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CBS at TCA: Executive Session Live-Blog

January 12, 2015 by  

It’s CBS’ turn at TCA, and it’s time for Nina Tassler’s executive session. Follow along for the live-blog…

9:03 AM: Starting off with news — renewals for MADAM SECRETARY, SCORPION, and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS. (STALKER has not been renewed, but CBS says it’s still in contention.

9:07: THE LATE NIGHT WITH STEPHEN COLBERT  will launch on Tuesday, September 8th.

9:09 AM: Now it’s time for Q&A part. Tassler says they’ll be running reruns of primetime shows in the 11:35 PM slot while David Letterman is off and before Colbert’s show launches.

9:10 AM: “We think it is a story and a coming-of-age opportunity for us,” Tassler says of SUPERGIRL. She says they fell in love with the pitch.

9:11 AM: “I can promise you there will be a lot of surprises,” Tassler says of the TWO AND A HALF MEN finale. She notes that Chuck Lorre has promised a “mystery sandwich.”

9:12 AM: “No, there weren’t,” Tassler says of talks to save DALLAS.

9:13 AM: “Nothing specifically what we’re talking about right now, but clearly there is a part of this show in theme that has its finger on the pulse,” Tassler says of any tie-ins with CSI: CYBER and the recent hackings.

9:15 AM: “Scheduling is still a very key component in terms of launching and building a show,” Tassler says why network TV is still important, despite having their new CBS All Access app.

9:16 AM: “There is a human drama there…I think we’re watching an evolution in the way superheroes are protrayed…I think for our network, what we responded to was the character’s humanity…and he show’s arc and growth,” Tassler says of SUPERGIRL.

9:17 AM: “We are making some changes in terms of the mythology of the show,” Tassler says of EXTANT. She says Molly is going to be more proactive this season.

9:18 AM: Tassler says that Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon came in with THE ODD COUPLE, the network got to see the real-life chemistry that was there. She says they are finding new ways to showcase the dynamic.

9:19 AM: Tassler acknowledges the shift in time was rough for THE AMAZING RACE, but the good thing about reality series means you have the chance to grab new people every year.

9:20 AM: “This is really an additive process,” Tassler says of Colbert’s new show. She says he has most of his creative team from the COLBERT REPORT, and they’re working on the format right now.

9:22 AM: “We gave THE MILLERS a terrific launch last year; it had a great time period, and we’re enormous fans of Greg Garcia…we gave it an opportunity at the beginning of the season, and it didn’t take off,” Tassler says. She points to MOM, which has increased in viewership every week. She says they’re still working on developing things with Garcia.

9:23 AM: Tassler points to the scheduling for why they didn’t pick up more MCCARTHYS. It’s still in contention for next season.

9:25 AM: “To say we were mesmerized by him was an understatement,” Tassler says of James Cordon. She calls him a mix of Jack Black and Fred Astaire.

9:26 AM: Tassler says they have talked about opening up Saturday nights to scheduling, but the economics of it makes things tough. But they’re open to it, potentially.

9:27 AM: “The first lesson is ‘do it better,'” Tassler cracks about the new CRIMINAL MINDS spinoff.

And, no, they haven’t made a decision about whether CSI will end this season.

9:28 AM: Ratings will be a factor in whether STALKER or MCCARTHYS return next season. And economic factors will be an issue, too.

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