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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “I Got This Rat” Episode 106 — Pictured: Tamara Taylor as Angela Wheatley — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

MANIFEST: It was a truly messed up scene, but was anyone else transfixed by baby Eden’s facial expressions when Angelina was talking to her?!

Ben’s spiral is kind of hard to watch. It makes sense—and his heartbreak/trauma over the memory of Cal’s health problems were so difficult—but, sir, we kind of need you to get yourself together.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: I loved this episode. It’s always hard when a show does a sequel to an incredible episode, because the stakes are high–you know how great it can be, but the room for disappointment is also equally big.

It felt like the writers were so smart in how they handled Henry: he was tormenting so many people and leaving a trail of destruction behind, but we didn’t really see a lot of him until the second half of the episode. And he was….so messed up. When he stabbed Carisi?! Holy…

I do kind of hope he comes back. I don’t know how, because, uh, he is clearly not safe to be around humans, but Rollins’ final message to him was chilling.

(And I know we probably won’t see any of it—though I wish we would—but I’m really glad Olivia is setting an appointment with Lindstrom to talk about Elliot’s return. She needs a safe space to deal with how much her life has suddenly changed, and I’m glad she’s being proactive and healthy.)

GREY’S ANATOMY: This was probably one of the best farewell episodes the show has done? Jesse Williams had obviously been with the show for so long, but I got emotional seeing all of the clips of the show throughout the years. And the notion that Meredith is alone—everyone has died or left her from their merged year. It’s so sad. And, I guess, bye Tom? That felt random, but

I was so delighted Teddy and Owen are back to being charming and fun? What a nice return. I hope they can find some happiness.

It’s also crazy how much this really did feel like a final season episodes. Characters moving on/forward. Meredith returning home. I’m so curious how much the finale itself feels like a closer to the show.

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME: Not to be overly suspicious, but is anyone else not quite buying Angela’s story? We know she said her oldest was the love of her life, and it would absolutely make sense she would want someone she thought responsible to pay. But…she just straight-up trusted Richard? Also, if they wanted to hurt Elliot, wouldn’t payback be…killing one of his kids? Obviously, he loved Kathy, but you’d think for an equal loss, it would be a kid for a kid. (No matter what, I am absolutely freaking delighted to see Tamara Taylor get to play the complexity of this role.) 

And we’ve also seen Richard really doesn’t know what’s going on. If he wanted to make Elliot pay, why would he need to wait for Angela to request it? Even if he wanted Rafik dead/was responsible for his adopted son’s death, he could have gone after Elliot and told Angela he already took care of it. Not to mention, if he went so far as to frame Elliot, wouldn’t he have had some reaction to their first meeting? And, again, he had no clue there were orders for Elliot to be attacked. So either Izak is dealing with dueling orders from Angela and Richard, Angela is lying, or there’s someone else entire messing with everyone. (I’m a little scared of Dana now??)

I’m so curious if Gina is dead-dead. The fact that Izak was supposed to get Richie a new, clean gun made me think Izak might be able to fake something—and he did try to take care of it—but Richie did seem to shoot her..and it seems like it was real. I know SVU has done the fake-out assassination thing, but would Izak really put himself on the line like that? Was there even enough time? No matter what, Richie crossed a line he can’t come back from.

REBEL: I’m glad they realized, for real, Angela was the bad guy, but her going so far to protect herself—including that reckless driving—was bonkers.

The sad thing is the show really is fun. I wish ABC had given it more of a chance.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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