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About Last Night…GOTHAM, SCORPION, CASTLE, and More

September 22, 2015 by  

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

TV is officially back! Have you missed it? Or is your DVR already overwhelmed? (I’m feeling falsely confident right now, because I managed to watch all but one of my Monday shows….this won’t last long.)

Mondays are particularly insane, so let’s rehash what went down last night…

GOTHAM: This isn’t a knock at the hour, but I think one of my favorite aspects of the premiere was the early episode montage; it’s what I’ve thought about the most since watching the hour. The premiere set the stage for a lot of things to come, and I think the first hour showcased that, for better or worse — a lot went down. This is semi-cheating for this purpose, but I think the next two episodes are better/more focused.

THE VOICE: There’s something magical about the “Blind Audition” rounds of THE VOICE. On one hand, we are in similar positions to the coaches — we don’t know what’s going to come out of the contestants’ mouths, and even if they’re amazing, we don’t know who will turn around. (And if more than one person turns around, who the contestant will pick to be their coach.) Barrett Baber was incredible. And Mark Hood’s energy is so infectious. I’m excited to see what other talent is in store this season.

LIFE IN PIECES: It’s one of the best — if not the best — new casts on TV, and Giselle Eisenberg should be a star. I am hopeful the show will get to a place where I enjoy it as much as I enjoy the actors on it.

MINORITY REPORT: The show is pretty, the technology is cool, Dash is like a human puppy, and Detective Vega is a badass. I really want to see more of the precogs together…looking forward to seeing what’s to come.

SCORPION: I’ve watched a lot of season premieres at this point, and, honestly, SCORPION was probably the one I enjoyed the most. The show knows what it is, and it managed to be both funny (Robert Patrick and Gene Simmons, forever), surprising (way to be tricky about how Paige kissing Walter came out, CBS), and truly sweet. And Alana De La Garza was a great addition…I do hope CBS can find a way to let her do both SCORPION and BEYOND BORDERS.

BLINDSPOT: What works in BLINDSPOT’s favor is there is nothing else like it; in a world when so many shows feel similar, that’s almost refreshing. And Jaimie Alexander is fabulous as the central Jane Doe. I’m more cautious about how this will work as a series, though, because it feels like it’s on a fine, fine line of being fun and being ridiculous.

CASTLE: I enjoyed CASTLE’s premiere, but I’m very curious to hear what others thought. It absolutely felt like an ensemble show for probably the first time ever. I don’t know how much of it is the new showrunners or due to the unusual storytelling POV. Like I previously mentioned, I really enjoyed Hayley — it felt like she she gelled with the rest of the world, while still being a unique/intriguing character. Also, Jack Coleman is fantastic, and that Castle/spider torture scene was approximately 400 levels of messed up.

What did you watch last night?

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