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FOREVER: Ioan Gruffudd Previews Henry’s Attempt to Protect Jo in the ‘Emotional’ Finale

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FOREVER resolved the mystery of what happened to Abigail in the last episode, but the impact of that will extend beyond the hour: now that Henry knows his wife killed herself because she didn’t want to lead Adam to Henry, the fight between the two immortal men has turned deeply personal.

“You know what’s wonderful about the show? Last week we had this beautiful conclusion to this romance spanning several decades, and then suddenly, in the finale, we’re back to a whole other thing,” FOREVER star Ioan Gruffudd (Henry) gushed. “We’re back to the here and now, and the danger of Henry’s secrets being exposed again. And that’s what’s wonderful about our show — we’ll take you on this romantic journey one minute, and the next, we’re asking you to come with us back to the present, and this idea Henry’s secret will be revealed,  to the one person he doesn’t want it to be revealed, which is Jo. It’s really, really clever.”

As his fight escalates with Adam, Henry’s lack of composure to the threat could be what inevitably trips him up in tonight’s season finale, “The Last Death of Henry Morgan.”

“What’s great about the finale, is it all becomes very raw, and very emotional for Henry,” Gruffudd teased. “He’s not an incredibly bright or smart liar when he chooses to lie. He can’t get his story straight with Jo — he can’t tell which lie he’s told, and what he’s trying to keep [quiet]. He has to [potentially] expose the secret to protect her, to protect her physically, protect her life.”

And given Henry’s increasingly odd behavior, Jo can’t quite pin down what’s going on with her friend.

“He becomes this strange character again, whom Jo is not really impressed with,” Gruffudd laughed. “But we as an audience know he’s doing it to protect her. It’s really clever what the writers have done.”

While Henry’s struggle is going on, the team has a case to solve. As they investigate the death of a museum curator, they cross paths with Aubrey Griffin, an antiquities expert, played by FRINGE’s John Noble.

“What a tremendous actor and a tremendous guy,” Gruffudd praised. “It’s funny, I likened his part to the character of Montgomery Burns [from THE SIMPSONS]. Older, eccentric gentleman, who seems like a bit of a recluse, but he’s really bright, really smart, and has a real passion for Roman artifacts. He, also, believes in the law of the dagger, of this idea that there is immortality…it’s a wonderful little cameo he has. He’s a lot of fun to work with, he’s a tremendous actor.”

As the people associated with FOREVER — and the show’s fans — wait to find out whether the show will return for a second season, Gruffudd praised the writers’ ability to craft a satisfying finale.

“In terms of what we do, quite successfully, in the finale, is conclude a lot of the storylines we’ve had throughout the season,” he shared. “And leave us salivating and wanting more for the next season, should we come back.”

FOREVER’s season finale airs tonight at 10 PM on ABC. And to catch up on full episodes, make sure to go to the official site.


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