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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS – “secrets and lies” – After troubling news, Delilah finds herself once again leaning on her friends in order to help her family, unexpectedly having to rely on Katherine the most out of all people. Despite Gary’s protests, Maggie insists on running the Suicide Prevention 5K with the rest of the gang, where Danny also plans to introduce someone special to his mom and sister, on the midseason premiere of “A Million Little Things,” returning in its new timeslot on THURSDAY, JAN. 17 (9:01-10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand)

Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

THE BIG BANG THEORY: I’m really, really glad Sheldon didn’t opt to stab Amy in the back. Season 1 (or season 4) Sheldon might have done that…work came first. But this was a partnership and it would have been really disingenuous for Sheldon to be awarded a Nobel Prize without Amy.

SUPERNATURAL: “We have shifts now because you mess up so, so many things.” Ooh, I like the new reaper.

Michael!Dean is a manipulative ass. The cutting comments he made toward Sam, Jack, and Castiel? Come on. You’d think he would have tried to be a little more truthful versus just lashing out and being nasty.

I’m torn about the decision to lock Michael up in Dean’s head. For one thing, it’s certainly not going to last, which means it’s likely to pop back up, say, close to the finale. But also, it just felt like a weird time to play this card. Yes, it’s good that we actually saw Dean fight back. He had agency. But it was once again a tease of a storyline and now it’ll just be hanging over everything until they play that card. And we know Dean isn’t going to tell Sam or Castiel about whatever the heck was in that book that scared the crap out of him.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: I was really impressed with “Hitchcock & Scully.” I didn’t think I really needed a backstory for the duo—they’re so much fun, but sometimes learning too much about characters like them dilutes things—but it was a surprisingly funny episode.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: So, Jon had his own apartment. Ashley definitely isn’t helping her case by seemingly stealing his safety net for the family…even if it was only a small amount of money, anything could help make a dent.

I also understand why Gary had difficulty coming to terms with Jon’s actions: he did have plans for everything, so the idea that he would leave his family $18 million in debt after his death really doesn’t make sense.

MOM: So now that Mitch’s check bounced, how much is that going to screw Adam over?

THE ORVILLE: The good thing about the show being off the air for so long? I completely forgot Michaela McManus was previously on the show. (It probably helps she was in full Krill makeup.) The blindspot made the twist more effective and the entire situation a lot more bittersweet.

THE GOOD PLACE: IHOP was totally how I picture Janet’s Void.

For as disappointed as I was in last week’s episode, this one really delighted me. It was THE GOOD PLACE at its weirdest, but also really moved the story forward. In theory, we now have the framework for next season…though this being THE GOOD PLACE, they could absolutely throw a curve ball at us next week and this new neighborhood was merely a stepping stone.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: I never watched the mothership, so I honestly don’t know how much of the Ben Stone that was described in SVU matches up to what viewers saw. As much as last night’s episode focused on Peter Stone (and his father’s obsession with a killer), it was also a bit more evenly balanced with the other characters than I expected.

What deeply, deeply, deeply frustrated me was the Noah storyline. Viewers have watched Olivia be pretty much unstoppable for 20 seasons. They also watched her yearn for a child for a number of years, including getting rejected in her initial attempt, before Noah came into her life. It doesn’t need to be all sunshine and roses. Heck, there is absolutely a case to be made that Olivia is working much more than she needs to—she’s certainly out in the field more than Cragen ever was—and is also mostly seen on-screen communicating with Noah via FaceTime. (To be 100% clear, women can be working mothers. But there also used to be times when Olivia would sleep at the precinct, etc., which is not as conducive to raising a young child…and certainly as a child gets older, they would realize that their mother hasn’t come home.)

Which is almost why it’s borderline insulting that it seems the writers are pinning Noah’s problems on…not having a father? What?! First of all, Stone just talked about how much his father ditched him for work. Did Olivia not think maaaaybe that’s why her kid is angry? (The audience knows the work she is doing is incredibly important. Less easy to explain that to a kid who just wants his mother.) But also: huh?! Putting aside how rude it was for Peter Stone to stop by unannounced—she left work early to spend time with her kid! Maybe she actually wanted some solo time with him? Send a text first!—after Noah was being flat-out rude for months, Olivia only just asked him what’s going on? And it’s really about the lack of a father figure in his life? Olivia was raised by a single mother. (Of course, you could also argue Olivia more than anyone else knows what having a monster’s DNA in you can do to you. She’s been worried about what’s inside her! You’d think she’d be worried that was why he was so angry?) Many people are raised by single parents or two women or any number of people. (I’ll admit my own bias here, as I was also raised by a single mother.) Of course Noah would be best served to have as much love as possible in his life; that’s not in question. But it felt insulting after Olivia told Noah they were on a team together, rather than let them have that moment be just theirs, it was immediately crashed by an outsider, and Olivia acted like he saved the day. It’s just so disappointing; had they ended the episode one freaking minute earlier, it wouldn’t have felt so forced.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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