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Fox Boss Kevin Reilly on the Network’s Recently Canceled Shows

May 12, 2014 by  

There are a lot of exciting shows coming up next season for Fox, but the reality of the industry is that with all those new additions, a whole bunch of shows had to die.

On today’s conference call with reporters, Kevin Reilly, Chairman, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX), was asked particularly about the decision to cancel ALMOST HUMAN and SURVIVING JACK, whose ratings were comparable (or better) than shows that were picked up. This is what Reilly said:

“Well, there are always those shows. I think right now, because of particularly, when you look at Live-Same Day ratings, there’s a lot of shows that look like they’re grouped together with the same rating, and ultimately, you can only afford to float so many of those. We have some shows that have been on the air a couple of years that have small, but very passionate and distinct audiences. But, you got to make choices.

“And every show is its own conversation. We look to the ratings performance as one marker. We look to another marker of how the show was run. And then ultimately, is it profitable? And then where can we schedule it? And can we support it going forward.

“SURVIVING JACK was actually a really nice show, very well creatively run. We liked it. All things being equal, we would have liked to bring it back. We had a couple of those this year. The same goes for ENLISTED. We had a good conversation about DADS. These are shows we would have liked to brought back; we just felt we couldn’t support them for various reasons, in a way that would have given them a shot. So we’re moving on.”

Which canceled show will you miss the most?

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2 Responses to “Fox Boss Kevin Reilly on the Network’s Recently Canceled Shows”

  1. Laura on May 12th, 2014 11:38 am

    Wow, so he wanted to bring back Dads (!!!), Enlisted and Surviving Jack, but not love at all for Almost Human?

  2. 21149315 on May 12th, 2014 9:07 pm

    I am mentally black marking this man [Kevin Reilly]. And from this point on I take no interest in FOX as a network because they have proven to be the most incompetent and untrustworthy network around. . The way they treated “Almost Human” (and many other Bad Robot productions) was terrible. Kevin knew well enough that putting Almost Human through rough conditions would lower its ratings, thus having an excuse for WB to lower the price. Perhaps WB saw through their game and stood their ground that the show was of good quality for full price.

    And Almost Human proved it could handle anything FOX threw at it: Late start, Hiatuses, Low promotion, and going up against the freaking Olympics, The Voice, and The Bachelor! This show deserved a medal based on these reasons alone. In general scifi has a tough time on mainstream broadcast.

    So Kevin Reilly wants to talk about money problems, but goes and buys 18 (plus) reality shows and 10 upcoming shows. And on top of that letting Glee, New Girl, and Idol drag them down financially. If I had to rant about The Following I would blow a fuse. Its DVR ratings apparently mattered, yet its live ratings are given a slap on the wrist?! Honestly, I want the FOX network to have the lowest ratings in television history this year to the next. They don’t deserve to have good conditioned shows handed to them only to blame the shows for not preforming under their manipulative treatment.

    I’m surprised BONES fans are still sticking around with how much this show has been tarnished.