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THE GOOD PLACE — “The Answer” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Kristen Bell as Eleanor, William Jackson Harper as Chidi — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Let’s talk about Thursday’s TV!

SUPERSTORE: Yikes, yikes, yikes to the mess of curbside pickup. Wouldn’t they need an entire other staff for that?

Poor Jerry just wants a friend and Garrett just wants cool stuff. A match made in heaven! And, uh, Mateo and Eric’s relationship is going to delight the hell out of Amy. Can you imagine them on a double date with her and Jonah?

SUPERNATURAL: I will never not get emotional when someone says “kick it in the ass” on this show. The episode felt…fine? Rewriting history, but the Chuck of it all makes things cloudy. Do the old rules still apply?


Okay, I’m actually pretty mad about the midseason finale. I understand the show is a soap and couples will fluctuate. But that episode was pretty enraging.

First of all, I get they’re trying to integrate STATION 19 and GREY’S ANATOMY more, but it’s kind of frustrating how many storylines in GA’s fall finale involved characters from another show. (I get it, I get it: S19 is returning in 2020, they’re promoting it and kicking off their own season. But still.)

Bailey losing the baby wasn’t surprising—again, two pregnancies on a soap very, very, very rarely works out well—but it at least felt like the show handled it as best as possible. And Ben’s heartbreak was so tough, too.

But what the hell to the show reviving the absolutely convoluted and well-past-over Owen/Amelia/Teddy triangle? (Which now includes Link and Koracick.) I definitely prefer Teddy/Owen, but even outside of that, Amelia and Link have been one of the best surprises of the year. Yes, her baby (seemingly) being Owen’s doesn’t necessarily change the coupling, but what the heck good does this do? Amelia’s pregnancy would inherently be dramatic due to her past and the relatively new relationship with Link. Now they’re potentially making it Owen’s kid, as Koracick is a) suddenly aggressively pursuing Teddy again and b) making a big deal about Owen not marrying Teddy.

Also, how the heck did Amelia not have a freaking ultrasound done until that point. Again, I get her trauma, but…she’s a doctor. So is Link. As involved as he’s been, he wasn’t wondering what was going on? HOW?

At this point, I probably shouldn’t even get started on the whole Maggie of it all, but, to be clear, also ugh.

I miss Cristina dearly, assumed from the start McWidow was her gift, but very curious to see how this actually plays out. He’s certainly more Meredith’s equal…

(And, uh, just to be clear, I’m really hoping Jo took that baby with someone’s permission.)

This is extra depressing given how fantastic last week’s episode was. How the heck did this happen?

THE UNICORN: Okay, the final scenes made my heart happy. I’m glad Wade and his girls are getting their traditions back.

THE GOOD PLACE: After last week’s step forward, this episode felt like a slap in the face. We are four episodes from the finale. The very, very end of the show! What the heck.

Here’s my thing: Chidi has been underwritten this year and he absolutely deserved to have a full episode. To be clear, William Jackson Harper was great. But the episode moved the progress up about a minute. If you’re pulling that move this close to a finale, especially a series finale, it has to be extraordinary. At least give us insight into something that feels absolutely valuable. This…told us nothing new. Not really. We knew Chidi’s inability to make decisions ruined relationships. We knew that he and Eleanor consistently reconnected in the fake Good Place. Okay, so we learned he “convinced” his parents to stay together, but that could have been a single scene vs. a part of the full flashback thing.

Part of the issue, for me, is that I generally like Eleanor/Chidi, but I don’t crazy-stupid love them in a way the show seems to be banking on me feeling. We know they have loved each other, we know how deeply he respects her, so that moment at the end didn’t land with quite the weight it feels like it should have.

Right now, it feels like the show’s writers arced out a six-episode final season and then they were told, surprise, you actually have 13 episodes! (Which I don’t for a second believe is the case.) There is no reason the show should feel like this, especially going into a final season. I truly hope it pulls itself together.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: The PJ scene made my heart hurt. I thought the show handled it very, very well, but good lord, it was hard.

One of the things that bothered me the most about the idea of Katherine pushing Delilah to tell her kids the truth was the very real reality that not only would they lose their mother—out of anger—but they’d also lose the relationship they fostered with Eddie. Sophie’s heartbreak was so sad and justified.

I wish Regina had been allowed to keep not wanting to have kids, but I’m glad they’re going down the adoption route if they’re having them pursue parenthood.

[Here’s what series boss DJ Nash teased about what comes next.]

MOM: I didn’t love Christy doing a hit-and-run, but I genuinely appreciate the episode made me laugh out loud multiple times.

WILL & GRACE: I was definitely expecting someone we knew to be under the panda suit, but I’m glad it was just a too-invested worker.

But…the Grace and Karen reconciliation scene felt a lot like a certain FRIENDS scene.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: Well, in case there was any doubt about who the episode was based on, that opening scene sure made it clear, huh?

So, um, why was Rollins talking about Carisi in therapy? But yikes to that final scene—and promo for the next episode—because it’s not Rollins’ fault. I feel awful for that entire family.

(Very curious how the team treats Kat when looking for Rollins, because it feels like there may be some very bad things said in the heat of the moment.)

CASTLE ROCK: I was underwhelmed by the episode until THE KID SHOWED UP. Give me more now, please.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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