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CBS at TCA: Executive Session Live-Blog

August 10, 2015 by  

It’s CBS’ day at the Television Critics Association tour, which means that Nina Tassler, Chairman, CBS Entertainment, will be speaking to press shortly about the state of the network.

Follow along for a live-blog…

8:30 AM: We start off with a sizzle reel.

8:35 AM: Tassler touts that they have a “very big year” coming up. There are five freshman shows this fall. Tassler says that they’re rolling out the shows in two phases: September and late October/early November. It will give the shows the best possible chance to succeed.

8:37 AM: “After 15 years, this is a very bittersweet moment for all of us on CBS,” Tassler says of CSI’s finale. She notes its success changed the network. She was on set last week and it was “touching” to see the original cast back together.

8:39 AM: “We think Stephen [Colbert] is a once in a generation talent,” Tassler says. She says she thinks between Colbert and Corden, “the future looks very bright.”

8:40 AM: “The show is making a lot of noise — on-air and online,” Tassler says of James Corden. The show is already close to reaching 200 million views online for clips.

8:42 AM: Tassler is giving us numbers about the new age of TV. THE GOOD WIFE is one of the top shows on CBS All Access and iTunes. SCORPION adds more than 6 million viewers post-air.

“The truth is, we’re all part of one big content universe,” Tassler says.

8:44 AM: Tassler says that if the shows are good, people will watch on any platform — more people are watching CBS now than they were a decade ago.

8:45 AM: “We have a very healthy live audience,” Tassler says of the shows’ move to online watching.

8:46 AM: “I just love you’re so passionate about this,” Tassler says of THE GOOD WIFE CGI debacle. “Bottom line is, the ending of the the show was a very satisfying ending [for that relationship] …I stand behind how Robert and Michelle King produce their show.”

“I think the year Robert and Michelle have planned is more exciting than anything they have done before,” she says, denying there was any creative slump last year.

8:47 AM: Why pick up SUPERGIRL? They fell in love with it. They think it can do a lot for them.

8:48 AM: Tassler says they’re happy with their summer programming — ZOO is the #1 new show, UNDER THE DOME is #2, and EXTANT is #3. “We’re pleased with the summer strategy,” Tassler says.

“The dome is coming down at the end of this season, but that opens up a whole host of opportunities,” Tassler says of whether UNDER THE DOME will end this season.

They also will “absolutely” cast someone over 40 again on BIG BROTHER.

8:50 AM: Probably no more BRIEFCASE: “The show didn’t land.”

8:52 AM: “He’s someone who is very of the moment,” Tassler says of Colbert. That will be helpful as we’re coming up on an election year.

8:53 AM: “[Stephen] was very, very respectful of Dave,” Tassler says. She calls him a “real student” of late-night television.

8:54 AM: “One of our [important] things is our ownership position,” Tassler says. Owning their shows is very, very important to make the most amount of money possible.

8:55 AM: “We have not had conversations about the crossovers, but we’ll see it in terms of crossover promotion,” Tassler says.

8:56 AM: “We haven’t determined if it’s the end of the series yet,” Tassler says of POI. “We don’t know those dates — we’re not anywhere near having to determine what that last storyline will be.”

8:57 AM: “Counting our viewers, monetizing our content, that’s key,” Tassler says. They win at the end as long as people are watching.

8:58 AM: “The actors’ response to this script was one we hadn’t seen in a long time,” Tassler says of LIFE IN PIECES. It was cast in like “a matter of a week.”

8:59 AM: “We haven’t decided when and where we’ll be doing BEYOND BORDERS,” Tassler says.

9:00 AM: “It’s the rhythms, the humor, if it really lands,” Tassler says of doing two single-cam shows this season. Lynch’s “presence in ANGEL FROM HELL gave it a fresh, comedic voice.”

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