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BONES Recap: ‘The Sense in the Sacrifice’

October 8, 2013 by  

Hey, BONES fans!  Well, a lot of times episode titles will have multiple meanings, and this episode, “The Sense in the Sacrifice,” had some interwoven plotlines…but I’m not completely ready to declare that the end(s) justified the means. In other words…did each sacrifice make sense? There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it.


The episode begins in the lab, as Sweets, Caroline and the J-team are preparing to goad Pelant into showing his hand. They have procured a cadaver of a man who donated his body to the Jeffersonian. Their plan is to carve up the body and display it in such a way as to trap Pelant and appeal to his narcissistic tendencies. And the carving is gross!

Booth entrusts the body to Agent Flynn, and Brennan instructs him on how to display it to perfection. But the plan backfires.

Booth and Brennan get the call about the body, but when they discover a flower on the corpse at the scene, they know Pelant has already been there. In fact, this body belongs to Flynn.

I loved the intensity of this case and how the entire team worked together and how horrified they were that Flynn was killed as part of their plan. It was good for Brennan to remind them that Pelant had done the killing, but it still wasn’t easy for them to swallow.

Booth, Sweets and the FBI search Flynn’s apartment for anything they can find that links him to Pelant. It doesn’t look good for Flynn when they find cash and passports in his fridge. Booth staunchly insists that Flynn would not sell out the team like that — but few agree.

Brennan examines his skeleton and notices that some of his wounds were fixed using bone to remodel them. It’s an incredibly expensive procedure, and B&B track down the doctor who completed the process- Dr. Itzkowitz.

He insists that the surgery was paid for anonymously. Booth gets angry, wanting to trace it back to Pelant. There is a discrepancy when Dr I. tells B&B that there were only 10 spots remodeled, but Brennan found 11 on Flynn’s body. She realizes the 11th wound is similar to one she’d seen previously, and when she takes a look at that skeleton from the past, Pelant confronts her at the lab. He tells her that there is a more dangerous killer out there, and keeping him alive will lead them to her. He also makes it clear that he plans to die with her, sometime in the future, perpetuating Sweets’ suggestion that Pelant is after Brennan.

Cam finds a tooth in Flynn’s stomach, and Hodgins is able to identify coal ash from it, leading the team to narrow Pelant’s location to an abandoned foundry. Booth arms himself and goes to the location, but Brennan beats him to it.

She tracks down Pelant, and he tells her she is beautiful. She pulls a gun on him, and they discuss his value to the team in catching the “new” serial killer. Pelant is sure that Brennan won’t shoot him, and he thinks Booth is far away. But Booth shows up and pulls a gun on Pelant, who pulls out a grenade and threatens to blow up the building.

Pelant appeals to Brennan’s emotional power over Booth, but Brennan tells Booth to shoot Pelant. This surprises him, and Booth gives him one last chance before shooting him clean in the heart.


I liked all of the squint action in this episode — with the exception of Cam sort of getting on Brennan’s case about her interpretation of Pelant’s actions. It was that strange competitive vibe they can get sometimes. It’s not out of character necessarily; it just is flip-floppy with other episodes, so it feels like it was deliberate to create (possibly unnecessary) tension. It’s also sometimes interesting/frustrating, when the writers have Brennan appeal to Cam (and in this episode, Aldo) about Booth’s “true” nature. It’s one thing for her to get confirmation of how she thinks Booth would react to a situation, but it’s another that she defers, as if they know him better. That is another argument all together, and not really the point of this episode, so I’ll move on!

It will also be interesting to see if Aldo appears in future episodes. I liked that visited him separately, and it was a funny gag when they wanted advice without buying drinks.

I liked Sweets sort of easing back into this case, and that he came at Booth with his thoughts several times. Of course Booth didn’t always listen, but that is their thing, and it works.

I also really liked Caroline being in Booth’s business.


I’m the first to admit that I don’t really care about anyone besides B&B, and I hate when the other characters sort of get in on B&B moments (like when they brought Christine home, for example), and so the very end of the episode, including Booth’s rushed non-proposal proposal, isn’t what I would have written, but that’s why I am not in Hollywood writing for the show. I think I believe Brennan when she said she figured Booth’s angst was Pelant-related…that worked for me. It’s just that the idea of marriage has been so important to Booth (this was reiterated by Aldo again tonight) that his sort of backward proposal felt a little weak. I am not saying he had to pull out a bouquet of flowers or anything like that, but I don’t know…the end result (so far) didn’t make up for the previous pain endured by BOTH of them. In my opinion.

I’m glad Pelant is dead and honestly already a little annoyed at the idea of there being another bigger, badder serial killer out there. But the Pelant storyline has been all over the place since the beginning. I think Hodgins is who said it best, “Pelant only leaves the evidence he wants us to see,” or something like that, and the writers have done the same thing — making him catchable when they wanted him to be caught. In the end, Pelant showed his hand pretty easily. But again, I’m glad that’s over.

As for the rest of the B&B interaction, I really loved a lot of it. I liked the way they worked through the case facts, I liked Booth coming to the lab to talk to Brennan after Pelant was there, and I liked the interrogation scene they did with Dr.  Itzkowitz.

My favorite scene is probably the one near Booth’s office. It was good to see Brennan turn Booth’s trust in her around to him and show him that her trusting him and his gut is the rational thing to do. I loved that his reaction to it was to kiss her, right then and there. It was cute when she was flustered — like kissing under the mistletoe-level flustered, am I right? Oh, and LOL at the cute little scene between them in bed early on in the episode.

Like I said in the beginning, I loved the intensity in this case; I really liked all of the character work. But…I am not sure that the justifications or “sense” made of Flynn’s death and/or Booth’s reason for pulling back on Brennan’s proposal were fully developed (which are the two things I interpret the title to represent). That is a series-long frustration for me — the painful moments are heart-wrenching (see “Pain in the Heart,” “End in the Beginning,” “Doctor in the Photo,” “Hole in the Heart,” etc.), but the payoffs are very subtle. I don’t want to say I’m disappointed; I’m happy — it’s more that I just feel a little bit swindled again, I guess. But all in all, it was a really great episode.

Okay, enough from me. What did you think? Were you satisfied with Pelant’s motives, and subsequent death? Do you think Booth will be troubled by it, or will have “clean hands” so to speak? Are you happy with the B&B proposal scene? Do you think Sweets will come back? And how about Aldo? The comments are open…sound off!

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12 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Sense in the Sacrifice’”

  1. Alex Indigo on October 8th, 2013 6:45 am

    Hit the nail on the head there Sarah! The whole thing felt so anticlimactic, from Pelant’s death to that non-proposal. I didn’t think Flynn’s sacrifice made sense because it was clearly used as a plot device to once again beatify Booth. I think Brennan even called him a ‘good man’ again in this episode *rme*. And once again the writers had Brennan apologizing to Booth (and in this episode FOR Booth) for his bad behaviour. Maybe he’ll be Saint Seeley next season? 😛

    Yeah, didn’t like how Brennan deferred to Aldo and Cam though again, it fits with the narrative the writers have been trying to push these past few years of Brennan’s ongoing devolution. I have to wonder if Caroline’s ‘who cares we were here for the big happy ending’ to Sweets’ “I feel like we’ve missed a whole bunch’ was a dig at the fans who’ve been unhappy with the way B&B’s relationship was handled.

    Great review once again Sarah. 🙂 Find myself nodding along throughout. Am I the only one irritated by their close-mouthed kisses? They’re two adults in a committed r’ship ffs! DB and his wandering tongue…ugh!

  2. Jen ® (@NatesMama1128) on October 8th, 2013 7:27 am

    I didn’t find it anticlimactic at all. I know everyone expected fireworks when Pelant went down but for me, him dying like a dog on the floor of an abandoned building from the bullet of the better man…I like that subtlety. Pelant didn’t deserve fireworks, which is how he wanted to go out. In a blaze of glory, taking everyone (Brennan specifically) with him. In the end, he died alone and in an unremarkable way. The incongruity is fantastic.

    As for the proposal…Booth still considered them still engaged, I think. He just wanted confirmation that they were going to get married (as did Brennan) and I think anything more elaborate would have overshadowed Brennan’s perfect proposal. I don’t see any reason to have a song and dance to get past an issue. This is the couple who absolutely rule at saying everything with a single look. Sometimes, just like in real life, the quiet understanding says more than dinner, dancing, flowers and getting down on one knee with a ring ever will.

    Excellent, excellent episode and a fitting end to Pelant.

  3. bountypeaches on October 8th, 2013 10:55 am

    Agree with you completely Sarah…. his backward proposal just wasn’t enough after all the pain. They definitely could have done it better. I guess I was under the impression after Brennan had told him that he would be the one to propose next time that there would actually be a real proposal. I didn’t need him to go down on one knee but it could have been nicer. For a supposedly romantic guy.. he hasn’t really done any romantic gestures and everything has come from Brennan. I don’t expect it all the time but at least once would be nice.

    Otherwise the episode was good.. I liked the case and glad Pelant is gone.

  4. andrea on October 8th, 2013 12:35 pm

    Jen- I absolutely agree with you! The way Pelant died-on the floor of the abandoned building and completely
    ‘loosing” to Booth and Brennan-just right. Booth confirming to Brennan that they are getting married-perfect! No need for a overdone proposal imo. They both know how much they love each other and are there for each other. Brennan telling Booth that it was rational that she believe in him the way he believes in her at the FBI office-man I had to play that scene several times. There were so many awesome scenes that stood out in this episode! Loved the way the team worked together to outsmart Pelant, though it was tragic that Flynn was murdered.
    I am convinced beyond a doubt that Booth and Brennan are deeply in love-and like Jen said “the quiet understanding says it all” . I know some fans wanted a “real” proposal since Booth caused Brennan” pain” but she understood that it was the sacrifice he had to make which made her love him even more. Great episode indeed!

  5. Janet Rundquist (@ProfeJMarie) on October 8th, 2013 1:31 pm

    “Pelant only leaves the evidence he wants us to see,” or something like that, and the writers have done the same thing — making him catchable when they wanted him to be caught.” < — My thoughts exactly about how it all went down, but how else could it have? They kind of built a hole with that one. I'm just glad he's done and gone.

    However, that being said, I really enjoyed this episode. Fast-moving, not bogged down by the super-villain's normal stuff, and that scene in front of Booth's office might be my very favorite of all.

    For me, the proposal was exactly as it should have been. He couldn't possibly have delayed it any longer and it worked out just right for me.

  6. Julie @SBXMomX on October 8th, 2013 2:43 pm

    Overall I liked the episode. Especially the B&B scenes. I think the FBI office scene was the most emotional and heartfelt of the night and really enjoyed that interaction where Booth realizes Brennan trusts him and his “gut” without a doubt and his response was to kiss her. As far as the proposal, I would have liked to see just a little more romance from the romance guy as I too feel that Brennan is putting more into this than Booth appears to be. All the apologizing she does to him is getting old though, at least to me. I would like to see just a tad more of the feisty Brennan from the earlier seasons. Example, when they are on the cat walk and Pelant helped Brennan up and she was standing beside Pelant. Booth comes up to save the day but the S1/S2 Brennan would have handled Pelant herself with her own fighting skills. Come on, Pelant had no gun and she could definitely have easily over-powered him at any time being that close to him. But I guess in the end the writers wanted Booth to save Brennan. Which is fine. I just hope that they don’t soften Brennan so much that we lose her feisty side. That is want makes the batter between them so fun and passionate too. Overall, I am still loving Bones and look forward to what they have in store for us the rest of the season.

  7. Carrie on October 8th, 2013 3:57 pm

    I thought the proposal was perfectly Booth, although the rest of the team watching on the cameras was a little weird.

    As for the “new” serial killer, I don’t think there is one. When Pelant said the cases were linked, it was from Pelant linking them, to show Brennan where he was.

    I’m just glad I don’t have to ever hear about Pelant again; during the last few minutes of the show I kept expecting his eyes to flutter and him be still alive. I was relieved when that did not happen. This storyline went on way to long for my taste!

  8. LanaSweet on October 8th, 2013 5:18 pm

    I felt it was anti-clamatic. With about 7 mins left I thought, “There’s no way they’re going to wrap this up tonight. Maybe it’s a two-parter.” Nope! As Pelant lay dead I kept thinking he really isn’t. When the team hacked in I thought they were going to be unable to find the body. It just didn’t seem real that after all he’s gotten away with he was taken down so easily. He knew Booth was coming. How did Pelant miscalculate how quickly he’d get there? Why weren’t there alarms or booby traps? I didn’t buy how all of a sudden Pelant loves Bones. And if Bones thought Pelant was behind the engagement ending, why didn’t she ask Booth? Why would a technological genius bring a toy bomb? And finally, for some reason I liked Pelant in this episode. The love angle called for the actor to be love struck, and he played the role perfectly.

  9. Lucy on October 8th, 2013 6:35 pm

    I loved the episode. It was generally well-written and fast-moving. Pelant’s death was appropriate – shot through the heart. I don’t think Booth will be troubled about it in the least.

    The second proposal scene was fine – nothing wrong with it! I don’t understand why viewers wanted something different – they already had a beautiful proposal (Brennan’s), I’m glad they didn’t detract from it. Plus, they were just picking up where they left off. As far as causing her pain and having to compensate – he didn’t have a choice as he was being blackmailed, so just state the truth and move on – which is what he did. Booth has been the ‘romantic’ one over the years, and she the ‘practical’ one – but when it came to proposals the roles were a bit reversed. That’s what I like about this show – it surprises you.

    Aldo is a down-to-earth character who seems to add some insight to the show and characters, I hope he returns.

  10. Nancy on October 9th, 2013 9:51 am

    I generally liked the episode. But agree the killing of Flynn seemed to be a waste. I think Pelant had done enough to drive Booth crazy… least I thought he had. Aldo said it all come down to Brennan. So why waste Flynn?

    I didn’t understand why Brennan needed confirmation from Cam or Aldo about what Booth would do. Everyone watching knew what Booth would do. What Max told Booth needed to happen ages ago. All of that seemed unnecessary. But I do like Aldo.

    I felt more passion from Booth during the PDA at the FBI then him reconfirming their intention to marry. It wasn’t a proposal in my eyes. I would have thought he would have thanked her profusely for standing by him and believing in him when others were telling her she was crazy for doing so. He was way too low key for me.
    I’m just very glad Pelant is gone. It was overdue.

  11. Sofia on October 17th, 2013 4:56 pm

    I think the proposal was unsatisfying. After watching it, I was left thinking, “Wait… was that it?” It felt like there needed to be more. I’m not the one to want a big, scene, that would have gone against the general mood of the series, but as wedding the “proper” way is so important to Booth, it was a little OOC for him to awkwardly ask Brennan if hypothetically, she would say yes.
    The plotline was lovely, until the end. The idea of the Pelant luring Brennan into a trap was a good one, but from then on it felt rushed. Booth comes up, shoots him, awkward half-proposal, with the others watching, which made me a tad uncomfortable, they don’t really belong in such a private moment.
    But overall the best episode of the season so far, in my opinion.

  12. Laura Opper on October 18th, 2014 8:02 pm

    I actually thought the proposal was spot on. I think Booth promised himself that he would tell Brennan everything as soon as Pelant was dead, and he just couldn’t wait any longer….it just overflowed out of him….relief that it was over and that he could actually have what he has wanted for years. I didn’t like that it was on video for everyone back at the lab to see, but that maybe just me.