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GOTHAM at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

July 12, 2015 by  

GOTHAM is back in production for season 2, and now they’re paneling at Comic-Con as part of DC’s uber block.

Follow along for a live-blog!

9:48 PM: We’re getting an extended sizzle reel, which is showcasing a bunch of our familiar faces.

9:51 PM: A season 2 preview! “The lunatics will run the asylum,” the teaser reads — and it is intense.

9:53 PM: “Crime is getting more fantastical, more grotesque as the crime prevails,” showrunner Bruno Heller teases.

9:55 PM: “She’s going to be trying to figure out where she stands, if she’s a bad guy or a good guy,” Camren Bicondova says about Selina’s season 2 journey.

9:56 PM: Geoff Johns praises GOTHAM’s ability to twist the core mythology — for instance, Selina had never witnessed Bruce’s parents’ murder before.

9:57 PM: “The good guys have to increase their force as well,” Ben McKenzie says about season 2. “There will be new heroes introduced on the good side, and they’ll have to band together.”

“He might be beaten down — he might be less idealistic than Jim Gordon,” Donal Logue says of Harvey in season 2.

10:00 PM: “It’s a story of insanity and a story of fulfilling your potential,” Heller says of Barbara’s trajectory.

10:01 PM: Alfred and Bruce will have more of an adult relationship, Sean Pertwee. David Mazouz teases a bit of a rocky patch between the two, but they’ll end up in a good place.

10:03 PM: “When somebody really doesn’t give a damn, they really become more interesting,” Danny Cannon acknowledges.

10:04 PM: “He knows when you reach the top, there’s always someone there prepared to take you down,” Robin Lord Taylor says of Penguin’s new power.

10:05 PM: The first fan question is a young man who has a crush on Bicondova.

10:06 PM: Cameron Monaghan crashed the panel as Jerome! McKenzie vows to take down Jerome.

And we’re done!

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