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BONES Season 11 Premiere Recap: ‘The Loyalty in the Lie’

October 1, 2015 by  

Credit:  Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Hello BONES fans! Season 11 is finally here, and it started off with a doozy. With a title such as “The Loyalty in the Lie,” how could it not? But who is being loyal—and who is lying (and to whom?). Some questions are answered, and some remain, but there is enough to discuss, so let’s get to it!

The episode begins with Booth and Brennan still in their DC home, having left the FBI and Jeffersonian. They have a new son, Hank, and Booth is doing training while Brennan is staying occupied by writing books and analyzing plows. Booth leaves for a day of work and his longing glance goodbye (and ominous shift in the tone of the music) tells us something bad is about to happen.


The Scene of the Crime: The team is brought to an abandoned site where a van has been lit on fire. A set of human remains are there, but most disturbing is that Booth’s gun is fused to the victim’s leg.

Aubrey and Cam go to see Brennan, who can’t believe the news. But when she opens Booth’s gun case and sees they are missing (and that he has left his wedding ring behind), she knows something is not right. She rushes to the lab, and interrupts Arastoo from where he is working on the remains.

At the FBI, Aubrey and Caroline hold a briefing and enlist the help of many agents to track down what happened to Booth. They later figure that Booth must have been in trouble and it must have been bad if he didn’t come to either one of them for help.

The Victim: Though the bone structure seems to match Booth’s, after deep analysis, the team realizes the victim is Booth’s brother, Jared.

The Case Progression:

Aubrey and Caroline are approached by Agent Miller (played by Kim Raver) from internal investigations. They are less than pleased, but she tells them a body has been burned to a crisp with Booth’s gun on him, so of course Booth is going to be a suspect.

Agent Miller questions Brennan on Booth’s last known whereabouts and when she wants to know about Booth’s recent behavioral patterns, Brennan balks — those are emotional questions and she would be better served analyzing the case. Miller dismisses her, and Brennan warns her she won’t be able to solve the case without her help; Miller threatens to remove her from the case entirely.

Aubrey and Angela analyze Booth’s phone records and then look at who he didn’t talk to. He received three calls before he disappeared from a 715 number — meaning GO. Angela traces this burner phone back to Jared, who had purchased several phones recently, and five were activated each week.

At the lab, Hodgins is analyzing buffelgrass, a seed that germinates after exposed to heat. And Brennan and Arastoo continue to examine Jared’s remains.

On the way to visit Jared’s wife Padme, Brennan and Miller discuss the case. Miller suggests Booth had as many issues as Jared, and Brennan does not agree. With Padme, it’s clear that Jared was in major debt, and when Brennan wants to know if Booth gave him money, she scoffs and indicates that Brennan got in the way between Booth and his brother. Padme suggests another friend of Jared’s was helping him, Kevin O’Donnell. Aubrey and Miller visit O’Donnell, who was in the Navy with Jared. He is shocked Jared is dead and doesn’t like their implications that Jared might have been involved with something illegal.

At the lab, Angela comforts Brennan with friendship and non-expired chocolate pudding, and Brennan confesses that she is sure Booth is alive somewhere. Later, she and Arastoo look at the fracturing on Jared’s wrists. He must have fallen from about 3 stories high. There was glass on his skull, and Hodgins traces it to a unique glass made in turkey. The team narrows it down to a single house in Virginia, and Miller and Aubrey lead a SWAT team to check it out.

They find lots of blood and a few dead bodies, none of them belonging to Booth. They find a safe that was trip-wired, and it set off an alert. Miller figures the scene calls for a murder charge, and she knows one of the shooters was Booth. At the lab, Cam confirms that some of the blood at the scene was Booth’s, and all accounts indicate he lost a lot of it.

Arastoo and Brennan discuss the case, and she admits she is frustrated and emotional that there are so many questions. Arastoo describes the bond of brotherhood, but Brennan feels there is more Booth was keeping from her.

At the FBI, Caroline has news for Aubrey — she has done research on Miller and found out that Miller’s own partner has been missing for four days, but no one knows that. Why didn’t Miller mention this? That is for Aubrey to find out.

Brennan and the Jeffersonian team grow worried, knowing that Booth has lost a lot of blood and is likely out in the world needing medical attention. The episode ends as we see Booth tending to his own bloody wound. He is with two other men in an abandoned building of sorts. A fourth man joins them and it’s Kevin O’Donnell. He tells Booth he can’t have medical attention and asks if he’s still with them. Booth says yes, and the screen pulls back to a ton of cash.


I still don’t care one way or the other about Cam and Arastoo, but the scenes with the engagement ring (Hodgins/Arastoo, and then Cam/Arastoo/Hodgins) were very funny — the perfect amount of lighthearted humor for this episode.

I also liked the work related conversations between Hodgins and Arastoo, especially the Jordan/Pippin analogy, haha!

Caroline and Aubrey were great; everyone at the lab was great.


What worked:

  • I loved the first family-of-four scene with B&B, Christine and Hank. Very cute.
  • When Brennan examined the remains and had the flashbacks to various conversations/experiences with Booth, I was literally breathless. Those were amazing, amazing scenes. Honestly, they gave me a lot of hope for this season, that the showrunners and writers have a good grasp of the characters. SO GOOD! I loved how she was both methodical and emotional. I don’t wish Booth dead, but it would have almost been worth it for that scene, LOL!
  • When season 10 ended, I was bummed because the Booth/Caroline good-byes were so perfect, and I wasn’t sure how the show could figure out a way to have them reunite. That Booth didn’t interact with anyone else (ex: Brennan) in this episode really ended up working out well, and I think will make that transition between seasons work
  • I LOVED Kim Raver as Agent Miller. I loved that her analysis of Booth on paper is correct, but she was missing the human element piece of him. But she was right to dismiss the obvious bias Brennan and the Jeffersonian team (and me) have toward him and treat him like a suspect and fugitive. The BONES cast is professional and excellent, and I thought Raver was a worthy foil for so many characters, and she brought credibility to the role, which then flipped my perspective on Booth. I just loved it and kept thinking, “I really hope her character is not evil.”

What didn’t work for me:

  • It was a little unrealistic how long it took for the team to figure out they were Jared’s bones and not Booth’s, but I get there had to be some tension there, so it’s fine.
  • Emotional upheaval aside, I thought it was very uncool of Brennan to act/feel like she had a say in her replacement and judge the quality of work at the Jeffersonian. Nah, lady — you walked away!
  • It was sad that Padme accused Brennan of getting between Booth and Jared, which then sort of implied that Booth is going behind Brennan’s back. After the gambling storyline in S10, it just feels too soon for this sort of issue between B&B, and I suppose I always sort of hoped that Jared/Padme & Booth/Brennan had kept up good relationships with one another.

All in all, I really liked this premiere. What did you think? What worked for you and what didn’t? The comments are open; speak your mind!

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5 Responses to “BONES Season 11 Premiere Recap: ‘The Loyalty in the Lie’”

  1. annie on October 1st, 2015 10:33 pm

    I think it was a strong ep, parts worked for me mainly Brennan, Can and Angela, their contribution to the ep

    What didn’t work for me was Aubrey. Not for one hot minute can a junior FBI agent take over the place of a FBI agent of 20yrs, it doesn’t work like that, Booth was head if his department for frak sake

    What are the writers trying to tell me? that Brennan is not replaceable, they couldn’t even find someone to do her job, nobody was in her office but they had no problem filling up Booths position and giving his office to Aubrey in a heartbeat? Then they have Aubrey doing basically everything that Booth did: work with the Jeffersion, lead a SWAT team, lead agents, banter with Caroline, they have basically turned him into Booth 2.0 . We already have a Seeley Booth why are they stripping evetthing off Booth what makes him him and giving it to Aubrey?

    Why can’t anyone see that by doing this they are completely diminshing Booth’s purpose and role on Bones, I find it all insulting to be honest and going by the bones writers twitter feedd they have no problem elevating Aubrey at the expense of degrading Booth’s role on bones, I am really disappointed with this

    FYI, I detested agent miller, Kim is great she isn’t

  2. Lucy on October 2nd, 2015 12:18 am

    Have to agree Annie, was disappointed that the character that brought all the team together is now dispensable and jr fbi boy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They are disrespecting Booth and exactly how many times now have they investigated Booth and found him clean while the whole team has in some way shown less ethics than him? Manilipulating evidence, writing college entrance exams, sleeping with a subordinate and promoting him, breaking into govt files, stabbing a suspect with a needle and Mary Sue Aubrey compromised the FBI by giving Booth confidential FBI info while he was suspended. What am I watching?

  3. Ellen on October 2nd, 2015 11:10 am

    Glad to be able to start reading your followups, Sarah. Thank you for doing this!

    I thought this was an exceptionally well done episode and I loved it. In my opinion, it doesn’t show any signs of wear and gives much promise for a wonderful 11th season.

    I also thought the flashbacks were an inspired idea. They added so much to the episode.

    Also, I love TJ’s contributions to this show. He has the ability to offer deeply serious moments as well as laugh out loud commedic moments. As fans, we have been very lucky to keep so many of the original cast members intact throughout this series.

    Looking forward to next weeks episode.

  4. Ryan on October 3rd, 2015 6:33 pm

    Bones has been an incredible show for me to have the pleasure to watch. Obviously the first couple seasons were the best, but season 10 ruined it for me. It’s like since hart Hanson left the series it’s changed. Sweets died which is just the beginning of my woes with the show. It seems so stale and generic. The characters seem so one dimensional and static not the dynamic ever developing interactive story they once were. Every killer in season 10 “oh sorry didn’t mean to” fake sob story and on top of that they bring in Aubrey who looks like a nerd but acts like he’s some tough guy or like he’s been with the cast for years or somethin. The dialogue dried up and got super stale in s10 the only exciting episode was the gambling one. Please stay working on other projects Nathan and bring hart Hanson back!

    To wrap up my point season 10 completely changed my outlook on bones I own all of them on DVD (even s10 unfortunately) but even if they were going to take sweets out of the picture throwing this Aubrey bloke in there who never in a million years could even pass as a mall cop security guard in his place is just disrespect I’m done with the show unless someone on here tells me season 11 is as enticing and exhilarating as one of the first 5 seasons

  5. Diane on October 5th, 2015 5:09 pm

    I just simply want to see them start focusing on Booth and Brennan again – like old times. We have not gotten to see hardly any of the “romantic” side of their relationship. Heck, last year we did not even see their partnership! It has been basically all business (in their separate corners) for quite some time now. Most of the business has focused more on the other characters (especially that stinking Aubrey who brings nothing to the show). THAT IS NOT BONES!! Get the spotlight back on our beloved duo where it belongs so that we viewers might actually be interested again!

    I do not want to say goodbye to this show – I just want the formula that made it so special (B&B)! THEY ARE THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS – everyone else is supporting cast!! We don’t need any more episodes that focus on the supporters – we had an entire season of that last year!! I hope that this season, the show runners have finally gotten the message!

    PS. KILL OFF AUBREY PLEASE – I agree with the folks that say that he is “diminishing Booth’s purpose”, and that is unacceptable! He is simply a scene stealer!!