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UNDER THE DOME at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

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UNDER THE DOME is returning to Comic-Con. Check out the official panel description, and follow along for a live-blog starting at 11:15 AM PT.

“The hit summer series is back for its second season, bigger than ever with higher stakes and catastrophic developments that leave no one safe under the dome. The inhabitants of Chester’s Mill must decide who to rally behind as Big Jim continues to fight for the town’s trust and allegiance, all while resources dwindle and the post-apocalyptic conditions continue to intensify. There are new faces, bigger mysteries, betrayal of alliances, and monumental revelations about the dome, which will lead to a shocking discovery of what is behind it. Journey back under the dome, where you can’t always believe what you see and nothing is impossible. An exclusive sneak preview at what’s to come in season 2 will be followed by a panel discussion with the cast: Mike Vogel (Bates Motel), Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight), Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, and Mackenzie Lintz, along with executive producer Neal Baer.”

11:19 AM: The panel is starting with panelist intros. Lefevre and Koch are dressed up in costume. Eddie Cahill has been added and Mackenzie Lintz is no longer here.

11:21 AM: “We know the end of this season, but we won’t tell you, we promise,” Baer teases.

11:24 AM: We’re seeing clips from upcoming episodes. Big Jim is mad, Barbie is in a whole lot of danger.

11:25 AM: Will we see any more death? “Of course we are,” Baer says. “No one is safe UNDER THE DOME. ” He says they have the people who have died pictured on the ceiling of their writers’ room, as a fake heaven.

11:28 AM: “When you’re dead, you’re dead, but that doesn’t mean you can be an avatar,” Baer says. There is the possibility for Linda or Angie to return in some capacity.

11:29 AM: “One of our characters might get out of the dome this season,” Baer says.

“They come up with a fun and interesting way of broadening our world,” Vogel says.

11:30 AM: Will we find out what was in the locker? Baer confirms we’ll find out this year. We’ll also find out, for sure, who killed Angie.

“Revenge might be taken,” Koch says.

11:33 AM: Will Big Jim and Junior ever get along? “I keep trying, but he’s a tough kid to raise,” Norris laughs. “He didn’t have a great father. I think one of the things of our story is the difficulty of trying to raise a psychopath. He loves him, but he knows he has some problems.

11:35 AM: Norris jokes that Julia’s love triangle is a bit slutty, since it’s only been a month since her husband died, and she’s already involved with someone and now there’s Sam, too.

“It’s a difficult line to walk,” Vogel points out about the potential lack of reality of Barbie’s relationship with Julie, a month after killing her husband. But it’s also just as unlikely that a dome would entrap a group of people. Going forward, “He really is there for the people and there to defend the defenseless.”

11:37 AM: Baer says we’ll meet person behind thehoundsofdiana in episode 8. It’s also a real site fans can go on.

11:40 AM: “Filming in a smaller town like Wilmington gives Chester’s Mill a real small town feel,” Ford says.

11:41 AM: “It’s awesome,” Norris says of Stephen King’s involvement. “It’s really important. He’s such an icon, a legend….it’s great to know he has a voice in what happens and he helps to guide the show.”

11:42 AM: “We have great adventures ahead,” Baer says of whether they still have a five-year plan. “I don’t know we even know what they are, but we’ve set  it up so we can keep going…we can tell it in cool ways: the tunnels [which are featured in an upcoming episode], are going to be something that’s really cool and interesting: where we find them, where they lead to.”

11:43 AM: “I definitely think this season is about defining lines,” Lefevre says. There is a push-pull between who stands where.

11:44 AM: “We get to come face-to-face with Barbie’s father this year, in a new and open world,” Vogel says. “And we find out he could have been a trust fund baby. Which shows why he pushed away from that lifestyle…and we find out some other familial secrets towards the end of this year, which I think are going to surprise a lot of people.”

“There are reasons that tie very closely [into the mythology],” Cahill says of Sam’s character.

“This season, you will get your first glimpse of what the impact of the dome has been, and what people around it are doing about it,” Lefevre teases.

11:47 AM: What’s more important to Junior, finding out who killed Angie or finding the truth about his mother? “I think he’s a person who craves love and affection and approval so much,” Koch says. “Because it’s such a pressing matter about who this serial killer is…he wants to find the murderer first and foremost.”

11:49 AM: “I think Angie’s death is one way he’s been reprimanded,” Koch says about whether Junior will ever pay for what he did to Angie. “Yeah, her death really hurts you,” Norris cracks.

11:51 AM: Who would they take under the dome? Norris jokes he wants to take Britney Spears.

11:53 AM: Baer says they’ve moved past the book at this stage in the show – the book only lasts a couple of weeks, and by the end of season 2, it’ll be a month into their time in the dome.

11:54 AM: King reads every script, Baer says.

“He loves it when we kill a character,” Baer says.”He wants us to kill more! So he was very happy by the end of this season.”

11:55 AM: A fan asks Lefevre to say, ” I am the one with the wicked curveball,” from TWILIGHT. She obliges.

11:56 AM: “I think Nori was Joe’s first love, and I don’t think you can ever run away from your first love,” Ford says.

11:57 AM: Ford and Lintz filmed vlogs that will go up on houndsofdiana.

11:58 AM: “We see a lot of tweets from Brazil,” Baer says when a fan says mentions they’re from there. He says this season brings up the questions of “how do you get along when resources are scarce?..how can we keep getting along when we’re under a lot of pressure?”

11:59 AM: And now we’re done and getting a teaser of EXTANT.

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