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About Last Night…ONE CHICAGO, ARROWverse, WHISKEY CAVALIER, and More

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CHICAGO P.D. — “Reckoning” — Episode 622 — Pictured: (l-r) John C. McGinley as Brian Kelton, Marina Squerciati as Officer Kim Burgess, Jesse Lee Soffer as Det. Jay Halstead, LaRoyce Hawkins as Officer Kevin Atwater — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

There have been a lot of big TV episodes over the past few weeks—and just as much TV news. So here’s a round-up version of About Last Night…

AMERICAN IDOL: Whether the best singer won is almost besides the point. IDOL is as much about a presence, and as Adam Lambert has shown, sometimes the best thing for a non-traditional singer is not winning.

ARROW: While it was lovely that the show did a montage of Felicity and Oliver’s life from the finale fight until The Monitor came to get him for the upcoming crossover event, I was bummed out that the future Felicity basically abandoned her daughter and step-son to reunite with Oliver. I would have preferred we just not see the future and know that was an option versus…that.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: I assume Holt’s demotion won’t last long, but the thought of him having to do it for a bit makes me laugh. He deserves everything good, but Andre Braugher is so fantastic at portraying Holt’s frustration with idiots.

CHICAGO FIRE: Well, uh, Brett’s engagement seems short-sighted and not great.

CHICAGO MED: How do Connor and Ava’s stories end there? The show made it seem, for so long, that Ava was bonkers. Then, in the past few weeks, they made it seem like maybe Connor was imagining things. Now…maybe Ava killed his father?! And both real-life actors were cut?

The Manstead cliffhanger was much more life-or-death than I imagined…I figured Will would finally make a play for her again, not be cradling her nearly-dead body.

CHICAGO P.D.: It felt like the show was setting up Jon Seda’s exit, with the truth of Dawson’s accidental homicide inching closer to the light. Instead, the show doubled down on the secret, and the season ended with Dawson’s relapsing. If that was the last we see of Seda on P.D., I truly hope he doesn’t OD.

THE FLASH: Poor Nora. She was a fun addition to the show. There was no real way to keep her, but when they weren’t pulling a fake-out that she was turning bad, she provided a lovely spark.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: Nikki was too worried about breaking attorney-client privilege but wasn’t worried about staging an elaborate framing to try and take down Miller? How did everyone go along with that?????

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: I would like a real-life Hey, World amusement park. I’d also like action figures of every single character, please and thank you. I can’t wait to see what hellish creatures the show brings into the world next season.

LUCIFER: I was delighted the show was revived after its Fox cancellation, but was very curious how it would work: this is a show that fundamentally worked with a procedural spine and was undergoing a massive narrative shift. But, boy, this season was my favorite. The showrunners didn’t abuse the Netflix freedoms with gratuitous nudity or cursing or ridiculously long episode lengths. It all felt true to the world. I loved the storytelling, Eve was fun, and that hellish cliffhanger has me dying for more.

SUPERSTORE: I have absolutely no clue how the heck the show is going to get out of the corner they’ve backed themselves into. ICE is no laughing matter—how does Mateo get his life back?!

SEAL TEAM: I’m very curious what this means for Mandy—is she truly losing her spot? But the speech that Jason gave near the end of the episode when he listed everyone’s various injuries over the years was powerful.

THE VOICE: Unlike IDOL, THE VOICE still feels like the right singer has to win for it to mean something. Thank goodness the right person won.

WHISKEY CAVALIER: Alex surviving the fall didn’t surprise me. Him immediately coming for Standish did. (I figured he’d pop up early in a potential second season.) Um, and Frankie and Will were standing very close before we cut to Standish’s call…what happened between the duo? Man, I truly hope the show (somehow) finds a way to return.

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