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THE ROOKIE: FEDS – “The Reaper” – When Simone and Carter go undercover to find an international assassin known as The Reaper, a prisoner seeking bail recognizes Carter and nearly blows his cover. Laura and Brendon trace a lead on The Reaper’s assault rifle while Brendon works to heal his relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Simone’s demanding work schedule puts a strain on her relationship with Dina on an all-new episode of “The Rookie: Feds,” TUESDAY, NOV. 1 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (ABC/Raymond Liu)

Let’s talk about Tuesday night’s TV!

THE VOICE: Well, the one-hour Knockout was even more rough than the first night. Omar Jose Cardona’s “Radioactive” was far and away the best performance of the night, and I’m glad he was safe. But it was frustrating we didn’t even hear a quick montage of Team Camila, outside of Eric Who.

THE ROOKIE: FEDS: Wow, I’m loving Laura and Brendon’s partnership. (Her laughing at his birth name rather than focusing on his dad being arrested was hilarious.) I’m glad Brendon set boundaries with his dad, because, yeah, it was clear he was lying to him. I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see him—and I’m guessing he’ll get in worse trouble—but it was nice to get a glimpse of Brendon’s life outside of his star past.

(Lucy continuing her streak of being a Brendon fangirl = A+. No notes. Loved Laura’s laughing reaction to the autograph request, too.)

I do appreciate that Simone didn’t magically crack her UC case, despite getting a quick in. As Carter pointed out, it frequently takes weeks, and she still is a rookie. She wasn’t the one who really messed things up, but she also wasn’t a magical fix either. It’s good, and needed, that we see her be, frankly, average. (I’m really glad we got another Brendon/Simone friendship scene. They were a highlight of the first few episodes, and they needed each other after the familial and relationship drama.)

NEW AMSTERDAM: This was an episode NEW AMSTERDAM absolutely needed to do, but also one I was deeply worried about.

The highlight of the episode, hands down (and it’s not even close), was Karen’s speech about what she and her friend went through during the first fight for abortion rights and how she can’t believe they’re back here. Debra Monk was stunning in the powerful scene.

I’m a lot more mixed on the rest of the episode. It’s very difficult, because GREY’S had just done this topic (understandable medical shows are diving in to this), and did it overwhelmingly well. With this…it was rough. Lauren pointing out that Floyd was supportive of a hypothetical abortion until it involved him was a good, but it also felt like part of that was about the shock for the audience. (Since it was during a time we knew her, too.) And it also felt like it was about them/their history rather than her right to have an abortion if she wanted one.

Thank goodness Martin was around to point out to Iggy he actually had to apologize and not end up with a record, given it was clear other rights were (and are) on the verge of being stripped.

And, look, of course Max was going to do everything in his power to fix things, but I’m very thankful the writers didn’t find a magical loophole, with no basis in reality, to make this situation better.

(Also: I guess we’re in June in the show?!)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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