to see Richard’s face when he finds out he’s been eating (and raving over) rats.

The Verdict: The team finds Melanie’s fingernail DNA in Richard’s remains, caused when she stabbed him with a pen. An accelerant on the body also points to Gavin. When B&B question them for a second time, they rush to pin Richard’s murder on one another and make deals for themselves, making it clear they worked together and that their un-divorce was likely an act or not going to last.


I really liked most of the squint action in this episode. Finn is not my favorite, but for the most part, he wasn’t too bad, and I liked the way Cam instructed him to approach the victim’s remains scientifically and as detached as possible. It was a good teaching moment between them. Angela and Hodgins both did a great job, and I thought the scene with Sweets and Booth at the firing range worked pretty well. Speaking of Sweets, while I love B&B together in the field, I do like when he questions suspects. I think that is a good use of character.

Other high notes:

  • The shared looks between Cam and Hodgins at the crime scene when B&B were fighting
  • Angela threatening to burn Hodgins with the blowtorch when he was “encouraging” her on how to remove the pen piece from Richard’s body
  • Sweets saying “glad you got to have that talk with yourself” to Booth after Booth brought up that he and Brennan were “fine” and then insisted, even when Sweets said he hadn’t even mentioned it. HAHA!


Well, I loved the intensity in this episode. I loved that Booth and Brennan had such a huge fight and that both of them were right and wrong at the same time. I liked at the beginning of the episode when it was awkward, but they both were trying to make it work, and I liked how they infringed on one another’s territory at the crime scene. Emily Deschanel (Brennan) and David Boreanaz (Booth) were just fantastic throughout the entire episode.

Brennan doesn’t like ever being lesser than with anyone — and Booth is one of the only people she’s even willing to consider it with. So where he saw making breakfast every day as his “thing” (aka showing love, taking care of his family), once she learned how to do it herself, there was no question in her mind–she would make breakfast. She can, so she does. And she also irrationally (sometimes) passes acceptance of her own actions, i.e. when she insisted Christine loved sleeping under an overpass. Justification much, Brennan? It made me laugh when she said it, but I can see where Booth doesn’t even want to fight those statements. For me, she doesn’t have to naturally see things from Booth’s POV — but…when presented with it, how does she handle his thoughts/views?

So it was interesting when later in the episode, he wanted her to see things from his point of view. I liked that he didn’t back down when she said she would talk when he was being rational. Normally, that reasoning is valid, but in this case it wasn’t — I think she really was trying to avoid the conversation, and Booth was being pretty rational, even if his voice was raised.

It’s not that I *want* Booth and Brennan to fight, but yeah, that “stop hiding behind rationalism/don’t tell me what to do” fight feels like it’s been a long time coming. I know it’s what I’ve wanted to see since at least season 6.

But I also loved the fierce persistence each one had and the way it threaded through their interactions. Booth admitting he wants everything to be okay, and Brennan insisting she doesn’t want polite was so perfectly in character, I thought. And neither one of them is giving up on this, on them, and that is what makes the difference in this relationship from other romantic relationships they’ve each been in, and it’s been a staple of their working relationship too.  Very, very good stuff, and hopefully they keep it up.

Other overall thoughts:

What didn’t work for me:

  • Sweets and his breakfast-y “Eggzactly” pun. Groan-worthy, haha.
  • Finn’s Finn-isms, but I think I just have to accept they will happen!
  • For as much as Angela (rightly) complained that her task of piecing together the confetti-sized shredded documents, she sure was able to do some of it (coincidentally, a case-breaking doc!) pretty quickly in one afternoon!

What I loved:

  • I adored the way Booth watched Brennan work for a minute or so — the look on his face reminded me of season one when he was impressed with her/falling in love with her
  • I really liked Finn’s incredulity that the small peck between B&B was them making up. He hasn’t even known them that long and still he was able to be like, “Seriously?”
  •  Loved, loved, loved the way B&B couldn’t help but move physically closer toward one another and into each other’s arms, despite their tough conversation at the end of the episode. It reminded me of the end scene of “Truth in the Lye,” where their bodies were just pulled toward one another.
  • In that same note, I like that even though Booth and Sweets talked about how sex is the solution, there was no indication that even though B&B are working through stuff that their sex life is in trouble

How about you — what worked for you and what didn’t? Do you agree that this fight was a long time coming? Did you like the way the case steered B&B through it all? And are you digging the new opening theme sequence? The comments are open — let’s discuss!


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8 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Partners in the Divorce’”

  1. madbengalsfan85 on September 24th, 2012 9:11 pm

    I absolutely loved the episode, and I loved the fact that not everything was resolved, but enough was resolved to put the two at peace. This is shaping up to be my favorite season of Bones

  2. JudyYPowell on September 24th, 2012 9:45 pm

    I really enjoyed the conflict between B&B. I agree the fight has been a long time coming. It’s good to see that Brennan really wants to work on the relationship and admits that there may be something about her she needs to change. Get down, get dirty and make it work! It will make them stronger.

  3. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on September 25th, 2012 8:40 am

    My favorite episode so far! (Haha!)

    I really liked this one – much better than the premiere, even. The premiere had good, tight action, but this episode was very much standard Bones and when they get it, they get it.

    A lot of my high points are similar to yours – although I am still wondering why it was Angela removing the metal with the blowtorch instead of someone else. What made her qualified? And right, is it really possible to reconstruct that shredded paper into a reliable document (or reconstruct it at all)? Probably not, but that’s all an easy pass for me in this show.

    “I adored the way Booth watched Brennan work for a minute or so” – me too. I really loved it. I loved how not only did it show Booth just having that moment to let his feelings wash over him for this woman he loves, but also the framework of it – that he loved seeing her in her element. Nicely done Michael Peterson et al and Allison Lidi-Brown.

    I am super glad it was the presto-change-o couple that were the murderers because seriously, if they were only going to use that couple as a thematic backdrop for B/B, I was going to be mad. Brennan was right – it was too off to think their lying, threatening, vindictive ways magically reversed – and because of a baby, no less. SO, yes, glad for that outcome.

    Glad also because my favorite episodes are when the case theme corresponds with the relationships theme – and also like it when it isn’t so overwhelming that I can’t also follow the case, which I like to do on the side. 🙂 Case-wise, I enjoyed the investigative path and also liked how none of the suspects were really overplayed – you could see some motivation behind most of them. I was glad that the murderer wasn’t a disgruntled construction worker.

    I liked that they argued and that it was clearly a 2-sided issue vs many of the seemingly 1-sided ones from last season. It was painful, but loved that Brennan shot back that they weren’t married, and she was a “free agent” – because it brings up a key issue about marriage that she herself has argued against and even though it hurt Booth, it was also said in anger, which is very realistic.

    I don’t know if the writers will decide to revisit this issue (it seems like they should), but if they didn’t, I’d say they did a good job of dealing with it in this single episode – enough for me to feel like it was at least addressed effectively.

    Many many great tidbits of dialogue and acting in this episode. Tight all around and excellent reminders of character at all turns.

  4. TerryAnn Greco on September 25th, 2012 10:07 am

    I loved this review! Fantastic! You hit the nail on the head! But then again to me you always seem too. Think we look at Bones in similar ways!

  5. Joey on September 25th, 2012 10:56 am

    I loved the new episode! I’m happy to see the focus back on solving crime instead of Booth and Brennan’s love life. My coworker at DISH and I were looking forward to the new season, but both agree the creators need to set Booth and Brennan’s relationship aside more if only because it’s distracting from the rest of the story. This season I’ll catch every episode thanks to my Hopper DVR and PrimeTime Anytime. It will automatically catch all the shows in prime time from all four of the major networks without having to set reminders for individual shows. I like where the stories are going so far, and I can’t wait for the 150th episode; it’s going to be great.

  6. andrea on September 25th, 2012 11:22 am

    Excellent episode! I know on another site people are complaining that Brennan is a “cold hearted biatch” and was treating Booth “like dirt”. I don’t agree at all and I posted my stance on that site. I think the bump they went through was very realistic. When hurt feelings/resentments are not faced/resolved it does lead up to a breaking point with a lot of little “digs” along the way. Even though what Brennan said was hurtful, I think it is true-she is a free agent, but she’s choosing to be with Booth. She wants to be with him and this realization scares her a bit. I like that they are both willing to change for the good of their relationship. Brennan will do irrational things to prove her love, wants to face issues head on; Booth will confront issues instead of internalizing them. By them returning to the carousel with Christine (even though Brennan thinks she knows what their daughter’s reaction will be) shows that she wants to do what it takes for their relationship. Who knows? With both her parents there, Christine may have a more positive experience. The mystery was a good one as well and the parallels between the couples who weren’t willing to work through their issues with Booth and Brennan who are, was well done. I didn’t start suspecting the couple who were getting back together as the culprits until pretty late in the episode and the way they both were “kicking each other to the curb” was hilarious. So many great parts to this episode! Season 8 is off to a great start!

  7. Lisa on September 25th, 2012 12:27 pm

    Janet, Angela was the one with the blowtorch because she was familiar with using it due to some new sculpting using thin metals.

    The only thing that bothered me about Brennan was her saying she was a free agent. Umm, not really. Christine is not hers alone. Booth is not going to let her walk away with Christine just because she decides she may want to take off. It’s no longer just her. I think the writers should have left out that phrase.

    Otherwise a really stellar episode. Hard to watch, but so good. I thought Finn and Sweets were both in good form and I’m not a particular fan of either one of them.

    Angela and Hodgins were great tonight. “Say “carefully” one more time.” I love them as a couple.

    I’ve seen it posted elsewhere that Booth was “drinking”. While it’s true that he had the bottle out, he was just sipping the drink, not belting it back. He certainly wasn’t drunk. It didn’t really strike me as out of the ordinary. They drink after a case. He grabbed the scotch bottle last season as soon as he came home in Prince in the Plastic. Brennan grabbed his bottle of scotch in Cinderella in the Cardboard, and she didn’t even have a glass! I didn’t immediately think Daredevil and him getting drunk at the bar. This was not the same thing at all. I don’t think every time he and Brennan have a personal issue, he’s going to reach for the bottle to drink himself into a stupor.

    Season 8 is off to a great start.

  8. E on September 27th, 2012 5:15 pm

    Finally watched. Good episode. I am glad they finally argued. Been waiting two seasons for it.