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Supernatural — “Don’t Go in the Woods” — Image Number: SN1416B_0145b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The CW is closing out its summer TCA day with a final session for SUPERNATURAL. Follow along for what the cast and producers have to tease about season 15…

4:27 PM: We’re starting with a retrospective of the show so far.

4:30 PM: “I don’t think these guys look to the past very often unless it’s to help moving forward,” Jensen Ackles says. “It’s a long journey that I don’t think is ever going to be over. I just think we’re going to go away for a while.”

“And then 15 more seasons,” Jared Padalecki jokes. Ackles likens it to Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln ads.

4:31 PM: “We are picking up right where we left off,” EP Andrew Dabb says. He teases there will be a lot of people from the past, some that are expected, others that aren’t.

“We have a lot of lasts in front of us,” Misha Collins says. “If we allow the weight of what this season is to creep into our work schedule, the days are going to get very long,” Ackles adds.

4:34 PM: “I was hoping the job would go another ten seasons, but that’s not how things work,” Alexander Calvert says. “I think both me and Jack will be observing these guys go through very serious emotions towards the end of the show.”

4:35 PM: How did they think the show would end in season 1? Padalecki thought the pilot wouldn’t get picked up. He says he wondered, but he didn’t know and didn’t ask. “I’m grateful to be here after 15 years, that’s for certain.”

“In the beginning, Eric Kripke said he had a five-year plan,” Ackles says. Once they got to season 3, he realized they had a chance to go to 5. “And then we kept on picking up steam.” Kripke left, but the show continued on. “I don’t think [an original ending] would make sense anymore…it’s kept us all together and kept us all gainfully employed for 15 years…it’s a story we’re all very passionate about.”

“You’re not going to please everyone, you just can’t,” he says of the finale. “But the majority of the people who have been with us through the journey will be satisfied.”

4:39 PM: “We’re looking at this as a true ending,” Dabb says. Some of the things that the guys have relied on to come back from death will be going away, so it seems like some deaths will stick.

4:41 PM: What props will the guys take? “Technically, it’s all Warner Bros.’ property, so we’ll take ‘nothing,'” Ackles jokes. Padalecki says he wants to keep the bunker. But, he says, he’ll be taking his relationships. He says there are some things in his home that are already from the show.

But Ackles is jealous Padalecki has a piece of one of the Babys at his home. “We had to climb into it to shot the aftermath, and Sam was behind the wheel,” Ackles recalls. Padalecki noticed there was a part of the car—that they would no longer be using—that was loose and he grabbed it.

Ackles wants to take Dean’s boots home: “I would literally like to hang them up.”

4:45 PM: “I thought I would leave before the series would end,” Eugenie Ross-Leming says of saying goodbye. She calls the finale “organic” and “correct.” “Each episode is a piece of the ending.”

“We’ve never done an ending before,” EP Robert Singer points out.

4:48 PM: “We stayed out of the production side of it on purpose,” Padalecki says. He jokes they begged the producers to fire Collins in season 4, and realized the producers don’t care what they think.

“The relationship between us through the years has worked well,” Ackles says, because they trust the writers to deliver good stories and the writers trust them to give them their best. He says they’ll share who worked well “with the family in Vancouver…and vice versa. But the majority speaking, it’s pretty rare. They do what they do and we do what we do.”

4:50 PM: Are they open to a revival? “I’m not ever ready to close doors or burn bridges…am I saying something is in the works? No. I am saying I’d be willing to have a conversation in the future.”

4:51 PM: “Going to the Upfronts and have leads of shows come up and say, ‘I’ve grown up watching you,'” Ackles says of their long run. “It sucks,” Padalecki jokes.

4:52 PM: “We keep our feet clean and do the job,” Padalecki says of the fan base. “For 14 going on 15 years, I was lucky enough to just commit to Sam. I trust implictly our writers and producers…it’s not going to be until I look in the rear view mirror at SUPERNATURAL, I’ll be able to reflect on it…in the meantime, I’m thrilled about what the show stands for who really need it, myself included.”

4:53 PM: “We wanted to go with the All-Star lineup,” Singer says of recruiting their BTS people. Matt Cohen is directing an episode.

4:56 PM: Why was now the right time to stop? “There were no concerns about the story unspooling or whether or not the writers could carry on…[Ackles] and I have had conversations for many years,” Padalecki says. “At first, you’re begging for an audition, and now they’re saying to you, ‘We’re done when you’re done.’…I feel like it came to a situation where you don’t want to be the last person at a party, even if it’s the best party.”

“I don’t think it was any one specific thing,” Ackles says. “It was always something we wanted to have a plan for and structure a plan for…we felt a duty [to do it until] it feels right.”

4:59 PM: What do the guys think about a spinoff not working? “They were great and I’m proud of those episodes,” Padalecki says. “I imagine they didn’t just work for the network at the time…there is something very, very humbling about the idea this show keeps going…I do hope we see more of the SUPERNATURAL universe…I always loved scenes without me in them, because it feels like it fleshes out the SUPERNATURAL universe.”

“I’m aware I was hired so these guys could see their families,” Calvert jokes. But he notes, in seriousness, the other characters are there to service the Winchesters.

“When you have a show that is so anchored not in a world but to two characters, it makes it difficult to tell a story without those two character,” Ackles says. He jokes it should be a Castiel spinoff, though.

5:02 PM: What do the guys want to do next? “I think I’ve grown as an actor, and I’m ready to be a father on The CW,” Ackles jokes.

“Man plans, God laughs,” Padalecki says. But he’s open to see what comes up.

5:05 PM: “I want them to resurface,” Padalecki says of whether his wife or Ackles’ wife will return for the final season.

“He had a very wonderful exit from the universe,” Ross-Leming says of John Winchester potentially returning.

5:06 PM: “I think we’re all in the same place with wanting to end strong,” Collins says when asked if he agreed the time was right to end.

5:07 PM: “Thank you for 15 seasons…of course, if you are willing to reconsider, I know a network that will take you back,” Mark Pedowitz ends the panel. “As a fan, you have created immense enjoyment in my personal life…you have made my time and many at The CW’s a blessing. 15 years is a remarkable achievement. One that can never be taken away from you. One that can never be taken away from The CW….you will always have a home here. You will always have a fan in me.”

SUPERNATURAL, Season Premiere, Thursday, October 10, 8/7c, The CW


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