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THE ORIGINALS’ Phoebe Tonkin: ‘I Think Klaus Resents Hayley A Little Bit’

August 20, 2013 by  

THE ORIGINALS’ Hayley may be carrying Klaus’ baby, but her real-life portrayer, Phoebe Tonkin has no delusions about the pregnancy bringing the parents-to-be closer anytime soon.

“I think Klaus resents Hayley a little bit,” Tonkin told reporters at Comic-Con. “They didn’t plan on this going any further than a one night stand, and now they’re facing the consequence of that.”

Take a look at what else Tonkin had to say about Hayley moving from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES to THE ORIGINALS…


THE ORIGINALS premieres Thursday, October 3rd at 9 PM on THE CW.


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One Response to “THE ORIGINALS’ Phoebe Tonkin: ‘I Think Klaus Resents Hayley A Little Bit’”

  1. *A* on August 21st, 2013 10:55 am

    *A*’s THEORY

    I hope in all that is holy that Klaus & Hayley are not paired romantically or even as ‘friends’ with benefits on The Originals. I for one would like to see Hayley find her on her own love as well as focus on finding all about her family history. Speaking of family I think I know who Hayley’s parents are ( I am hoping anyway as the rich family connections could do wonders for her character ) going to turn out to be. Sadly Professor Shane was right when he said they were dead.

    Hayley’s parents are hopefully going to turn out to be Mason Lockwood and Jenna Sommers. Hayley Sommers ( buffy Buffy BUFFY ) has a nice ring to it.

    Jenna and Mason went to Mystic Falls High School ( with John Gilbert and Logan Fell ) together and were best friends. In her younger days Jenna was a wild one, she and Mason even sneaked alcohol from Mason’s dad and got drunk under the bleachers at school.

    I can see Jenna having cried on Mason shoulder one night over her troubled relationship with Logan and one thing led to another. Since we don’t know every bit of Jenna’s past it is possible she went away for half the school year to have the baby before giving it up for adoption, without Mason even knowing possibly.

    If this theory is true she would have family ties in Mystic Falls and The Vampire Diaries universe. Jeremy and Tyler ( not icky at all since they never slept together as they shared with Caroline during their plan to fool Klaus ) would be her cousins as well as Elena by adoption.

    What a interesting love / hate relationship they would have sharing a daughter and her baby daddy having killed her mother.

    Speaking of Kayley’s wolf pup if your listening Julie NO ONE wants a ‘child’ on this show. It didn’t workout for Angel and it is doubtful to work out in this case, so please Please PLEASE take a page out of the Twilight Saga hand book and rapidly age this child like they did with Renesmee and give her special powers being part Werewolf, Human, Witch, and Vampire. Have little baby ‘Kayley’ be born on the show in the first month or so, have the child age to 12/14 years of age by the end of the first season, and cast the brilliantly talented Bailee ( Young Snow White – OUaT ) Madison as Klaus & Hayley’s teenage daughter. If not Bailee then Adair ( Molly Walker – Heroes / Parker Halliwell – Charmed / Iris Miller – Dollhouse ) Tishler would be perfect in the role.

    Since Hayley’s parents will not be alive have her grandmother, the Queen of the Werewolves be her guiding force and groom her to take over one day. ( Juliet [ Druscilla ] Landau has her name written all over this role …… and she wouldn’t be playing a Vampire again )

    If possible throw in James ( Spike ) Marsters as Hayley’s grandfather, Landau’s husband, ‘Kayley’s’ great grandfather, and a powerful Warlock to boot and you would have a unstoppable trio.

    Another interesting layer to Hayle’s character would be if she had ( like Buffy with Dawn ) a younger half sister to protect along with a child on the way.
    I vote for Davina ( Marcel’s weapon against the witches ) to be Hayley’s half sister ( no Werewolf genes active just Witch DNA present ) by Mason and Jane Anne or Sophie Deveraux. Between having a Werewolf as a father and a grandmother and a Witch / Warlock as a mother and grandfather Davina could definitely pull off being Marcel’s secret weapon.