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CASTLE: ABC President Paul Lee on the Future of the Show

January 14, 2015 by  


CASTLE reached an important on-screen milestone this year as Beckett and Castle tied the knot — and Castle is now out of the precinct — but the show is also reaching an important off-screen moment as series stars Nathan Fillion (Castle) and Stana Katic (Beckett) will be renegotiating their contracts to continue on with the series beyond season 7.

After ABC President Paul Lee’s TCA session, he was asked by a reporter whether the two had started the discussions of staying around, and while Lee didn’t tip his hand to what the actors were at, he insisted the network is hopeful for the show’s future.

“We love CASTLE,” he said. “We love those two. And we want to see CASTLE on the air for many years to come.”

Are you hoping CASTLE sticks around for many years to come, too?

CASTLE airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC.


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11 Responses to “CASTLE: ABC President Paul Lee on the Future of the Show”

  1. act_on_love on January 14th, 2015 3:00 pm

    Bang, not whimper. It’s a GREAT show because it still feels fresh. Keep it going as long as it makes sense. But I love these actors and they deserve to spread their wings. I’d love to see them tackle other roles as well.

    I think if the series were eventually (in DUE time) cancelled but contracted to make long-form TV movies or miniseries once in a while, it would be really cool. Sometimes the 42-minute case-of-the-week formula is constricting on the really fun part – how all the characters play against one another. ABC could learn something from cable and from the BBC: short series work well.

  2. Rachel on January 14th, 2015 3:50 pm

    I’ll believe what Paul Lee said when I see it

  3. mika on January 14th, 2015 6:22 pm

    I consider myself pretty well-versed when it comes to popular media content, but for some reason I had never even heard of this show until last season when I just happened to catch a few episodes. This show is fantastic! How is it possible I knew nothing about it? Either I had some really Castle-specific blinders on for 5 years, or ABC marketing and publicity are not doing their job well when it comes to this show. I guessing it’s the latter. This is a show with a really broad potential audience base and I do not see ABC reaching out to all the groups this show would appeal to. I hope that changes because this show deserves to be seen by a wide audience.

    I enjoy everything about Castle. The characters are fantastic. This is one of the few shows from which I don’t want to get rid of even one of the characters. And the development of the characters and their relationships is wonderful to watch. The story-telling is also exceptional. I haven’t enjoyed a procedural this much since the first season of CSI. Sometimes the stories are compelling and emotional, sometimes hilarious and irreverent, sometimes suspenseful and action-packed, and sometimes everything all at once. And even the episodes of lesser quality (there are some but not that many) are tons of fun. I love the camerawork, the sets, the editing, the sound, the music, everything is really well done.

    I’ve watched the entire series by now and I’d love to see it continue for at least a few more years. I think these characters could support it and the potential stories are there. Just have to wait and see if ABC steps up and does right by the show I guess.

  4. Nory on January 14th, 2015 7:01 pm

    I totally agree with Mika specially with the way ABC has been promoting Castle. In the ad for Agent Carter I feel bad that Stana was left out. I love the show so may be a year or two more will be great but I also think that some of the stars have projects of their own that they need to pursue while they are hot with the fans. All in all I think Castle is an exceptional show because it is intelligent, interesting, never disappoints without resorting to sex, violence or vulgar dialogue. Common ABC, the writers, the stars, directors, everybody in the show have given their 200%, the ball’s in your court!

  5. Nory on January 14th, 2015 9:17 pm

    I agree with the first and the third comments specially about how ABC seems to be putting very little effort in promoting Castle. It was diaappointing that Stana as Beckett was not among the ladies cited in the Agent Carter ad. It would be great to have the show for another year or two but I know that some of the stars have projects of their own, not to mention the private lives that they have to put on hold. I love this show, it stands out in a class all its own. The writers, the actors, directors, even the musical and technical staff show that they give 300% each time. I think they are ABC’s saving grace in this time when in order to succeed a show has to have vulgar language, a lot of sex scenes and violence. Let’s show some appreciation, how about it ABC?

  6. Guy on February 22nd, 2015 4:32 pm

    I completely agree with some of the other commenters about Casle being amazingly good without vulgarity and excessive violence! It is too bad the networks won’t promote more shows such as this. ABC seems to be the only network lately, that gets this. Castle is one of the only shows I have seen that keeps things fresh and new season after season, even after the main characters finally get married. Usually, this is where a show loses its magic. I say bravo to the writers and producers for making such a quality show year after year!

  7. Linda Payne on February 22nd, 2015 10:35 pm

    I have said many times in comments on Facebook, tagline, etc. this is a great show. Well written, well acted well everything. From the hard working set designers background workers to the acting staff the never fails to keep us coming back for more. Even the critics who bash everything that is not to their liking keep coming back. Must be something. The writing is excellent. The quips inserted at what seems to be just the right time, i.e. “Chuck Norris”, “Hopalong” etc make light of dramatic scenes. Don’t forget the intimate ending endearing scenes S6 veritas and S7 reckoning where the Casketts show the man embracing and reassuring the love of his life that he’s there for her and there relaxing in that knowledge. If not for the excellent actors showing their craft at its finest, the writing would be wasted. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a series as much as Castle. Bravo to all !!!.

  8. Debbie Schnackenbeck on March 20th, 2015 9:40 pm

    Well what I have to say about CASTLE, its been a great show,and they have managed all Seven Seasons. well Rick Castle, has married for the 3rd time with Kate Beckett(Nathan Fillion,& Stana Katic) and its been great.But one thing is missing,Yes they are married now,but they need one more item, which is Kate,and Rick, being parents,In that one episode,they took care of a baby,while they hunt for the babies parents,which they found them..That is the missing key,
    Fans want to see Kate,and Rick be parents, with a baby of their own..When Rick was married to his first wife Meredith,they had a daughter,Alexis,there was no Baby,when Rick was married to wife #2 Gina..But now that Rick is Married to Wife #3,Kate Beckett, I think these 2 should have a baby together,and Alexis,can have a little brother,or sister to help take care of, then there was that episode when Ryan,and Espo, were caught in a huge fire,and Ryan’s wife gave birth in an amblulance…now Ryan,and Jenny,are parents,why Can’t Kate,and Rick have a child together ,that would be interesting,A pregnant dectetive,and soon to be a mom,and Rick the Author,is going to become a dad…Me,and a whole lot of Castle Fans would love to see Beckett pregnant,and Rick,a proud father,again,and Alexis can be the big sister to the baby Castle(meaning a boy or girl)..That would be a very good scene to have,and create Season 8,with Rick,and Kate being parents …My mom is a big Castle Fan,and she got me into watching #Castle,and I’ve loved every episode,from seasons 1-6,My mom buys the Castle Books,the DVD’s of Castle.Hey I found the picture,from season 3, and copied it,and now I have the picture of the two of them,on my monitor screen,but were missing a couple factors, like, a Castle t-shirt, and the Castle cards to put in a folder,from each season..they are collector Cards,the Castle Cards.i heard season 1’s cards are out,and Season 2’s collector cards too as well..I’d like to get a coffee mug that says #Castle too,and the list goes on…Please let Castle go onto Season 8, we don’t want Nathan Fillion,and Stana Katic to leave they are the magic of the show, and we dont want Ryan,and Espo ,and Alexis,and Castles Mom,to go,or Kate’s dad to go either,Capt Gates can stay as being captain,or they turn it to where Kate is the captain of the 12th…Theres got to be more adventures of Kate Beckett, and Richard,”RICK” Castle…
    I,and The loyal Castle Fans, want to see them do 1 more season,so we can see, Mr,and Mrs Castle,being Parents,to their own child,and Alexis has a little brother,or Sister…

  9. tricia on March 22nd, 2015 3:28 pm

    I think the show has fantastic potential for further development but if the stars cannot give their best (which we have come to expect) maybe it’seems time they moved on. Tricia.

  10. S.Orms on March 23rd, 2015 11:29 am

    I agree with the comments to keep the show going! Best show with a little bit of everything! 150th episode coming up! Please do whatever it takes to keep the show on for a long time. No matter how old the stars get, (“There’s always a story”)

  11. Ruth on April 13th, 2015 12:58 pm

    Totally disagree with Debbie. Backett and Castle having a child would ruin the whole vibe of the show