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WBTV/DC Entertainment Saturday Night: Live-Blog for the Uber GOTHAM, ARROW, THE FLASH, and CONSTANTINE Event

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Tonight, WB/DC is hosting an uber event  for GOTHAM, THE FLASH, CONSTANTINE, and ARROW, and ARROW star Stephen Amell is hosting the screenings of THE FLASH, GOTHAM, and a panel of stars from all the shows.

Follow along for a live-blog of the night’s events…

8:08 PM: “Holy shit, there are a lot of people here!” Stephen Amell exclaims.

8:11 PM: First up is THE FLASH pilot. “It’s an honor to be here and show the FLASH pilot to you,” Grant Gustin (Barry) says.

8:13 PM: “Crossovers between ARROW and FLASH, we should do those, right?” Amell asks. “Hell yeah,” Gustin answers.

8:14 PM: Time for THE FLASH pilot, so be back in about 45 minutes!

9:01 PM: “Hall H, welcome to Gotham City!” Amell says.

9:02 PM: “I’m so excited to present the world premiere of GOTHAM,” Ben McKenzie says. And it’s time to screen the GOTHAM pilot!

9:55 PM: Time for a CONSTANTINE preview!

10:03 PM: Ra’s al Ghul is officially the villain for season 3!

10:05 PM: Time for the panel! Everyone ever is here. (Seriously. There are three rows of panelists.)

10:09 PM: Now that we’re done with panelists introductions, GOTHAM EP Bruno Heller is talking about his show. He says he loves origin stories, and it felt natural to have Gordon investigate the Wayne murder.

1o:10 PM: “It was a dream, GOTHAM, it was a city I wish I could have visited as a kid,” director Danny Cannon says.

10:11 PM: Will Jim make Harvey better or will Harvey drag him down?

“I think we’re going to meet in the middle,” Ben McKeznie (Jim) says. “Harvey knows how the city works, and Jim feels like he knows how the city ought to work.”

McKenzie says that he worked with Logue’s sister on SOUTHLAND — she played a hooker and he “had her by the throat.”

10:13 PM: “All I can say is as an actor, you want to get the best material possible,” Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald/Penguin) says. “It’s all right there in front of me. I feel like I’m stepping into something amazing.”

10:14 PM: Will David Mazouz put on the Batman suit? “Well, that’s kind of up to Bruno and Danny,” Mazouz says. “I think Batman becomes Batman when he’s 25. So hopefully this show will run until I’m 25.”

10:16 PM: “I feel like we could be friends,” Camren Bicondova says of herself and Selina. She notes she didn’t know she was auditioning for the future Catwoman, she thought she was playing a character named Lucy.

10:17 PM: What is ARROW season 3 about? “Season 3 is all about identity,” Amell teases. “Can Oliver be Oliver Queen and be the Arrow? Can he do both at the same time? …he’s presented with something in the season premiere that forces him to make a decision.”

10:19 PM: Marc Guggenheim is teasing new characters: Katana, Ray Palmer, Ra’s al Ghul, and later in the season, Ted Grant/Wildcat will join the show.

10:21 PM: “It’s freakin’ awesome,” Colton Hayes says of his new costume. He’s excited about one particular thing: “They gave me a butt!”

10:21 PM: “Getting to wear that costume…it’s been pretty fun,” Caity Lotz (Sara) says of playing Canary. She read some Birds of Prey to research the role.

10:23 PM: “I’m as much a hero as Oliver Queen is, actually,” John Barrowman (Malcolm) says in character. “That’s the way I see it. What’s really going to be exciting is who he’s going to face off with this season, the whole relationship with Malcolm and his daughter…it’s going to be the most fantastically dysfunction father-daughter relationship on TV ever.”

10:25 PM: “And he’s a man,” Emily Bett Rickards says of Ray Palmer. She notes she’s digging herself in a hole because Amell and Gustin are both up there.

10:27 PM: “We were really excited to show the [lighter side of the genre],” Andrew Kreisberg says. He notes fans wouldn’t want to see another tonal clone to ARROW, so FLASH will be lighter.

10:28 PM: “He’s full of hope, he’s full of optimism,” Gustin says of his character.

10:29 PM: “I obviously played a detective before,” Jesse L. Martin says, to cheers from the crowd. He describes the pitch from Kresiberg and Greg Berlanti as “two puppies who had to pee.” He’s also super excited he’s gotten to shoot “a whole lot of metahumans.”

10:30 PM: John Wesley Shipp recalls his last Comic-Con for the original FLASH: they shot into Saturday AM, were told they had to get to the convention, got in a van, signed some autographs and was done in a couple of hours. Things have really changed since then.

10:31 PM: Tom Cavanagh still can’t say much about his character. “I will say, sometimes, Geoff, in the comic book world, people aren’t always as they seem,” he teases.

10:35 PM: “This is John Constantine,” David Goyer says of seeing Matt Ryan.

10:37 PM: Ryan says he’s still reading all the HELLBLAZER comics to “get under John’s flesh.”

10:38 PM: Upcoming DC character on CONSTANTINE: Jim Corrigan!

10:40 PM: Fan questions time! “It’s really his journey to becoming the Green Arrow,” Amell says of why he’s the Arrow now and not yet the Green Arrow. “We want to have a character that evolves. If we look at a finished project, to me, that’s not interesting.” But he hopes he does get to be the Green Arrow at some point.

10:41 PM: FLASH pilot spoiler alert: “There is another Weather Wizard out there, and we will see him one day,” Kreisberg says.

10:43 PM: “I think we’ve established firmly that Ra’s al Ghul hates Merlyn and Oliver doesn’t like Merlyn, so it will be a situation of who hates whom more,” Kreisberg says. He notes they’ve been building up to this. “What side are you going to take is a question all characters are going to face.”

10:45 PM: “Hopefully these little Easter eggs we put out there will pay off someday,” Kreisberg says of DC shout outs when he’s asked whether the Green Lantern will appear.

10:46 PM: “It took her a while, but she did it,” Amell says of Caity Lotz also taking on the salmon ladder last season. And how does the bar get down? “The answer to the mystery of how the salmon ladder [bar] comes down is never, never coming.”

10:48 PM: “Not only is this a dream come true, but it blew my mind,” Gustin says of playing Barry.

10:50 PM: “Never say never…if those two DC worlds coincide, it could work,” Heller says of whether CONSTANTINE and GOTHAM could crossover.

10:51 PM: Who would win in a fight of Flash versus Arrow? “I would win!” Amell says.

“Our episode 8 is called ‘Flash vs. Arrow,'” Berlanti teases.

10:52 PM: “She has a really special place in my heart and I’m really glad it resonates with [fans],” Rickards says when a fan mentions their love of Felicity.

10:53 PM: “I feel like this whole weekend is a success,” Amell says when he finds out he’s higher on a woman’s fantasy list than Channing Tatum. The male fan asks on behalf of his friend for him to take off his shirt. Amell says no, at first, Barrowman goads him on, and he does lift up his shirt.

10:57 PM: And now they’re going to screen CONSTANTINE for fans. Panel is over!

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