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Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

SUPERSTORE: Okay, I’ll start with the good: Garrett and Jonah’s initial goodbye was lovely, as was Jonah being unable to accept that Garrett genuinely likes him. And Dina telling Amy she’s irreplaceable? The moment that broke me. And Amy had beautiful moments with Garrett and Glenn.


Look, the Jonah/Amy breakup hurts. This isn’t a situation where the writers broke up the central couple just for drama; the fact is America Ferrera left the show, which, admittedly, makes it difficult for a relationship to continue on. When the news initially broke, I hoped maybe they could continue off-screen, but the EPs’ comments at the end of last season made me skeptical that was the path they would go down.

What makes this extra tough is that, in part, I feel like my takeaway from those breakup scenes was different than the intention. The showrunners and Ben Feldman all mentioned how open door the ending felt, and certainly I do expect Amy to return (and likely reunite with Jonah) before the series ends. But I don’t know how—or why—Jonah should trust their relationship again.

While SUPERSTORE focuses on the employees’ lives primarily at the store, the fact is, Jonah and Amy were together for more than two years. As he said, they lived together (for more than a year), and he’s been raising her son with her since he was an infant. (Not to mention her teenage daughter Emma, who is definitely old enough to know what’s going on.) This was…a very, very serious relationship; Amy wouldn’t have made Jonah a part of her kids’ everyday life if she was casual about them. And of course Jonah was all in—he was all in before they got together. It was honestly more shocking that he hadn’t already proposed. So she’s afraid…he loves her? It’s not like it’s a situation where he was like, I need us to be married or we can’t take this step or be together. It’s not like she said, “I love you, I don’t want to get remarried, but I’m committed to you and our relationship.” It was just…her scared and blowing up their lives.

It’s funny, as I was watching the premiere last week, I briefly wondered if Amy would be enraged about Cloud 9 clearly putting the employees at risk during COVID and jeopardize her corporate position at Zephra by fighting back and trying to protect her friends. And then I wondered if Jonah would start back up with unionizing and potentially that could cause a shift in their relationship. I don’t want bad things for Amy, and I didn’t want them to part under bad terms, but…her doubting their relationship felt like it came relatively out of nowhere. (Outside of the final look in the season premiere.)

Which, again, brings me to I don’t really know how they fix this, if they opt to go down that path. Jonah has now lost Amy, her kids (AKA his newfound family), his home—he’s lost basically everything he was working toward. As he said in the video, Amy was the best thing that ever happened to him. (Also, they had a nice moment of acknowledging each other at the end, but that wasn’t actually going to be their last interaction in the world of the show. Even if you exclude the deleted scene, uh, they still live together? Presumably they were packing their stuff together. So…they would have to go home—PROBABLY IN THE SAME CAR—and re-pack. He would have to say goodbye to her kids. Ouchhhhhhhh.) And if Amy returns in, say, two years when the show ends* and says she made a mistake and wants him back, they won’t know who they became in their time apart. They shouldn’t just jump to reunite—and I’m glad all involved are acknowledging that wouldn’t happen and work would need to be put in—but, again, if several years together wasn’t enough to convince Amy of their relationship, why should Jonah trust whatever they build the next go-round? (Not to mention if you want to do actual work of them repairing that relationship, it’s also heavily banking on Ferrera returning for multiple episodes.)

*this is not knowledge about when the show ends, just a hypothetical.

What is giving me hope is I did enjoy the premiere. I really hope that when the show settles into what it is post-America Ferrera, it gets back to what I love. But I think I’ll always be a little heartbroken they ended Jonah and Amy like this. (For more on the episode, Feldman and the EPs broke down episode 100 and the alternate endings for Jonah/Amy.)

SUPERNATURAL: Wait, did Castiel go full-on (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’s) Angel and his moment of pure happiness was expressing true love?! (I mean, in this case he sacrificed himself to save Dean, so it at least had a bittersweet ending vs. Angel turning into Angelus. But him losing himself for love reminded me of Angel.)

I’m…honestly not sure what to make of the episode? I am assuming the Castiel death quasi-sticks (maybe, though, because “death” on SUPERNATURAL rarely means anything and if it does stick, it certainly skirts the line of a very harmful trope given his happiness was dependent on him confessing his love for Dean?!), but the sheer number of people who, um, snapped out of existence was significant. I assume they will AVENGERS: ENDGAME this and bring the disappeared people back, somehow, but…

B POSITIVE: The pilot was very, very, very pilot-y. I honestly don’t know what this show looks like in week 2. And, please, TV Gods, give Kether Donohue more to do in this show.

MOM: I was worried about how MOM would handle Christy’s absence since Anna Faris wasn’t returning to close out her arc. Yes, it was a little rushed, but I’m so glad Christy truly got a win and is now, hopefully, happy in her new school.

And most encouraging is the show felt like itself outside of the Christy of it all. The show really had shifted to an ensemble show in recent years, so her absence didn’t feel like a glaring hole the comedy couldn’t come out of. (But, also, good for the writers for keeping Christy a part of the show with the phone calls. She and Bonnie have been fairly co-dependent for years, as much as both would hate to admit it, so it makes sense they would still be an active part of each other’s life.)

(And for more on MOM, here’s what co-creator Gemma Baker had to say.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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