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FBI: INTERNATIONAL Post-Mortem: Heida Reed on Jamie’s Big Decision

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FBI: INTERNATIONAL Scott Jamie breakup

“Close to the Sun” – Kellett and the Fly Team reluctantly join an investigation in Northern Ireland, when one of Kellett’s shifty yet valuable informants who’s arrested for his connection to a robbery and murder, calls her to help clear his name, on the CBS Original series FBI: INTERNATIONAL, Tuesday, Jan. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. Pictured (L-R) – Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester and Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett
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[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Tuesday, January 11 episode of FBI: INTERNATIONAL, “Close to the Sun.”]

FBI: INTERNATIONAL’s Jamie (Heida Reed) was backed into a corner on the Tuesday, January 11 episode, “Close to the Sun,” as internal investigators looked into what went down in Prague, when she (unbeknownst to them) convinced an innocent man to confess to a crime to protect his daughter.

And when Scott (Luke Kleintank)—Jamie’s boss/boyfriend—found out, he covered for her…leading to Jamie asking for a break from their relationship, worried he had lost objectivity.

But that wasn’t the only bad break she was dealing with: An old informant, Liam (Ryan Watkinson), asked for her help after he was arrested in the aftermath of a cop being shot. And while he offered up some information to get a deal, Jamie realized he was actually in in charge of the operation—and leading her into a trap.

Though Jamie was able to stop Liam, in part by utilizing his family and making him choose to save their lives (at the cost of him going to prison)…it wasn’t exactly the best of days for the agent.

Here, Reed talks about Jamie and Scott’s break, filming the car sequence with Watkinson, and more…

Jamie and Scott are taking a break. In your mind, how much of this is a break versus break-up?
I think for her, she’s just taking it a day at a time, because that’s all she can do at this point. And I think when she says break, she means break. She just is really trying as much as she can not to get Forrester involved deeper than he already is. And when she says she doesn’t want anyone to feel responsible, she means that. She doesn’t want to drag anybody else into her mess.

How much is him alluding to their relationship at the end to someone outside of the team going to be impacting their professional lives going forward?
I think it already has. What he did in that interview, he probably would not have done had he not been, as she says, emotionally compromised. It’s very complicated and it just raised this subject that these are FBI agents, and how focused they have to be on the job and how they can’t act out of emotion. And so I think she’s just kind of realizing that they both have, whether it’s about their relationship or about something in their past, like with Jamie.

How much are her actions in Prague hanging over her now? Is there an element of relief that Scott alibied her?
My gut says that that’s not how she feels. I think she’s just devastated that he’s involved himself at all. In general, she just buries herself in her work. It’s kind of like this nagging feeling, this ever present thing…but you just got to carry on. I think that’s where she’s at with what she did.

The other team members knew about the relationship. How forthcoming will they be about their break and how will it impact their team dynamic?
And I think that they are going to have to be forthcoming with what’s going on seeing that everyone knew. That remains to be seen, really, how that will change the dynamic of the group. But Jamie and Forrester are the utmost professionals, so I don’t think they’re gonna make it too difficult for anybody.

Looking to the case, what was it like filming the car confrontation between Jamie and Liam?
it was really nice to act with Ryan Watkinson, who plays Liam. It was such a two-hander, which you don’t always get in a show like that. So it was just a joy. It was more dialogue-heavy and more back and forth, which always makes it feel a little bit more theatrical. And as I’m sure most actors will tell you, it’s always quite nice to be able to put a little bit more theater in there.

Given that this is someone who had been important to her, at least professionally as a source, what do you think her takeaway from that encounter was? Do you think it was more betrayal or there is some relief that her gut was right that he was more human than monster?
I think that you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head there. I think she knew Liam. I think she was probably hoping that her gut was right in the sense that no matter how deep in he is, his humanity will always be his kind of saving grace, even though obviously he’s going to prison.

We’ve gotten a little bit of a backstory about her family, but how much are we going to be digging into that going forward?
I’m not sure. I am always thrilled to see more pieces of the puzzle as I read more episodes. I’m sure that we’ll learn more about what really happened and what the consequences will be for what she did in Prague.

I’m interested in exploring how much Kellett feels responsible for what happened to her sister. She obviously does a lot, because her actions in Prague are sort of fueled by not feeling like she was in control of what happened to her sister. So, I guess I’m interested in seeing whether she’s ever going to come to terms with sharing more about it to the people in her life and taking responsibility for what she’s done.

We saw Jamie outside of work in earlier episodes, but so much of it was with Scott. Will we be seeing her off the clock in a post-Scott world? If so, what does that look like?
Yeah, that’s interesting. I don’t know, either. We’re sort of filming this in real time, which makes it quite fun. We read the episode and then we just go do it and discover it as we go along. You raised an interesting point—we did have this kind of outside time, and it usually was spent with Forrester. It’ll be interesting to see what Jamie gets up to on her own.



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