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Television was rather tame last night, so let’s get to it…

THE VOICE: Rather underwhelmed by many of the performances. A really bad time for so many of them to have off-nights, but oh well.

ALMOST HUMAN: Rudy undercover was fun enough, but what is truly sticking out to me is how Kennex killed The Bishop (yeah, that made me think of FRINGE) and seemed to have no hesitancy/remorse at all. Is that part of the PTSD and issues that were hinted at in the pilot? Is it a sign of things to come as Kennex has to deal with more personal cases? Or is this not an actual deal in 2048? We know the crime-rate skyrocketed which is why the android partners were needed to begin with, but you’d think they’d still want to keep someone as big as The Bishop alive — if he eluded them for 10 years, surely he has contacts he could potentially turn on, etc.?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: It’s kind of sweet Barney pulled another long-con on Robin. Kind of.  Given how much stress weddings are, you’d think he’d have just been sweet. What bothered me about the episode was that we’re halfway through the season at this point. It’s the final season. I know stuff with the Mother is coming, but it feels like we’re just a hamster in a wheel going over the same things again. Are we going to actually see why Barney and Robin were nervous on their wedding day? I care about these characters. And it really bothers me that I feel like so much of this final season with them is just forgettable.

HOSTAGES: The kiss between Ellen and Duncan might have been shocking if every. single. freaking. promo. hadn’t used it. And not even the past week, but for months. WTF, CBS? When I saw that teased (in the Upfront trailer, before I even saw the pilot), I wondered WTF would lead to that moment. In some ways, seeing what went down last night is even more messed up than I anticipated all those months ago. We know he’s doing this to save his wife, so…why is he kissing another woman?

What did you watch last night?

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