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THE GOLDBERGS: Adam F. Goldberg and Hayley Orrantia on a RISKY BUSINESS Homage, Fan Tattoos, and More

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Credit: ABC/Ron Tom

Credit: ABC/Ron Tom

THE GOLDBERGS is back for its third season, and the comedy is kicking things off in style: with a tribute to RISKY BUSINESS.

“I was obsessed with RISKY BUSINESS growing up; it was just one of those movies that I loved,” THE GOLDBERGS creator Adam F. Goldberg shared. “And we touched upon it in another episode in a prior season, but I wanted to do a big blowout. This [themed episode] started with a love of a movie. And now that we have AJ Michalka (Lainey) [full-time] on the show, I saw an opportunity of Beverly having a new kid to parent. [Lainey’s] parents [are] going away for the weekend, and Beverly is like, ‘I’m going to fix your life in three days,’ basically. And Lainey’s never had any support, so she’s taken by it, but then realizes, no way, it’s time to throw a RISKY BUSINESS party. And it gets out of control, and Beverly has to save the day.”

Tonight’s third season premiere also marks the second year the show has been a part of ABC’s stable Wednesday night block of comedy. (THE GOLDBERGS aired on Tuesdays for its first season.) And with that solid ground, Goldberg noted his goal is to keep the show consistent.

“I felt like it was really working last year,” he said. “Even halfway through season 1, we really found our footing. We want to do more of the same. We’re not going to change it up.”

“And if it ends up being the best show on television, so be it,” THE GOLDBERGS star Hayley Orrantia (Erica) added.

People are certainly feeling the love for the show: over the summer, a fan tweeted her GOLDBERGS-inspired tattoo.

“I think we all felt it was the greatest thing ever, but we also feel bad someone has it on their body for the rest of their life,” Goldberg laughed.

“I think that’s when you know it’s really working — people are so involved and so committed they will tattoo it on their body,” Orrantia said.

As for what’s ahead, Goldberg and Orrantia are looking forward to Erica showcasing her musical talents — but they have a bit of a differing opinion on how it should be expressed.

“I cannot play guitar,” Orrantia stressed. “But he will continually try to make me.”

“The character Erica plays guitar, not piano,” Goldberg replied.

“And in that way, I’m not a good actor,” Orrantia countered.

“We had a very fun text exchange where Hayley was like, ‘It’s like me writing a scene for you where you’re flying a helicopter,'” Goldberg shared.

But it seems Orrantia might have a bit better luck in trying to get a certain song on the show.

“I keep saying [I want to perform], ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody,'” Orrantia said. “So I put it on my own set [list] and I performed it on a concert.”

“I saw the video on Facebook,” Goldberg teased. “You’re going to do it [on the show].”

Speaking of videos, THE GOLDBERGS has carved out its own unique tradition by showcasing Goldberg’s real home movies. And if you ever wondered how it seemed like the show was always able to find the perfect clip for each episode, it’s simple: young Adam laid most of the groundwork.

“I was such a giant nerd that I logged them all as a child,” Goldberg laughed. “And I use that log to this day, with all the old misspellings; I didn’t know how to spell anything. It’s all mapped out. And I can search on the document. I’ve been using Apple since the first Macintosh, so I’d update the document. There’s some new stuff that’s not logged, that I have to go through. The later stuff, I’ll have to go through hours and hours of stuff…that’s torture.”

THE GOLDBERGS airs Wednesdays at 8:30 PM on ABC.

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