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THE GOOD PLACE — “Whenever You’re Ready” Episode 413/414 — Pictured: Ted Danson as Michael — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

SUPERSTORE: Oh, poor, pure Jerry…is he now going to believe he went to a rodeo with Garrett?

I’m really happy Sandra and Jerry were able to get hitched with minimal problems, but it feels like Carol may have gone past the point of no return. (And I’m not just saying that because animal violence is always a no-go in my book.) Of course she wasn’t going to let the wedding just be, but yikes.

On a lighter note, I love that Eric made the effort to get an extension cord so Mateo could join the wedding celebration. (And of COURSE Jonah accidentally inspired the caterers to quit in protest.)

SUPERNATURAL: Honestly, I expected a bigger cliffhanger? It’s crazy we’re going into our final hiatus for the series, and while we just had a break, this felt like it just as easily could have been any regular episode ending. I’m not saying they needed to artificially inject a cliffhanger if they didn’t feel one was needed, but it was a surprise.

THE GOOD PLACE: At times, THE GOOD PLACE has been one of my very favorite shows on television. Much of the final season felt like they were spinning their wheels, trying to stretch 4-5 episodes worth of story into 13. There were good moments, great episodes, things that frustrated me, and really promising storylines that were rushed through/completely dropped. But at the end of the day, I hoped the finale would pull things together. I struggled with parts of the final season of PARKS & REC, but loved that last installment.

Here’s what frustrates me about the THE GOOD PLACE’s final episode: There were great performances. I appreciated the Tahani twist, because it was the one true genuine surprise of the finale. But I felt nothing.

Part of it may be the show itself trained us to expect twists. The penultimate episode set up that this could be a possibility, but I didn’t think they’d parallel the PARKS & REC finale so obviously. And then I looked at the episode’s title and worried they actually had put their cards on their table. And they did. Outside of the aforementioned Tahani twist, it basically was that simple…everyone moved on. (Okay, and Michael became human.) It’s also a bit frustrating that the show didn’t really dive into the complexity of people choosing to…cease to exist. (Especially since if they do that and leave people behind, that would mean people in The Good Place are grieving, which also means it feels like it would defeat the purpose of the heaven experience?)

The other part that bothered me was that it did end up paralleling PARKS & REC so much. PARKS & REC—and I guess years-delayed spoiler alert in case you didn’t watch that?—ended its run with flashing forward and showing all of the happy endings for the various characters. This…basically did the same thing. Except in this case, the happy endings = being at peace enough to cross over and leave The Good Place or Michael’s normalcy on Earth. PARKS & REC certainly wasn’t the first show to use this device, but the fact that the same creator ended both of his acclaimed, brilliant comedies using the same format bothered me. (It also doesn’t help ARROW accidentally had a fairly similar final scene? ARROW’s was crafted over the summer, around the same time THE GOOD PLACE filmed, but it was truly a coincidence.)

On a lesser note, because Janet wasn’t crossing over, it meant D’Arcy Carden didn’t get a proper act to say goodbye. But, boy, at least she shined in the moments she was given. Carden was a consistent MVP for the series.

I did enjoy that Jason’s realization of peace was simply a perfect Madden game. (Though I’m shocked the real Bortles didn’t show up?!) Mary Steenburgen and Nick Offerman’s cameos were delightful. The episode didn’t infuriate me. I just wish I had cared more; I never thought I’d feel so little for the show’s final episode.

GREY’S ANATOMY: I’m really glad Amelia told Link the truth, but also how could she not want to know who the father is? I can understand why nothing would change in her mind, but as a doctor, wouldn’t she want her child to have all of its biological family history at its disposal? It also worries me that they’re having Teddy and Owen be adorable now because they’re about to completely torpedo that relationship…

Tom’s snark towards Bailey felt so out of place? It allowed for a very sweet and cathartic moment where he told her how he grieved for his lost children, but it felt weird he’d be so vile without wondering why she suddenly HAD to take time off. (Also, people can now keep secrets at the hospital?! How was it not really known what Bailey went through?)

I miss Meredith and Cristina so much, but I love that we’re still getting them communicate. And Jo’s line about worrying about the male gender as a whole made me laugh out loud.

MOM: This show brings me so much joy.

I’m glad that Bonnie realized, albeit reluctantly, that therapy has been helping her. And she bought her therapist a touching gift as a make-good! Growth! (Maybe inappropriate, but, hey, with Bonnie, it’s absolutely progress.)

In many ways Tammy and Chef* Rudy are the perfect couple: a little bit crazy and obsessed with the strangest things. Tammy turned him down, for now, because he’s the marrying kind and she’s not ready, but I do wonder if the show will bring them back together at some point.

*Adam has a good point about it being a weird choice to call him that, but it’s hilarious and sticking.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: How did Katherine and Eddie not realize why Theo was upset. He’s a well-adjusted kid, but he’s a kid. And a kid who has seen his parents split and reunite, his second family fracture, got a half-sister, found out his father was an alcoholic…they’re lucky this is the first time he’s acted up.

Gary’s spiral is understandable, but really sad. And, I’m sorry, how did Katherine think bringing Maggie to pick Gary up from JAIL was a good idea? I totally get why the friend group doesn’t want to ditch her, despite Gary’s spiral, but that is adding a pound of salt on a gaping wound.

I loved Regina, Rome, and Delilah co-parenting Sophie, though. Regina was absolutely correct that Delilah can’t be rushing into every bad situation or the reset won’t actually stick.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: I’ve had conflicting and complicated feelings about Tucker given his (often truly gross) past on the show, but this was probably my favorite episode of the season so far. (For more on the episode, SVU boss Warren Leight shared what comes next.)

I appreciate that the show acknowledged how difficult it can be—and certainly was—for women of color in the force. (And how much the trauma of the job can lead people to very, very, very dark places.) Holly Robinson Peete’s guest spot as Rachel was brief, but she knocked it out of the park. 

I do feel awful for Tucker’s wife, though. And her kids?! I understand Tucker didn’t want to burden his new family with his illness, but, uh, yikes. (Also, uh, he kept his illness from Olivia during their relationship? They weren’t just a quick fling; lung cancer, even if it’s been beaten, is freaking serious.)

At this point, Olivia needs to grab Noah and head to a bunker for, like, a year to just recover from the past few months. I hope she can let herself grieve properly and at least hold on to the fact that she and Tucker were able to have a goodbye of sorts.

(Also, can someone please check on Rollins, who definitely needed to talk and didn’t seem to get that moment in the midst of everything?)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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