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Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO).

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

GAME OF THRONES: The battle at Winterfell was so freaking hyped up…and, well, yikes.

Here’s the thing: It’s not the show’s fault it came out the same weekend that AVENGERS: ENDGAME dropped. (No spoilers here.) But I have to imagine a large portion of the viewers had ENDGAME in mind while watching, and without context, there was really no contest. ENDGAME had badass moments, great team-ups, things that felt a decade in the making, plus genuine stakes. Oh, and you could see it.

This…well, the Arya moment was incredible. Ramin Djawadi’s score was perhaps the best it’s ever been. But there were no stakes. Yes, a bunch of supporting characters—some reasonably important—were killed off, but every single star survived. Even when they were insanely outnumbered and there is no feasible reason they should have. This is GAME OF THRONES. The show’s deaths, especially of its lead characters, are notorious. And in the final stretch, during what was supposed to be one of the biggest battles, everyone was saved by the magical TV protection (that you normally find on shows afraid to take risks) that kept them safe enough until the Night King was killed?

AMERICAN IDOL: I don’t really know that Alyssa would have made it into the top 6 had she gone earlier, but, man, I did feel bad for her as she tried to stall to get more votes in.

Queen…is a really tough musical act to tackle. Freddie Mercury was a ridiculously charismatic frontman and Adam Lambert is arguably in the top 5 most electric contestants on IDOL ever. (He’d be in my personal top 2.) Queen songs aren’t exactly easy to take on, and most of the contestants really, really struggled.

THE SIMPSONS: I can’t believe Lisa Simpson willingly left Canada.

SUPERGIRL: Ugh, I love Dreamer so much.

BOB’S BURGERS: Watching Bob and Linda try to get concert tickets made me nostalgic for the era when you had to either be at a box office or call to get concert tickets.

Gene’s reaction to running was hilarious. (Though my school mile-run was at the school. And never featured ice cream. That would have been so much better.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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