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PSYCH 3: Steve Franks, James Roday Rodriguez, and Dulé Hill on That Post-Credits Scene

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Psych 3 Post Credit Scene explained

PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS — Pictured: (l-r) Dulé Hill as Burton, James Roday Rodriguez as Shawn — (Photo by: James Dittiger/Peacock)

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS.]

PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS found Selene’s (Jazmyn Simon) MIA husband, Alan Decker (Allen Maldonado)…but things weren’t exactly resolved by the time the movie came to a close.

The good news for Gus (Dulé Hill)? Selene was never legally married to Alan, so Gus and Selene were able to tie the knot before she gave birth. (She was in active labor, but…it counts.)

The bad news for the family? Alan, who was a sketchy guy, slipped away in the mayhem…and a post-credits scene revealed he was stalking Gus, Selene, and their son.

“No one comes into the PSYCH world and is just sane, which makes us all wonderful PSYCHOs,” Hill says in the video below. “We all have our own wackiness and Alan Decker is right there as well. He has something about him, too, which is a little off, but I trust that it’ll be off in a good way…somehow, we know Alan Decker is going to come back around.”

But the timing of when that might be is very much up in the air. After all, the ending of the first PSYCH film implied the next adventure might be centered around Ewan (John Cena), but eventually pivoted to telling a Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) tale for PSYCH 2.

“I think our little post-credits don’t necessarily mean [it’ll come back in] the next movie, but we do want to pay off the end of PSYCH 1,” PSYCH creator Steve Franks says. “It turns out that one of the people in PSYCH 1 has become a giant movie star in the interim. I’m not gonna say who, [but] it might make the scheduling of that a little more challenging.”

“But, yes, we definitely want to keep adding to the story and having these things up in the air,” Franks continues. “There’s a dramatic story cliffhanger, but to me, the biggest cliffhangers are the emotional ones. There’s a huge one with Shawn and Juliet, there’s a huge one with the chief. Everybody has sort of a reckoning of ‘What now? What is the next phase of my life?’ that runs through them. So we’ve got so much interesting, rich stuff to sort of deal with in the next one. And we’ve also set up all kinds of new silliness.”

To that end, PSYCH star/co-writer James Roday Rodriguez (who plays Shawn) notes that a potential PSYCH 4 could be the right timing for the franchise to embrace a totally standalone adventure.

“We’ve been very mindful to craft these first three movies as true extensions of the series, and to sort of root them in character, make sure that we’re not straying too far from the formula that worked so well for all those years,” Roday Rodriguez says. “But if you recall in the series, once or twice a season, we would do episodes that were departures, that kind of stepped outside of our comfort zone…although [they] lived in the universe of PSYCH, it felt different; those episodes felt different. And it was very fun for us to do something different.”

“So I think after three movies, we’ve probably earned the right to do the movie version of one of those episodes,” Roday Rodriguez says. “I don’t know what that means, exactly. But I know I would be excited to pivot and and do something that felt a little more standalone, so that when you look at the movies all in a row, you got to have one that’s like, ‘Well, they definitely stepped outside of the zone on that one.'”



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