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ARROW: David Ramsey on Diggle Learning the Truth, Kicking Butt, and More

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Oliver Queen’s secret is out.

On last week’s ARROW, Oliver was forced to bring his bodyguard, Diggle, to the lair where he’s been conducting his Arrow business in order to administer the proper antidote to the poisoned bullet D had been shot with. And in the closing moments of the episode, Diggle regained consciousness and saw what Oliver has really been doing every time he ditches him.

So what’s next?

I spoke with ARROW’s David Ramsey (Diggle) about what that knowledge will do to the show, how it will change the relationship between Oliver and Diggle, and more…

Diggle finally knows the truth! And even though I say “finally,” it’s a little hilarious we’re only three episodes into the run of the show.
David Ramsey: For as many times as [Oliver’s] ditched Diggle, it seems like it’s been going on for half a season, doesn’t it?

It kind of does! When did you find out that you’d be the first one to learn Oliver’s secret?
DR: I found out at the very first meeting. When I met with [pilot director/executive producer] David Nutter and [executive producer] Andrew Kreisberg for the role, they were very forthright about the character. They had a very clear picture of the relationship between Diggle and Oliver, and I bought into that. I bought into that relationship. They said he will be the first person to know. He doesn’t have a lot to do in the pilot, they told me that, but you’ll see things develop over the first couple of episodes. In the first five episodes, he’ll be the first to know. They didn’t know at that point when it would be in that five, but they knew it would be there.

Did it make things easier for you, because you’re like, “This smart guy is getting tricked for now, but soon he’ll get to deal with it directly?”
DR: Yeah, it made it easier for me, and it made it easier for my friends who called me after the first show to say, “Wow, he’s making a fool out of you!” [Laughs] They were merciless. But I said, “Hey, wait, don’t worry. He’ll find out pretty soon.” In episode 3, he finds out. And now, [in episode] 4, Diggle has to make a decision. He has a big decision.

What can you say about Diggle’s reaction to everything in episode 4?
DR: He’s faced with the challenge of whether or not he should reveal to the family, the authorities, who Oliver really is. And whether, ultimately, he will take Oliver up on his proposition.

It’s not too much a spoiler at this point, but there are pictures floating around on the web of episode 6 where you see Oliver and Diggle training together. People have been asking are they training together, is Diggle teaching Oliver, what’s going on? I’m not going to tell you exactly what’s going on — those pictures speak for themselves: they are doing something together.

Their relationship does move forward. And ultimately, the challenge in episode 4 is what he’s going to do with that information. And he does make a decision to move forward with Oliver. But how he decides to move on with Oliver is I think what makes this relationship more compelling.

And it seems like there’s a fight tonight, too?
DR: You’ll see in episode 4, there’s some scuffling between Oliver and Diggle, but Oliver being the trained — so far above the rest — assassin that he is, it’s not too much of a challenge.

How was it filming that? Were you laughing it off, or were you intense and focused?
DR: Well, Diggle at that time is injured, so it’s kind of laughable. But you have to keep a straight face because it’s a serious moment. But yes, it is a little laughable in the moment that Diggle [thinks he] could take Oliver down, especially with a bullet in his arm.

Not just a bullet, but a poisoned bullet. Does Oliver saving Diggle’s life play into whatever decision he makes?
DR: I think there will be less of a debt he feels he has to pay to Oliver. Perhaps that plays into Diggle’s decision not to tell, because ultimately he does begin to work with him and he does keep the secret. I think that’s less out of feeling obligated to Oliver and more out of feeling that what he’s doing comes from a center of what’s right. And I think that’s what Diggle identifies with more than anything, what’s right…the moral center.

Diggle has a very strong sensibility of what’s right and what’s wrong. And he sees that in Oliver. And he wants to help that. Even though he calls into question all of the decisions Oliver makes, because he doesn’t buy into the [list] necessarily being the gospel, whomever is [on it] must die. Diggle doesn’t necessarily buy into that. He questions some of that. But I think he buys into Oliver’s sense of what’s right and he wants to help Oliver on that.

Do you feel you have more job security now that Diggle is the only one to know the truth?
DR: No! [Laughs] I answered that quickly: no! There could be a sniper on the roof, I never take anything — anything — for granted as an actor. Ever. I think it’s great that Diggle knows. I think it does something for the show. The relationship between Diggle and Oliver is unlike any other relationship he has on the show with any other character.

There are things that Diggle can say — that the audience is thinking — that no other character can say, because every character is wrapped up in themselves and their relationship with Oliver. They have an allegiance to Oliver. Diggle doesn’t share that allegiance. So he can say what we’re thinking when we’re sitting at home. I think it’s fantastic relationship. I would hate if they lost it. But as an actor, you never know where the writing goes, I get that. And you never know what decisions are made higher up. That’s beyond my pay grade. So I just look at what’s on my page that week and I try to do the best I can.

Fair enough. Is there an upcoming episode you’re particularly excited for?
DR: I love the fighting stuff, being a martial artist. I love the stuff you can sink your teeth into as an actor. What is the role of Diggle? He can kick butt, but he’s also the voice of reason, the moral compass to Oliver. But at the end of the day, I love looking at a script and it says, “Diggle fights four guys.” That’s the stuff I love. I can’t give it away, but Diggle gets to fight someone. And it’s coming up very soon.

ARROW airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on The CW.


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