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Lots of Monday television. Let’s get to it!

HIMYM: I was going to write my reply to the episode in all-rhyme, but I figured we all suffered enough. The idea could have been fun if it added anything at all to the show: even the tiresome retread of the Barney/Robin/Ted triangle gave us the amazing Barney/Mom scene. This just wasted an episode (including the return of James Van Der Beek’s Simon, which…seriously, guys?) and apparently had us bypassing the rehearsal dinner. I’m bummed.

THE VOICE: Will Champlin taking on “At Last” may be the biggest risk a contestant takes this season — and could be what pushes him to safety for the next few weeks, at least. Only have one guess as to whom we may lose tonight, but since two people are going home, it’s going to be an interesting results show…

ALMOST HUMAN: The technology remains awesome, but man, what’s working best continues to be Kennex/Dorian. The “Bennie and the Jets” end scene? Awesome. Even if it was a little silly how much time the duo spent in stairwells, it wasn’t tedious because the banter worked.

Though, I am curious what it would take to kill a DRN. I’d like to keep him alive (thank you very much, writers), but we saw Dorian get shot multiple times and receive a serious head injury. Is there a specific kill switch?

SLEEPY HOLLOW: So…Ichabod has a son. As someone who watched and loved FRINGE, when Ichabod found out about his son, it reminded me of (spoiler alert? I don’t know, it’s been years, but I guess better to be safe?) when Peter found out about Baby Henry — and just as quickly realized his actions had led to his son’s erasure. (Whoops.) In this case, Ichabod found out he had a son, but immediately was faced with the possibility of, potentially at best, his son being long, long, long dead. If Ichabod’s son lived a normal, healthy life, the boy was dead centuries ago. It’s possible there’s a wee child wandering around purgatory, but you’d think Katrina would have a close eye on him — unless they were separated. I’m very curious to see where they take it, and it’s a bummer we have to wait two weeks to find out what’s next.

Speaking of children…

CASTLE: BABY. My goodness, that was just the cutest kid. I’m glad Ryan’s lottery fever ended up tying in to the case, because otherwise, it was a weird quirk they spent a lot of time focusing on. I liked the case — one of the most solid ones of the season — and really, who doesn’t love babies? LOVED that Beckett anticipated Castle was messing with her about the holiday costumes…and came fully prepared to make him join her if she was alone.

So, what did you watch last night?

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