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CASTLE: Andrew Marlowe Teases ‘After the Storm’

September 24, 2012 by  

Hey CASTLE fans, guess what? It’s premiere day!

While we’ve given you a ton of teases, interviews, and photos, I thought you might want to hear from CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe about what will be going on tonight.

Read on for a few hints about what’s to come from him…

You and I have joked about the potential for CASTLE to break social media, but how has the fan reaction been for you this summer? Was it what you thought it might be?
Andrew Marlowe:
[Joking] How have they reacted? I’ve had my head down doing my work.

You saw them break the internet a little bit with “Always”…
AM: I think that they enjoyed “Always.” It’s so funny, in television production, “Always” feels like ancient history to me now. It feels like such a long time ago…I have to remind myself that [the audience] was left with Castle and Beckett in a passionate embrace and bad things about to happen to Beckett. Not from Castle, but from the other guy.

The good news is that Castle now has her back in every way possible. Before we look towards the new season, I wanted to quickly touch base on Jim Beckett’s absence from the finale. What happened there?
AM: Honestly? It felt like the scene covered the same material that was in the Castle/Beckett scene when he was in the apartment. When we originally wrote it, Castle and Beckett had that fight in the apartment and Castle said if you keep going, they’re going to kill you. And there was a scene in the graveyard when she was in front of her mother’s grave. It was a very haunting, very poetic scene and it was originally written for Jim Beckett to have a conversation with her and it felt like it was covering all the same material. Scott Paulin (Jim) — who I love and think is terrific, and I’ve known him socially for a long time — Terri [Miller, “Always” co-writer and Marlowe’s wife] and I had to call him and say, “You know what, it’s ultimately better for the show that you not be in the scene.” And he was very gracious and he understood. But we have some plans to see a little more of Jim Beckett this coming year, so that’s the good news.

Very good to hear. What are you most excited for the viewers to see in the premiere?
AM: I think I know what the viewers are most excited about, and I think we share that excitement. For us, the creative forces behind the show [and] our actors, we had done just about everything we could with that relationship with them not being in that kind of relationship. And now we’re really interested in tackling what that’s going to look like and how that’s going to progress, because it’s like we opening a new chapter and things are far from done. I’m really excited to see how fans respond to the first couple of scenes.

Even if you’re keeping your head down, I feel like those fans are going to break all the forms of social media…especially with those first couple of scenes.
AM: Maybe they will. We’ll see. [Laughs]

It’ll be a nice challenge for them. I know you’ve mentioned you want this season to be fun, and Castle and Beckett do seem to exude that in the premiere. Are you planning on keeping them in that honeymoon phase as long as possible?
AM: As long as it feels natural, on and off. We also have a show that we need to service where we actually need to solve crimes, so that will be getting in the way or providing context. But there will be some small challenges in the relationship and opening up. I think part of the fun of this season is that Beckett has been a bit of a closed book that has slowly opened for the audience and now we have her a little more relaxed around Castle because of where they’re at; getting to know her a little better is something that’s going to be fun for the audience and also fun for Castle. And getting a couple bites of that with the stories we have coming up. The various challenges to the relationship given Castle’s reputation and some of his behavior in the past, how Beckett is going to respond to it now…we have some fun stuff coming up.

And what can you say about Jack Coleman’s character?
AM: I’ve been a fan of his work for a while, I really loved him on HEROES. And as somebody who has some significant info on Beckett’s mother’s murder, he’s somebody that Beckett and Castle cross paths with and he really helps Beckett’s mother’s story.

And you want more CASTLE scoop, don’t you? Make sure to come back here after 11 PM PT for more from Marlowe…

CASTLE premieres tonight at 10 PM on ABC. Will you be tuning in?


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