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WALKER Post-Mortem: Anna Fricke Breaks Down the ‘Bar None’ Betrayals

March 11, 2021 by  

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[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Thursday, March 11 episode of WALKER.]

Was Walker (Jared Padalecki) betrayed by a friend?!

After Walker spent much of “Bar None,” trying to save Geri’s (Odette Annable) bar, he eventually came up with a plan: he’d buy it from her.

But as he was making that nice gesture, Liam (Keegan Allen) and James (Coby Bell) were horrified to discover Geri might be tied to the death of Walker’s wife, Emily (Genevieve Padalecki).

So what comes next? WALKER boss Anna Fricke breaks down the hour’s biggest twists…

One of the biggest moments of the episode was the reveal that Geri might have played a role in Emily’s death. Was this something that was always in the plans for the character?
I mean, how much do you love that shot of her driving away? [Laughs.]

It was gorgeous and just a little terrifying.
Geri is a character who has really evolved, even from the original pilot script. She’s become a much bigger character, as we’ve talked about her over the course of season. Obviously, the OG group is Emily and Walker and Geri and Hoyt. And so to hint that Geri might somehow be involved in something nefarious, it’s definitely something we wanted to explore. I think that Odette Annable is such a great actress and that she can pull off girl next door and mysterious and edgy all at once. We wanted to play with that. But Geri is very layered. And so there will be more to unpack with her story there. We never wanted her to just be pretty girl at the bar, so we wanted there to be a lot more going on.

Right now, James and Liam are keeping this from Walker. While it makes sense, it also feels like he could feel very betrayed by that. How does this impact their dynamic going forward?
The rest of the season it’s kind of all about that: how James and Liam, as they were also the ones who, as you’ve seen early in the season, [were] saying to Walker, “Let it go, stop looking for things that aren’t there, you’re being paranoid.” So they were so adamant that Walker move on. And now that they sense that something is awry—that’s why they sort of want to figure it out before they tell him, but they’re also risking their relationships with Walker.

Micki was shocked when her mom was arrested. What can you preview about how she deals with the fallout?
I will say that what her mom may have done is not black and white, and it will be surprising. Micki is sort of very rocked that her mother has done this at all. Her mother doesn’t drink, Micki’s very shocked by this: how can her mother be getting arrested for a DUI? This woman who has dictated Micki’s entire moral code is now in trouble. And that is pretty shocking to Micki, especially when Adriana is introduced into the episode coming in to judge Walker. So have that person be taken away by the cops is shocking.

Walker had made the decision to accept his punishment for his actions in the pilot, rather than fight it. With Micki now spiraling and her mom in trouble, will that cause him to reassess?
I will say this hearing and Walker having to answer for what he did in the pilot, for his reaction to the perp in the pilot is something that will continue to play out over the season. It’s thwarted when Micki’s mom is taken away, but he will still have to face the consequences and deal with those actions.

The undercover persona of Duke isn’t as buried as Walker may have liked, now that Stella’s boyfriend has outed him. How much danger is the family in?
That’s going to come back in a major way. [Laughs.] The actions that he took his Duke, he definitely thought that that that was laid to rest. And now, because his daughter’s involvement, although she is unaware, that will come [back].

This was only episode 6, but the hour felt very much like a midseason finale-ish installment. Was the original intention for it to be a dividing point in the season?
Oh, that’s funny; I’m glad to hear that it plays that way. I will say episodes six and seven are a two-parter. I don’t even know that we intended to craft them that way, but as we were talking about the stories in the writers room, we said, this really feels like like two pieces. And a lot of that is about Micki and her mother. We knew we wanted to get Micki’s mother in here and get more into Micki’s personal life early in the season; that was definitely planned.

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