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Let’s talk about Monday night TV!

[As a note, I’m going to be in New York for about a week, so I’ll still be doing these ALNs, but they’ll more heavily focus on anything screeners are made available for.]

THE BIG BANG THEORY: Man, Amy needs a hug. And probably some new friends.

GOTHAM: Cameron Monaghan was fabulous on GOTHAM as Jerome, and that entire final hostage/magic sequence was fantastic. That being said, I’m glad the show was conning us about him being the Joker; it felt like it might have been too much too fast to have the Joker that fully formed with Batman so many years off.

MINORITY REPORT: Well, it was significantly better than episode 2. I’m curious where the show goes now that Dash knows Agatha’s vision. And I do appreciate the show didn’t hold that until, like, week 10.

CASTLE: For as big as the first two episodes were, this felt like the real test to me of what the new showrunners can do: when there isn’t the gimmick of the storytelling, what is a “normal” case like? I enjoyed it. I think it’ll still take a bit of time for Beckett as the captain to gel, but I like that Ryan and Esposito were more actively involved. And thank the TV casting heavens that the recognizable guest stars weren’t the killer.

What did you think about last night’s TV?

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One Response to “About Last Night…THE BIG BANG THEORY, GOTHAM, CASTLE, and More”

  1. MRiter on October 6th, 2015 1:19 pm

    In their effort to shake things up the Castle show runners have created too many distractions to keep people in the story. Examples: Quinn is not nearly a strong enough actress to take time away from Katic and not impact the quality of the show. Although someone reminds Beckett of what she has to lose in pursuing the Federal case every few minutes, it remains difficult to understand her logic about why she is separated from Castle. (Audience comments) Something is wrong with the editing. Unimportant things seem to be stretched out while significant elements are short changed. The pace of the show lagged in comparison to previous seasons. The reduced amount of time that Fillion and Katic appearing on screen together is palpably noticeable to the viewers.

    As individual items these are not big. Together they drag down a show that could be easily much better. It’s the inability or unwillingness to meet known expectations that impacts the program.