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Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

LAW & ORDER: There were good performances, but eesh, that was deeply, deeply twisted, and messed up. The end beat was tragic and predictable, and I wish we had gotten a beat with Price with someone to dig into what it actually meant for him/if he had any regrets about how he handled the case.

GHOSTS: The ghosts freaking out that Thor disappeared while Jay has no clue? I’ve laughed every time I watched that sequence. How all of those actors pull those scenes off remains a miracle.

And poor Sass. Look, finding true love with a character played by a guest star rarely works out, but he and Jessica were very cute.

On the bright side: Thor and Flower!!! They’ve finally taken that step. All it took was falling into a ghost trap and nearly perishing. Fingers crossed they can make it work, at least for a bit.

[For more on the episode, here’s what Nichole Sakura shared.]

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: Uhhhhhhhh, so let’s start with the Velasco of it all. Muncy has only been working with him a few months and Olivia put her in that position—why? Is this a test for Muncy? Because if Olivia really has questions about Velasco, A) she’s known him considerably longer and B) Fin and Rollins worked with him closely, too. And shouldn’t she just ask Velasco himself? Because if she really thinks he can’t be trusted, if she’s actually concerned he might be a murderer, isn’t it a liability to have him working cases?

I am glad Muncy’s complicated grief over Duarte’s death got addressed—and Velasco pushed her to face it—because it’s natural that she’s going to feel something. They were close and he died while they were on bad terms.

Still absolutely loving Bruno—especially his dynamic with Fin. Fin begging Olivia to let the squad keep him—and him pointing out she got to keep a stray of her own—was definitely an episode highlight.

Speaking of Olivia: Well, I think there’s a solid argument to be made that this woman has not had a good night of sleep since Elliot Stabler left her apartment. The show wasn’t particularly subtle with the parallels to Olivia’s own cold feet about her love life (whether it was Bruno being hung up on his ex or the survivor who worried her trauma would impact the way the man she loved saw her)…hopefully, at some point, Olivia will take her own advice.

Overall, it was probably the best the show has been since November, but good lord, I beg of the writers to stop showing the actual assaults. It’s virtually never needed, especially in a show like this. This has been an off-on problem for years, but it was disappointing to have the episode kick off with a scene like that.

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME: I touched on this in the preview piece, but holy [your choice curse here], Danielle Moné Truitt and Ainsley Seiger absolutely destroyed this episode. In case there was any doubt the supporting cast can shoulder storylines—and there should not have been given the work the ensemble has done so far—fingers crossed this episode knocked that down. They were phenomenal. Let them do more!!

Starting with Bell for a moment, I am enraged on her behalf that an IAB investigation was opened because she dared try to investigate her former partner’s death. Thurman thinks she turned down the promotion because she’s dirty and didn’t want to be elevated to a position where she couldn’t get away with stuff? Please. I hope Bell completely demolishes him. But, goodness, Bell having to shoulder that while she’s also watching Jet go off the rails…it’s too much.

And Jet. Oh, Jet. Look, she played a freaking brilliant hand with her fake drunk confession (A+ acting), but I’m intrigued by how much of her—at least pre-kidnapping—was actually drawn in by Seamus. Not saying she was going to do anything drastic, but we saw how attached Gina got to Richie in season 1; she saw the best in him and her desire to protect him ended up playing into her death. Jet, with all the love and respect in the world, is still new to the undercover world. A couple of years ago, she was just a hacker, and then suddenly she was a detective. We’ve gotten glimpses of how hard policing can be for her (specifically in season 2 when she had to shoot someone), and this kind of manipulation is hard.

But, man, I’m absolutely obsessed with the Bell and Jet scenes we got in “Punch Drunk.” Bell was understandably frustrated and Jet was determined to prove herself—and pointed out the hypocrisy given the lines Elliot crossed while undercover. (Side note: Does this mean Jet knows about Flutura?! Given Bell had Reyes take photos of Jet and Seamus…) The push-pull between them was gorgeous to watch, both at OCCB and then at Bell’s place. And, specifically, at Bell’s apartment, watching them exchange the upper hand multiple times? Masterful. These women care about each other and are after the same goal, even if they don’t always see eye-to-eye and there’s a significant power imbalance. I’m glad when Jet learned why this case meant so much to Bell, something shifted.

(There’s a certain amount of hilarity to all of the OCCB kids becoming mini-Elliots. Truitt alluded to it in December, but oh boy, she was not kidding. You guys, you have Bell and Stabler as mom and dad prototypes for your unit. TAKE AFTER YOUR FAKE MOM FOR A FEW DAYS. She needs a break from all the drama.)

However: Jet, oh my God, in the future, an exposed wig DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD BLOW YOUR COVER. Say you didn’t like your haircut! You were too lazy to style it! You missed your long hair so you mix it up some days. It looked nice! Surely, there was some excuse rather than jumping to, “Oh, you caught me, I’m a cop!!”

I know I bemoaned the very clear (ignored) open door to the Lewis conversation with the last episode of SVU, and I’m sure it’s way too much to hope ORGANIZED CRIME will realize the accidental parallel with Jet now in a trunk, but… (I’m sure nothing will come of it. And, to be frank, it would probably be unfair for any Lewis reveal to be on OC versus SVU. But…sigh.)

But, also, good luck Seamus, because you just pissed off the wrong people. He better not touch a (real) hair on Jet’s head.

Also: Can’t believe I’m rooting against a dog. This is what happens when you train them TO EAT HUMANS, WTF?!

Which shows did you watch last night?

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