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SUBURGATORY: Jane Levy Previews ‘Foam Finger,’ Tessa and Ryan’s Budding Romance, and More

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A rift is coming on tonight’s episode SUBURGATORY…but probably not the one you might be expecting.

“Dalia gets a little involved with her new stepmother and sort of abandons the KKK,” Jane Levy (Tessa) teased. “And I find the KKK completely lost without their leader, and I figure that Lisa would be a good person to take them under their wing, so I hand them over to Lisa and she has a grand old time….[Tessa] is sort of standing back and watching [it all go down]. I think she’s a little horrified. What it really comes down to is she wants to make sure Dalia is okay.”

Of course, the Dalia and Tessa relationship is now more complex thanks to their parents’ new coupling.

“You know, she actually says that at one point, but I just think Tessa has a big heart,” Levy said. “She’s a nice person, even if sometimes she doesn’t say the nicest things. I think deep down, she really cares about people. And I think mostly she’s worried about Dalia, and not even because their parents are dating — she cares.”

And that caring also translates into Tessa being happy for her father’s new relationship.

“You see when she finds out, she’s really happy for her dad and that’s really sweet, and she sort of just leaves them to their thing,” Levy said of Tessa’s reaction to the news. “At the end of last season, Tessa and Dallas got pretty close. So I think out of anyone in Chatswin — besides Lisa — she’s closest with Dallas. So I think she’s happy; she likes both of them. She wants her dad to be happy and she really likes the woman he has chosen.”

But George won’t be the only Altman in a new relationship this season…Tessa and Ryan are going to be a couple!

“They start to try out dating each other,” Levy previewed. “They’re two totally different people, so they sometimes hit a little bump in the road trying to understand how the other person lives, but most of the time, they just really like each other.”

As for what’s ahead, Levy pointed to some particularly fun storylines for the dads of the group.

“There’s really funny stuff with all the dads,” Levy teased. “The dads together form a band and it’s hilarious. And there’s another episode where…George’s friends come and visit from New York, and Noah and Fred don’t want to embarrass George, so they try and be cool New Yorkers and instead they’re just freakazoids. Both [Alan Tudyk (Noah) and Chris Parnell (Fred)] are so funny in it. You’re going to see a lot more Fred Shay this year; that man is brilliant.”

SUBURGATORY airs Wednesdays at 9:30 PM on ABC. And for more SUBURGATORY, make sure to check out the official website.

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