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Brooklyn Nine-Nine at TCA

With BROOKLYN NINE-NINE moving over to NBC, the cast and creative team are hitting up TCA to talk about being saved from cancellation and more.

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9:53: We’re starting off the morning with a B99 sizzle reel. It is set to “Everybody,” and therefore perfect.

9:55: Terry Crews was in New York when he heard the show was being picked up. He and Andre Braugher were doing PYRAMID together five minutes after they found out it got canceled, and then he learned about the renewal when he got up to use the restroom. Crews compared the situation to being on “life support,” but surviving and being better than ever.

9:57: “The mandate from NBC all along has been, ‘We know this show, we love this show…please keep making this show,'” EP Dan Goor says. “There are no substantive changes.”

9:58: Crews credits his B99 family—and the women who also came forward—for him having the strength to tell his #MeToo story. “This is just the beginning…now the town will be safer.”

10:01: “We like the theme song, so hopefully you do, too!” Goor says. Yes, it’s staying put.

10:02: “It feels like more pressure than ever before,” Goor says of moving to NBC. He jokes it’ll be “more heartfelt. Better guest stars. More everything. Longer. Shorter.” Goor says, given his history at NBC, it’s nice seeing so many familiar faces. But he acknowledges it wasn’t all bad at Fox; “It’s [just] nice to feel like we’ve been picked up or chosen again. So in that way, it’s a really good feeling. It’s more of the same and better.”

10:04: “They’re really hard to do, but we’re really happy with the way they turned out,” Door says of doing issue-based episodes. “We intend to do that [going forward].” They’ll also continue to explore Rosa’s coming out story. They’re actively trying to do a #MeToo episode.

10:06: It seems like the annual Halloween episode is still going to be a part of the season, even with the airing schedule TBD. “I think we have an idea of how to do it,” Goor teases.

10:07: “Mostly really detail-orientated storylines about their finances,” Andy Samberg jokes about what he’s looking forward to see now that Amy and Jake are married.

10:09: “It’s a show we have loved making so much, and we’re so proud of,” Samberg says. The cancellation and the revival “gave the show a story.” Now people (who don’t watch the show) know the show in a way they didn’t previously.

10:11: Goor reiterates they’re still “in conversations” with Gina Rodriquez about returning. He says he’s “hopeful” they’ll be able to get her back in some capacity.

10:12: They’re also trying to get all of the famous faces who rallied to save the show on the series, but they’re all very, very busy.

10:13: How they’ve written Holt has changed over the years, because his relationships have changed and there isn’t quite the surprise element to some of his most hilarious moments. But “Holt is one of the most fun characters for the staff to write,” Goor says.

10:14: “We don’t feel like we’ve run our course,” Goor says. But he also acknowledges the only way to counter any assumptions is to put out the best show possible.

10:15: The cast’s fave cold opens: Melissa Fumero loved Boyle’s old bag open; Samberg said many of them enjoyed Boyle post-watching BULLETS OVER BROADWAY.

10:16: Stephanie Beatriz says she’d love to work more with Chelsea Peretti; she also says she’d love to work with both Fumero and Peretti as a trio. Peretti also wants to see the female trio. Samberg says he wants to do more with Andre Braugher, because “he always gets nominated for stuff.”

10:19: “I immediately broke into a sweat, because he was legendary,” Beatriz says of meeting Jimmy Smits at a photo shoot. (He was a fan of the show, and that led to him being on the comedy.)

10:20: “The episode was a tremendous amount of fun,” Braugher says of working on “The Box.” “These guys have a gift for translating a serious subject matter in a comedic way…these are episodes that have a dramatic depth to them…[and] it really illuminates the relationship between the two characters [of Jake and Holt]…I felt the writing staff had come to a unique and interesting way to explore that.”

“There’s an episode that has a similar feel in the works,”  Goor teases.



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